“You could liken it also to going back to “heaven”, back to the spirit worlds from where one day you will back down again”

“You could liken it also to going back to “heaven”, back to the spirit worlds from where one day you will back down again”

Good evening to you friends. The master Jesus was, and still is, a great teacher. When he was on earth he involved his audience by spinning tales, by telling them stories, parables, giving them concepts and ideas which they could understand and associate with. And threading through these stories friends was a message, a message that he was trying to put across. But rather than pound on the ground and say, “this is what you must do”, he set something far more insidious working, something that would creep up on people when they least expected it, forcing them to think for themselves, giving them ideas which they could build upon. That is the hallmark of a great teacher. This is something for which you must prepare yourselves.

I’ll give you an example, a very simple example. It is a demonstration of the law of gravity, and affects every single thing on this planet, and that friends is, “what goes up must come down”. Now, how many ideas could you think of to use this? How would you set the ball rolling?

I’ll give you a few thoughts of mine friends. Consider the young child throwing a stone up in the sky, no matter how hard he throws it, the stone will come down again. You could harken this to ideas, to thoughts, to actions. No matter how hard you try to throw them away they are going to come back down again. Be careful, you may even end up tripping over them.

You could liken it also to going back up to “heaven”, back to the spirit worlds from where one day you will come back down again.

And yet another example for those of you with a mathematical inclination, the idea of a graph and a wave on the graph. With the graph going up and down, up and down, a mirror image, the “positive” and the “negative”. You could say that all things have a positive and a negative side. Without good, how would we recognise evil? And without evil how could we grow to become good? But if you took the line through the centre of the graph friends, the balance point perhaps, is that the line that you choose to go along, favouring neither the good nor the bad. An interesting thought is it not? Because we have often talked about being “in balance”, and yet here I am suggesting that the middle point is perhaps not the right point.

If you just imagine the person wrapped up against the cold wind, walking along the road, determined not to be effected by the rain or the cold. Determined not to experience anything. That could be the centre path friends, but is it the right path? Is that the way you will go to learn a lesson? I think not, I think you have to experience the good and have to experience the bad, the highs the lows. You have to know what it is like to cry before you can experience joy. And for those of you that have grown enough, you have to be aware of when that other person is in pain, guiding them back to serenity.

The angle of the graph may be as steep or as shallow as you choose it to be, but there will always be a positive, and there will always be a negative, it is in the nature of things, it is in the nature of yourselves. The important question when dealing with this is, how much it is going to affect you, how much are you going to allow adversary to affect you? Are you going to become bitter, or angry, or will you remain calm? That’s quite a tricky thing to do friends, remaining calm. You must try to achieve this calm.

Do you see now where the idea of balance might come in? The balance isn’t the centre road, avoiding the goods and avoiding the bads, keeping all life’s lessons at an arms-length away; it is experiencing what life has to offer. But inside, where it really counts, grab onto that calmness. Because you can be calm AND learn. Show me where it is written that you cannot be.

There will be times when you will become angry, and annoyed and irritated. This will happen friends, I am telling you now. You must learn to deal with this.

It is like driving your car along the road at night, if you didn’t put your lights on you’d have an accident, you would run into something, you didn’t see it coming. Put your lights on, the road in front of you is illuminated, and the obstacle that you would have hit you can now see and avoid. Do you sense where I am leading you friends? Do you sense what I am offering?

Switch your lights on when going down the road – and you are all going down the road friends, you’re all on a pathway. The ones you see tumbling and bumbling along haven’t got their lights on; probably haven’t even realised they have got lights to switch on.

There are many examples by which you can help people, that’s all that we’re asking, for you to help. Not to brow beat, certainly not to lecture that is the last thing you must do. Do not lecture people. Is this a lecture from me? I hope not. I am offering advice, I am offering guidance, I am offering direction. That is what you must do. Create the conditions whereby the advice and guidance which you might pass on can be accepted or thought about. Because not all things are accepted immediately.

It is like having a bag of sweets and offering the bag of sweets out, do not be immediately disappointed if there are no takers, keep the bag of sweets there. The sweets are a good example. Sweets are a temptation. Often before people will take up an offer, or a thought, or an idea, they have to be tempted by it, they have to see that the offer is there. So give them something tempting, give them something with which they can associate.

Nice simple thoughts like, “what goes up must come down”, can go on indefinitely. You could think of far more examples than I have given you here this evening. Just offer them, say “have you ever looked at it in this way?” or, “have you ever thought of it in that way?” Don’t be dis-heartened if they say, “well, no I haven’t and I disagree with what you are saying”. Leave them with the offer, leave them with the thought.

You might perhaps be responsible for a few sleepless nights, but then again, that could be good.

You all have within you the capacity to do many positive things. There is no getting away from it, you cannot deny it. You all have unlimited potential. How can this not be so friends.

I will leave you now before you accuse me of trying to lecture you. But through all things, retain a sense of humour, and retain a sense of humility.

Go forward in your work friends. Turn what is work into a labour of love, something that you will enjoy doing, and something that will give a positive benefit to others.

God’s blessing to you one and all friends.

31st July 1995-Peter

Man is a wonderful being. Wonderful in the physical and wonderful in the spiritual.

Man is a wonderful being. Wonderful in the physical and wonderful in the spiritual.

[Annotation by Duncan Leadbetter: As with all the talks from “Spirit” this talk was received after there had been a discussion between those gathered together. There had been a discussion about the relevance of some of the rules and regulations imposed by some Spiritualist churches. The talk that followed demonstrates that “Spirit was present whilst we were having our discussion and that they were listening to what was said.]

Have you ever thought about decisions? You all have to make decisions just to stay alive. “The cupboards getting low, I’d better go to the shops”, or, “I’d better not overtake here as I can’t see properly around the bend coming up”. Another decision, equally important friends, was whether or not to enter through the doors of a Spiritualist Church. Now we’re not saying that the following of spiritualism is any more or any less valid than any other God inspired religion. What we are saying to you is that it reveals something, it reveals a chink in your armour, a chink in the materialist overcoats that you are all wearing. It reveals that somewhere, possibly deep inside you, you were aware that something was missing. You were seeking something, perhaps you did not fully realise what you were seeking. Deep inside everyone is a small kernel of truth, no matter how much we try and cover it, no matter how much we try and deny it, a small seed if you will, that is waiting to spring forth.

It is such a pity as you rightly say, that rules and regulations be-devil many otherwise fine followings. It is mans’ lot that he cannot just accept things as they are, but instead has to resort to creating an agenda. To the making of rules and regulations, positions and hierarchies; until friends, one has to wonder if they have completely lost sight of what the original idea was.

It is the finding and cultivation of that seed, that seed from whence all else springs. Without it, you have no more value than the driest piece of dust in the desert.

Man is set apart from his fellow creatures as he has this quest. Man’s fellow creatures, the birds in the trees, the beasts in the field, the companions that one brings into one’s home, they have no need to go on a quest, they have no need to bog themselves down with all the questions, the worries and the tribulations that those of you here pull down upon yourselves.

But this does not necessarily mean that those animals, the so called dumb animals, are better off than you are. Is it not a matter of great joy when you discover things about yourself, and about those around you, that you were not aware of?

That first day when you went through the doors of the church, you found that you were not the only one who thought there was something missing, there were many more travellers on the same road as yourself, all looking.

In a way you are all farmers, but you have a crop with a difference, because you have but the one seed, so this should in fact be easier than the farmer who has millions, you have just the one.   And even here it has been made easy for you, the farmer has to purchase his seeds; you have been born with yours.

Man is a wonderful being. Wonderful in the physical and wonderful in the spiritual.

The five senses you have been given, have you ever thought about them? Have you ever thought that each one is such a wondrous gift? Have you ever wondered at the extent of God’s bounty? That not only does he provide you with eyes to see and ears to hear, but he gives you so much to look at, so much beauty exists around you.

For those of you that have any doubt about who you are and what you are, and whether or not you are following this path or that path, just think about your five senses, and then look around, and then if you can still say that this is all here by accident, it is all a mathematical probability that these things would exist anyway, then friends you have neglected that seed, and you are neglecting your life. If you look around and you think, “there is so much wonder and so much beauty in this world, and I am a part of that wonder, and I am a part of that beauty”, then you have found the seed.

As the farmer tends his own harvest, then so must you tend yours, and as a good farmer would consider his neighbours, so must you consider yours also.

No matter what we say to you, no matter whether you believe it or disbelieve it, it is all the truth, it is ever so simple we do not wrap things up to make them more complicated. We are offering you a very simple meal, a very sustainable meal, one that has all the nutriments and the vitamins that you need to survive and to grow. God is the very essence of love. Can you imagine, just for a second, a being that is so full of love that no other emotion exists, no doubt, no anxiety, not anger or jealousy, but just love? It is like sitting in front of the fire, and the fire is doing nothing other than throwing out warmth, it can do nothing else, it is its nature. So it is with the Creator, the Creator does nothing other than throw out love to all people, to all beings, not matter whether they follow you in through the doors of your church or not. No matter whether they believe this is all hokum or not.

Life is about singing, it is about joy, it should be one continual celebration. Take the chance, seize the opportunity to become part of the celebration, not just for these few minutes this evening, but tomorrow when you are at work, or when you are at home, be part of the celebration.

This is not a special offer, because the offer is always there, but friends, why put off until tomorrow or the next day, or the next month or the next year, what you can have today. Join with us in the celebration of life friends.

24/07/95 – Peter

“Put a Bit of a Sail up, and You’ll Capture all the Truths we Give You.

“Put a Bit of a Sail up, and You’ll Capture all the Truths we Give You. 

[Another Talk from Bob the Marina –Annotation by Peter who received the talks from Bob]

[Bob was a particular favourite of the group. He would always cheer us up with his views on both life and Spirit, and would offer readily understandable concepts on a variety of topics to help us with our understanding. From various “appearances” at the group, we discovered that Bob was a seaman and served on sailing ships some hundreds of years ago, and always spoke through Peter in a “cockney” type accent. We’ve endeavoured to translate that cockney accent into words to keep it as close to the original recording as we could].

Hands reaching for the sky
Hands reaching for the sky

Good evening everybody.  You was talking earlier on about the sea, we’ll I’ll tell you’s a bit about the sea.  I want you to think about boats, proper boats with sails up, now, what makes the boat go along through the sea?  Well, I’ll tell you what makes the boat go along, and that’s the wind.  If you didn’t have the sails up, then the boat wouldn’t go along no matter how much the wind tried to blow, the wind could blow and blow, but if the sails were down the boat’s not going to go anywhere.

However, if you puts up a bit of sail, the boat would fair scoot along.

What I’m trying to say is, to get the boat to go you have to put a bit of effort in, and the more effort you puts in, the faster you go.  And, if you puts all the sails up, try really hard, you’ll go ever so quick.  Ah!  That’s the ticket, that’s what you needs to do, ‘cos the more you put in, the more you get out.  ‘Cos you can sit there and think, “well I don’t want to try too hard today”, and then what happens is you don’t go very far.  If you sit there and say, “I’m not going to do anything today”, then no matter how much we blow, you’re going to sit there, and then at the end of the day you’ll say, “cor, I haven’t done much today”, and we’ll  say, “cor, who’s faults that then?  Not ours we’ve been blowing all day”.

Put a bit of a sail up, and you’ll capture all the truths we give you.  So what’s all these truths then?  Well, truths are a bit like fruit.  You might think that that’s a funny thing to say, but it’s not, ‘cos fruit comes in all different shapes and sizes.  Small ones, like grapes, big ones, like coconuts, all different shapes and sizes.  You could have a great big arm full.  You have to watch out you don’t drop any, ‘cos they’re all important, the coconuts are no more important than the grapes.  They’re a bit more like truth than just the size, ‘cos truth comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, small bits you pick up quickly, like a grape, to a coconut which is hard and hairy and takes a bit of working at. ‘Cos sometimes I says, “truth’s not all what it seems to be”, you might think, “ah I understand that”, but it’s a bit like a coconut, what you’re really seeing and understanding is the outside, and inside, where the milk is and the fresh fruit, you’re missing it, all you can see is the hairy old outside.  ‘Cos sometimes you have to do a bit of work to break through.  And sometimes the truth is so delicate, it’s just like a grape, and if you’re not careful you could crush it all up.  You say, “I can’t crush up truth, that’s silly”.  It’s not, not at all silly, you can easily destroy truth without meaning to.  You can pass it by, or dismiss it, it’s as good as destroyed then isn’t it, like dropping it on the floor.

So you have to be very careful, don’t pick up more than you can carry.  Not much point in lugging a coconut around all the time if you never gets around to get to the inside of it.  Far better to start with the grapes, things you can manage easy.

What I will say is, remember the coconut, not just because it’s hairy on the outside and funny looking, but because there’s more to it than what you might immediately think.

Like when we say to you, “you’re all spirit”, you say “that’s right we are”.  I sometimes think you’re a bit like finding a coconut, you’ve see the outside, but you haven’t really got to the middle.  Not putting your sails up enough.  Now I can’t break open the coconuts for you, you’ve got to do that yourselves.  You have to use, like, like something inside, like something right deep inside to look at truth, ‘cos you can’t see truth with your eyes, ‘cos your eyes will tell you what you want them to see, they see any old sorts of things, they can play tricks.  You’re eyes inside can’t, ‘cos they look at things slowly, and they looks at things carefully.  And using these eyes, that’s how you know there’s more to a coconut than just a hairy old shell.  That inside that coconut there is food and drink.  So that’s some things to think about isn’t it, things for you to dig your teeth into.

You all a bit quiet (listening to you).

Remember the coconut, don’t look at things and say, “oh, that’s straight forward I can see that’s the truth”.  Look a bit deeper, what’s really there, what are we really trying to show you?  No good you saying, “Well, you might as well show us straight away then”, ‘cos you wouldn’t see it.  Some things you have to find out for yourself, and if you don’t put your sails up and have a go, then you’re never going to see them.

It’s a bit like living all your life in a cave and thinking, “crikey it’s always dark”, but outside the sun is shining down.  You think, “oh, I can’t be bothered to get up”, but if you did, and moved along the cave a bit, you’d be out in the sunshine, and you’d say, “oh, this is nice”.  It’s all to do with sails isn’t it, check that you’ve put them up.

I like stories about boats, about the sea.  Do you know there’s more sea than there is land?

Any way I’ll leave you with that.  Give it some thought, and I say God bless to each one of you, God bless you.


17/07/95 – Peter

But the one passing to spirit who leaves behind a legacy of truth, a legacy of service by example, leaves something far more beneficial and far more usable.

Imagine the sea.  Sometimes the sea is calm and flat, other times it is gently waving, and at other times it is rough and turbulent. 

Hands reaching for the sky
Hands reaching for the sky

Sometimes you think the sea looks inviting, and at other times forbidding.  Yet beneath it all friends the sea is still the sea.  You have just seen it in one of its many guises.

But whereas you take this knowledge as being obvious, “the sea is rough today”, “the sea is smooth today”, you’re still aware it’s the sea.  When you look at your fellow men and you judge them, you are judging them as if you are judging the sea, for one day being rough or for one day being smooth.

Pretend that other person is the sea and that they are having a rough turbulent day.  But beneath it all that which makes then what they are, and by that we mean their spirit; that is unchanged. You are merely seeing their surface as you would the surface of the sea, because were you able to dive deep down below the rough surface, all things would be calm.  Were you to delve beneath the surface of that person that’s perhaps irritating you, or annoying you, you would see all is calm.  But as you dive deep beneath the ocean to find stillness, so must you dive deep beneath the surface of that other person.

The sea is a good example, the deeper you go the more pressure from the more water on top of you.  The deeper inside a person you go, the more the pressure of the material world is coming down upon you, coming down upon their spirit, making their movements sluggish, making their movements awkward.  Were they to gently come to the surface and allow their spirit to float upwards, they would soon realise how much easier it could be.

I’m not suggesting my friends that you are being judgemental, I give this to you as another tool.

Another example using the sea is the sea shore, in particular the shore line.  Man walks along the shore leaving his footsteps, leaving his material progress, the water comes in and obliterates them.  So much for man’s material gains, they are soon washed away.

It makes you wonder really why they bother, why do people spend so much time collecting material items?  These may not be physical items friends, they may be emotional items.  That other person has allowed himself to become angry all the time, not to smile, he is amassing much there, but nothing good.

Part of your work friends will be as counsellors.  Do you know what the word counsellors mean, “to offer council”, to offer advice.  Make that advice simple, offer it only when it is requested or only when it is going to be beneficial.  Use a story, lead the person gently, do not force them, because people are very much like the obstinate mule, you can drag then to the water as much as you like, but if they don’t want to drink, then they’re not going to drink.  You could even bodily throw them into the water but they will jump straight back out again.  They have to be tempted, they have to realise first of all that they ARE thirsty, that is the important thing.  They have to realise that they are missing something.  And you friends, you can offer them guidance, you can offer them council, you can be their signpost.

This is a great way in which to serve God, a fine way.  Some people pass to spirit confident in the knowledge that they have left vast fortunes to those that come behind them.  But vast fortunes friends can be very mixed blessings, and one of man’s first reactions is to guard that fortune.  So what that first man left as a legacy, turns out to be a legacy of trouble.  For that person looking after that money will be jealous, jealous that others may seek the money, uncertain about the motives of others.  Are they only after his money?

But the one passing to spirit who leaves behind a legacy of truth, a legacy of service by example, leaves something far more beneficial and far more usable.

Money is necessary of course.  You need money and those you come up against will need money, those you work with need money, it is part of society and in itself there is no harm.  It’s when idolisation starts, when the increasing of material fortunes is the “end”, not the means to an end.

You are fortunate, you may not think so, but you are all very fortunate.  You are healthy, you are good companions and you share the same knowledge.

We have said before that knowledge is of no use if you keep it to yourself, like writing a secret down in a book, then burying the book in the garden lest someone else may read it and have the same knowledge as you.

So my friends remember the examples of the sea, for the sea for all its outward appearance is still the sea.

03/07/95 – Peter

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                                               “Higher and Higher we travel                                                                                             Farther Away from the Earth                                                                                              Leaving the world of illusion                                                       And return to the place of our birth”

From the Talk “WORLD OF ILLUSION” received on 8th March 1995

The TEACHINGS FROM BEYOND are a collection of over 100 trance talks received from “Spirit” in the early 1990’s spoken by “teachers” as well as some who had experienced life here on earth. The words are timeless and the philosophy given has so much to offer.      THEY CAN BE USED FOR READINGS, IN TEACHING CIRCLES OR AS INDIVIDUAL COMPANION BOOKS TO HELP DEVELOP A GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF OURSELVES BOTH AS SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL BEINGS.

Olive Tomlinson
Olive Tomlinson

I had the privilege of having Olive Tomlinson as my friend during the years I was President of Windsor Spiritualist Church. Olive had experienced the phenomena of “Remote Viewing” at the age of five. As a medium she worked in many churches and there are probably some members of churches who will remember her today as travelled often.

In the early 1990’s I and two friends from Windsor Spiritualist Church – Peter and Mandy Dow – regularly sat with Olive, who was then in her early eighties, to master the technique of meditation in order to still our minds. Olive helped us all to set the scene for Peter to receive the first exciting “Words from Spirit” on 18th May 1992. We had had the presence of mind to record all that was said that day and the 100 odd talks that followed.

We were urged by the “Spirit Teachers” to share these talks. A web site was created four years ago and talks have been posted on a regular basis.

Words_from_Spirit 1The talks are now available in book and Kindle form. There are four books.                     

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“The keys we give to you are for you to share, they will open doors for others not just for yourselves”

cropped-Fotolia_39323938_XS.jpgMy friends I am so pleased for you, you have reached a milestone.

It is something to be very proud of, you have discerned that there is more to the words that we give you than just words on a sheet of paper, you are beginning to understand the meaning behind them, you’re understanding that they are keys to doors.  Doors to unlock yourselves, doors to open the way to freedom, doors that open out onto new vistas.

The words are precious, precious not because they come from us, but because of the benefit they are doing to yourselves.  It’s similar to somebody patiently polishing the dust off an old loved ornament, gradually the shine comes through.

Now that you have these keys friends do not lose them, it would surely be a crime.  There are many doors for you to open.  The best way I can describe it is as an enfoldment, you are folding the doors back, like one of those puzzles you have as a child, where are a series of different size cups, with the smaller cup at the bottom, a bigger cup above it and so on, you are gradually removing the cups.  We are giving you the means, we are showing you are capable of removing the cups, polishing the dust off of the ornaments; letting the shine that is within you come forth.

But do not be jailers friends, don’t just collect the keys and chain them to your waist, because the keys we give to you are for you to share, they will open doors for others not just for yourselves.

You spoke earlier of the pleasure that you are getting from our words, and also of the pleasure that you are receiving and experiencing knowing of the closeness of spirit around you.  What you are really trying to say is the pleasure you are getting knowing you are spirit.  It matters not if we come close, for in truth we are never far away; we are here to help and to aid you, to lend you glasses when you cannot see clearly.  To give you a map when you are lost, or to put a plaster on your hand if you have cut yourself.

You are all spirit beings, perfect in your own right.  It is true, and it is wonderful.  From the theory comes the practice, and you will be able to experience what you are saying because there is much difference between saying and experiencing, between saying and believing.  You can say many things, but how much do you believe?  You can say much, but how much do you actually feel?  How much are you changing?  All the words in the world would be nothing if you did not change.

They are not for your personal development alone, although they will aid you in your personal development, your enfoldment, you’re “blossoming out” if you will.  They are a large bag of sweets, hand them round, there are no calories in these sweets friends.  These sweets contain joy and happiness.

I said congratulations that you are now at the first milestone.  It is not the end of the road for you friends, merely the beginning.  You have come to realise that there is a road, that you are travellers upon it, as I am also.

Is it not sad that some people do not reach that first milestone all the time that they are on the earth, all the time that they are inhabiting material bodies.  They didn’t even know that the road is there, no-body bothered to share their sweets with them.  If someone had only taken the time of day to talk to them, or even given them a friendly smile.

I could spread much before you friends, indeed I will spread much before you.  But there is a limit to how much you can pick up at once.  Take what you need and be on your way, continue down the road, you’ve found the right path, and you are on it.

If you need help we are there to provide help.  I believe you know the direction in which to travel.  Go forth gently friends, it’s not a race, always remember that paths of others may be dissimilar to yours.  The destination may be the same, but they have chosen a different route.  What you can do is to help them on their journey.

I offer you a palm tree.  The palm tree offers shade and is by a cool clear stretch of water, it is there friends that we will meet again.

Bless you.


26/06/95 – Peter

Firstly friends can I say there is no need to debate on whether I am present in your group or not


Firstly friends can I say there is no need to debate on whether I am present in your group or not.  Can I state that I am always available.  You have no need to wonder if you are alone, because you are always in our thoughts and in our prayers.  The foundations of your group go very, very deep, based deep upon the bedrock of the planet.  It was designed this way because you have much to do.  Much will be expected of you, there will be nothing that you will find impossible to achieve; we will set you realistic objectives.  We have given you the tools and we are gratified that you are using them.

I would talk to you now about your wider gathering.  We have discussed people’s expectations.  People’s expectations can run very deep, they may not know when asked what their expectations are.  What are their motives, what are their reasons for joining you?  How you must view this is what you can offer them, rather than what they can offer you.  What you can offer them is the benefit of your love and companionship.  What you can offer them is the healing that they will get from sitting in the quietness of your group.  So rather than speculate on what they may want, or what they may bring, consider more what you can give them.  For indeed my friends, that is the purpose of our coming to you.

From our view point, it is an achievement if their faces are wreathed in smiles.  If they go out happier and more contented than when they came in, for us that is an achievement.  You have done well to get this far.  Promote the feeling of well-being, promote a sense of belonging, always encourage.  Each of us have embarked upon own pathway, it is not for you to reason what this pathway is, it is enough to know that they are on it.

Their own pathways has brought them to your door.  Do you not see it is as wondrous?  A congregation of people, from such diverse backgrounds have come together.  Teachings are useless if not put into practice.  You can end up with many reams of paper, but what use are they if kept in a dark cupboard?  Put these teachings into practice, share with the others what you understand.  But make sure it is known, that it is what “you” understand.  We have never given you do’s and don’ts children, make sure this is known, people have to take what they can understand.  Do not feel disheartened if they cannot immediately see things as you see them.  Perhaps in a few months or years time, they will have the same knowledge and understanding that you possess.

We gave before the example of the big hoarding, when looked from the front it is large and imposing, when looked from the side it is thin and narrow.  It is the same hoarding after all, it is just a different viewpoint.

You must insist upon truth.  You must ask people to leave outside your gathering their material cloaks, to leave outside your gathering their material masks that they may choose to wear.  They must learn to come to your circle naked of desires and wants, they must learn to come to your circle without the desire to impress upon others what they may or may not think, believe, or understand.  You should encourage humility, do not encourage piousness, but encourage humility.

We are all as nothing before the creator friends.  We are all learning, but do not let outward appearances confuse you as to inner abilities.  Consider it as an evening well spent if people say afterwards that they have benefited, it doesn’t matter the extent of the benefit, it matters only that they have gained something.  View it as an hour or two away from a stressful life, it is a worthy benefit.  If they can begin to perceive an understanding of their spiritual existence, that is an additional benefit.

It is true your old saying that large oak trees come forth from small acorns.  The small acorns will not develop unless you provide the circumstances for the acorns to grow.  You friends, must provide the nutrients.  You my friends, must provide the correct environment for the acorns to take root, otherwise they will lie there as dead as dust.

We never promised you an easy life.  If that was what you wanted you wouldn’t be here this evening.  You have much work ahead of you.  You must see further than both this gathering and the next.  I hope this does not sound daunting.  I hope you view this as a challenge, but a challenge that we have equipped you to meet.  Keep your trust firm, and with your love of God, your acknowledgement of spirit, and your understanding that all is directly from the creator.  There is nothing here that is here without his knowledge, there is nothing here that exists without him wanting it to exist.  Consider these words friends.  There is nothing that exists, there is nothing that has been brought into existence that was not meant to be brought into existence.  Do not waste precious minutes in wondering why, but accept it.  Accept the other person’s right to live, accept their right to believe in things that perhaps you don’t believe in.  Do not try and impose your will upon others.  Teach by example, for it is by example that lessons are most easily learnt.

I see you as a ship on the ocean friends, with your sails billowing out above you.

The ship is moving purposefully across the ocean.  It is a stout ship friends.

I leave you with my blessings and those of the creator.


29/11/93 – Peter

It is good also that you take time to listen and reflect upon the words that we give you

“…It is good also that you take time to listen and reflect upon the words that we give you.”

It is good that you take time to relax.  It is very beneficial that you do so.  It is good also that you take time to listen and reflect upon the words that we give you.

We came to you as a labour of love.  Our words are not given in jest, they are not “throwaway comments” like so much in your modern age.  They are each a hook, a hook designed to tempt your mind like an angler tempts a fish.  Although in our case, what we give you is more beneficial than what the angler has in mind for the fish.

We have oft talked on the need of peace and harmony, both within your bodies and within your minds.  This is something that cannot be over-stressed.

Man is assailed on all sides with temptation and negative thoughts, or promises that cannot be fulfilled.  You must armour yourselves against these, you must push the temptations to one side.  Be like the rock in the stream, be impervious, let temptation flow past and make no effect upon you.  This is not a state of perfection by any means, this is something that is within your grasp, something for you now to achieve.  Learn to be content with what you have, do not be envious of another’s fortunes and do not take delight in another’s miss-fortunes.  Look for the good within your fellow man rather that the bad.  Ignore the hatred and violence that you see on the surface and look beneath, always aware that they have the same spark of divinity within them that you have within yourselves.  They are not so much different than you.

Take a pride in what you do. Pride is not really a “deadly sin”, at least not in the context that we offer it to you.  Take pride in yourself, be strong in the knowledge that you are part of the one God.  Be happy in this knowledge, look always for the good and never for the bad.

Tackle your tasks also as a labour of love, no matter what it might be, perhaps the simple act of weeding your gardens, or going about your daily business.  Tackle all things as a labour of love.  Watch the proud parent looking after their child, taking delight in their first steps, learning to walk, to run, to ride a bicycle.  It’s a pride that comes from love.

You can consider that you are all a labour of love and that is the reason that you are here, the reason the creator brought you into being, a labour of His love.  Why frown my friends when you can so easily smile.  Why be hurtful when you can create laughter and happiness.

They say that man is not an island, but I would say to you that he is an island, many, many individual islands.  You can invite others onto your islands friends, make them aware of what you are aware, do what you can to ease their troubles, share the knowledge that you have gained with them.  This may not always be easy, you may be rebuffed, but if you are rebuffed, treat your task as a labour of love.  It’s not the surface of the person that you are interested in, it’s what is beneath -that is what you are reaching for.  Look beneath the scorn, look beneath the tears; look for what is inside, because my friends, it is the same as that that resides inside you.

If you put a rein on your material desires, and become more aware of your material needs, you will find a weight is lifted from your shoulders.  You will not spend your days striving to get what you do not need.  Instead, strive for what you do need, strive for peace and contentment, learn to take pleasure in relaxing, in quiet meditation or quiet contemplation.  If our words to you give you comfort, then think about them.

You have an awakening knowledge, you understand that you are first and foremost part of the one God.  It is a heady wine friends, “to be part of the one God”.

Decide each day how you are going to tackle it, you all have busy timetables, you all have much to do, start the morning with the conviction in your mind that you are going to be in control.  You’re not going to let the peace and contentment that you have worked so hard for be shattered, why should you?  It is very precious.  It is worth guarding.

There is much more I could add to this friends, but I do not wish to over-burden you.  It is the difference between eating just enough and eating too much and being uncomfortable.

I leave you with this and I leave you with God’s blessings.


12/05/95 – Peter

Tomorrow a Brand New Page

Magic book“Tomorrow a Brand New Page “

(Annotation by Peter who received the talks from Bob)

[Bob was a particular favourite of the group. He would always cheer us up with his views on both life and Spirit, and would offer readily understandable concepts on a variety of topics to help us with our understanding. From various “appearances” at the group, we discovered that Bob was a seaman and served on sailing ships some hundreds of years ago, and always spoke through Peter in a “cockney” type accent. We’ve endeavored to translate that cockney accent into words to keep it as close to the original recording as we could.

Other talks from Bob which have been shared thus far:

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“I See You Haven’t all Taken my Advice about swimming in Treacle”  1-8 -1994 ]


Hello everyone.

(the group replied, “Hello Bob)

There’s a saying, “everything comes to he who waits”. Well, that’s like an equation, where you’ve got “everything” on one side and “waiting” on the other. But the interesting thing is, is what the “everything” is, and what you’re doing with your life while you’re “waiting”. Because the two are linked together.

It’s like a sum, where the value of one side depends completely on the value of the other side. So if you put the equals sign with “waiting” on one side, and then we can say, “let’s have a look at this waiting”. So you could say, “what am I waiting for”. Well, you’re not actually waiting for anything really, it is just an idea something to make you think a bit.

It’s what you’re doing while you’re here, what you’re doing with your life’s that’s important. You can’t say, “everything comes to what you’re doing with your lives”, can you, it doesn’t make sense. It’s what you’re doing from the time you’re born, to the time you’re born again. I’m not saying “dying”, ‘cos you’re going to find out that it’s not like that, it’s what you’re doing while you’re waiting to be born again that’s important, what you’re doing with your lives.

It’s whether you’re being “good” or “bad”, or if you’re helping people, or even if you’re being a bit of an old misery. It’s whether you’re being positive about your life. ‘Cos I had a good look at you all before I started talking, and you’re all breathing, you’ve all got two arms and two legs, so you aren’t doing too bad are you. You’ve all got quite a lot to be thankful for.

‘Cos you’re all good people, and being good is what you’re doing while you’re waiting. ‘Cos there’s some that’s just gonna wait and do nothing, there’s some who are not gonna bother to do anything for anyone else, so their “everything” will be different from yours. And there’s gonna be some who’s gonna work harder than you, and so their “everything” will be different from your “everything”.

When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself you’ve been given a diary, and everyday you’re turning to a new page of the diary, and it’s completely blank. It’s got the day at the top, like “Monday”, but the rest is blank. It’s waiting for you to fill it in. It’s what you’re going to do with that blank day. Are you understanding this?

How are you filling in your diary, filling it up with all the positive things you’re doing. You haven’t got to be rushing about everywhere you know, you can just be indoors if you don’t want to go out, but you can still be positive indoors. Instead of sitting slouching about, remind yourself that your legs are working, and your arms are working, and your eyes are working. So it’s all pretty good really isn’t it?

Remind yourself of who you are, remind yourself of where you come from, have a little think, a constructive think. A good word that, “constructive”. Constructing things, making things, making things with your mind, it’s not only making good things though, ‘cos you can just as easily make bad things. You can just sit there thinking, “cor I don’t like him”, or, “I don’t like her”, or “he’s got a bigger house than me”. See, you can construct bad things as well as good things. So what I say to you is, if you find that you’re constructing bad things; ‘cos they’re quite crafty the bad things, and they sneak up, and before you realise it, you’ve constructed something that’s really rotten. So get a broom, push ‘em all down, and push ‘em out of the way. That’s what you needs to do, clear the decks for action, start again, construct good things.

Now the other side of the equation, that’s another good word isn’t it, “equation”, means equals to, don’t it. The other side is the “everything”, but the “everything” depends upon the “waiting”, because it’s in the same equation, the same sum.

It’s a bit like when you was a boy or when you was a girl I suppose. When I was a boy, and if I was very good, I got thanked by getting something to eat. So my “equals”, and my “waiting”, and my “everything”, could be me getting something to eat.

But eating doesn’t satisfy you, it might make your tummy stop rumbling, but it doesn’t fill you up properly. Not even cakes fills you up properly. Lots of cakes would I suppose, but not properly fill you up. It’s all the good things, it’s the being re-born. It’s all the good things you’re going to get. But don’t be mis-lead into thinking, “well, I might only live another twenty years, so if I’m good for the next twenty years I’m going to get some really nice rewards”.

Trouble is, it doesn’t work like that.

It’s like God’s got a telescope, a magic telescope, he can see right into the middle of each one of you. He can see through all the bluster and through all the fog that you surround yourselves with, that foggy stuff disguising who you really are. He can see through all that, he knows you for what you are, who you are, and what you will become. ‘Cos who knows what you will become tomorrow if you put your mind to it, ‘cos in the morning you wake up and you turn to your diary, a brand new page to write things in.

What an opportunity that is isn’t it, “tomorrow, a brand new page”. It’s waiting there for you. So at the end of tomorrow when you go to bed, if you have a look down at what you’ve wrote, are you going to be happy with it? Are you going to say “ah, that was a good day today” or are you going to think to yourself, “well, it wasn’t too good, but I could have made it a lot better if I’d tried just a little bit harder”. Or, are you going to look back and think, “well, I haven’t really done anything today, and that’s a waste of a precious day”.

So will you do that for me? In the morning, when you all wake up, open the diary and turn to a brand new page. A brand new page for each one of you. It’s a gift you’ve all be given. ‘Cos you’re not being called back tomorrow, so it’s no good thinking, “I’m not going to bother because I’m going back to heaven tomorrow”, it’s not going to happen like that. So no sneaking, remember brand new pages.

So do something with it, and tomorrow night when you get in bed, and if you’ve thought about it in the day, and if you think that you’ve had quite a good day, then perhaps it was quite right after all what I’ve been telling you. Then send me a thought, ‘cos I’m listening. I’m a bit like your shadow, I’m not just here when it’s sunny. I’m not just here like now, so remember that please, and remember “everything, will come”.

That’s all I’m going to say on that. It’s not very tricky if you think about it, so please think about it, it will make you feel better, it can make you stronger, it can make you happier and it can make you healthier.

That’s my little present to you this evening, so God bless you all.

01/05/95 – Peter

I am asked to remind you that you are all spirit.

I am asked to remind you that you are all spirit. 2013-02-18 19.27.39

I am asked to remind you that you are all spirit.  There is a continuous link that runs between each one of you, it is if you will, the cord that goes through a necklace.  The cord is a single unbroken length, whilst the beads on the pearls joined together by the cord are all different in colour, in shape and in texture.  The visible part of the beads is the one that you can see, but what you cannot see is the spirit, it is the rope that joins them.  Without that rope they would all tumble and fall apart.  It is the spirit, the strength and the power of love that the creator constantly deluges you with.  It is this string, this spirit that is keeping you all together.  Learn to acknowledge this and learn to accept and understand it.

Take time to present yourself to him, take time to lift yourselves up, to make that first step.  Try to establish the conduit through which contact can be made.  It is an elevation, an elevation of your essence, your spiritual core that is required.

It is not a physical exercise, it’s one that must be done gently and in the right frame of mind.  It’s no good sitting down when you’re stressed and attempt to force yourself to establish that link, because you will in all probability, be thwarted by yourself, your material senses will crush you.  Take time to learn to relax.  Take time to shed your troubles and your concerns.  When you are sitting quietly create the link, open the conduit, that golden pipe that connects you to your higher self.  Feel the power and the love that is within you at this present time, flowing up through your body.  Feel the revitalised power flooding back, warming you, like sinking back into a hot bath, the cold gradually seeping away from your body.

Peace of mind, contentment, and knowledge that you are spirit is THE answer.

But the answer to what?

It is the answer to life, it is your key, it is petrol in the engine of your car; it is the energy in your bodies.  If you are constantly in turmoil with yourself and with those around you, you will not manage to create the link, you will be constantly fighting it off, perhaps not realising what you are doing, but fighting it off all the same.  You will have erected a material umbrella over your head through which nothing can penetrate.

Some of your people say “Go with God”, this is truly wise advice.  Walk with God at your side.  When troubles seem to be getting too much for you to handle, take a few minutes to compose yourself, refresh yourself and open yourself up.  Remove that umbrella, bask in the love that is yours, it is yours to collect.  Truly my friends, you will live longer and happier lives if you follow these few simple truths.  So “Go with God” in your hearts friends, take pleasure in knowing that you are all spirit, that you are all everlasting and created in his image.

Remember my dear ones that life is nothing but a brief interlude.

Blessings to you one and all friends.


10/04/95 – Peter