A Remarkable Communication

A Remarkable Communication


(Below is a reproduction of a letter written by Duncan Leadbetter in March 1992 to a medium, Ken Marshall of  West Wycombe Church in Kent.  Ken Marshall gave Duncan Leadbetter the message in early January 1992.)


Dear Ken Marshall

I had been intending to write to you for a few weeks, but for one reason  or another I just had not got round  to it.

In February you were the demonstrator at the Windsor Spiritualist Church. You gave me a message which at the time I did not understand.

The message was: “I have Arthur here.  You have been asking for guidance – don’t jump. He is pleased to be with a William – not family – I have the name Winstanley – woman  – peg legs – no legs – small”.

That was all the message -no more – only 10 seconds to pass on. What did it mean?

At the time I could take Arthur and I understood “don’t jump”; but all the rest I did not understand. I spoke to Arthur’s widow she did know of a William.  A few days later my son’s wedding invitations were being prepared.  His mother is Spanish.  The invitation cards in Spanish refer to the first and second surnames of each parent.2013-02-18 19.27.39

To my surprise my son’s fiancées’ mothers married surname was Winstanley. I naturally spoke to my son about this and told him of the message. He was shocked; something   he had never told me was that his fiancée was distressed about her grandmother. Her grandmother had left the Catholic Church to get married and later in her life was filled with guilt and feared she was going to hell when she died.   On Christmas eve last, my son attended midnight mass with his fiancée who cried when thinking about her grandmother and her marriage. This was particularly on her mind as she was getting married.  She had continued to be anxious about this since Christmas. My son then told me that his fiancée’s grandmother   had her legs amputated   before she died.   (The peg legs part of the message). I then spoke over the telephone to my son’s fiancée and restated the message. She asked me if the medium said that the woman was small. I said that the word small was definitely used.  She replied that her grandmothers’ maiden surname was Small !

I later enquired of my son the name William.  He spoke to his fiancée.  William was her grandfather!

They were both therefore together in spirit and not in hell, and Arthur was HAPPY to be with them). The message you gave me was for my son and his girlfriend.  The message has helped them and I wished that you should know this.

If I had not believed in the evidence of messages, this is a message that cannot be explained as telepathy.  I understood only a part, my son only a part and his, fiancée the remainder. It is also a lesson for all recipients of messages. The message might not be for them, (even if they wish then to be), but for somebody else that they are in contact with.


Yours sincerely

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