A Remarkable Dream – Phenomena – a Round Building and Group Intercession.

  • A Remarkable Dream – Phenomena – a Round Building and Group Intercession.

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On the morning of 22nd July 2000 I awoke feeling very unsettled. I had vivid memories of a dream. I had dreamt that I was in a large room full of people who I felt I knew but for some reason was not able to recognise. There were people from the church teaching groups (Windsor Spiritualist Church). I was ill at ease and was standing at the edge of the group feeling I had to be there but did not wish to be. I sensed I had to be involved in the gathering – maybe because I was the president of the church – but felt distinctly not interested. Something seemed to be missing.

I then found myself in an adjoining room which seemed to be a wine bar or something as such. There was a bar top and tables and chairs.  The room appeared empty except for a lady sitting on her own on at a small table. I recognised her as Sonia, one of many teachers involved with the meditation groups held at Windsor Church. I expressed surprise that she was there as for some reason I felt she would not have been able to have come to the gathering. She explained her plans had changed though she would have to leave at 4.30 that afternoon. I sat down next to her and either we both then noticed or there just appeared what seemed to be a menu card, quite large. There was nothing that could be immediately read on the card then suddenly we both placed a finger at the centre of the card and said “that is it!! – that is what we have been looking for; this is what we had forgotten” It was the word “Rotunda”.


I awoke from the dream feeling very distressed and anxious; I had to get up. I wrote down the word so as not to forget it but for some reason I spelt it as “Rotanda” thinking it was Spanish. I knew that “Rotanda” meant roundabout. I then went back to bed. When I reawakened I had a picture in my mind of a roundabout with many roads joining it. I thought that the dream meant that there would be a change in direction.

I then phoned Jacqueline, who attended some of the church groups, as I knew she understood Spanish. She referred to her dictionary and looked up both Rotunda and “Rotanda”; she said both meant roundabout but added the words were also used to describe a round building or round room. She also said she thought there was a place called the Rotunda.


The following day (Sunday-23rd July) I telephoned George who also helped with the church groups and told him about the dream. He said “It’s round the corner” I said “what is round the corner?”. He said” I don’t know – my guide is telling me “it is round the corner”!


I then phoned Sonia to tell her about my dream and that she was in it. As I said the word Rotunda she replied “RHO”. I said “no it is not RHO”. She said she had to spell out the letters R H O but did not know why. Interestingly she said she knew of a round building called the Rotunda and that it was near to where she lived.


The following Monday (24th July) Sonia, George and I met up with others for our regular evening of meditation. I told everybody about my dream. Sonia explained that RHO was another word she had from Spirit at the time that I had said Rotunda when we spoke on the phone. Reference to a dictionary we had with us gave RHO as the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet. We were not able to understand the significance of this.


Nina said she had the colours blue and white just like the colours of the Greek flag. I sensed this to be the colours of the inside of a building – I thought these would be the colours we would have to use when painting the building. Everybody present had impressions of a round building. Sonia told me where a round building called the Rotunda was situated near to where she lived in Slough.


I should say at this stage that I had been actively looking to hire a hall or public room so that meetings could take place in a non-church environment which I sensed for some would remove a barrier for them to explore their spirituality. This search had proved very difficult.


The following day (25th July) I managed to track down the telephone number for the Rotunda. Previously the building had been administered by Berkshire County Council but there had been changes in Local Government and the property was now controlled by Slough Borough Council. It was not on the list of halls for hire published by the Council neither was it known to the leisure department of the council. It was for these reasons I had not become aware of the premises during my earlier searches. I established that rooms could be hired and arranged to meet the manager the following day.


The next day (26th July) I met the manager at the Rotunda. Sonia came with me. It was called the Rotunda because it was a round building. At its centre was a large circular hall which would seat several hundred. Off the hall were many rooms and a sit down area with tables and chairs which reminded me of the scenes I had in my dream. I was in a daze and felt Spirit everywhere. The manager Merkesh showed us around. We entered what seemed to be an endless number of rooms. Merkesh handed me a rate card which detailed the hire charge for each room and asked us why we wished to hire a room. I replied “alternative therapies” and much to my surprise he was quite relaxed about that. He explained that the Rotunda had been taken over by the local authority to facilitate youth projects and greater understanding of religious beliefs in Slough which was now home to many different cultures. I was still in a daze and told him we would be back in touch in a couple of days.

As I was preparing to leave Sonia told me her guide had said to look again in one of the rooms.  Sonia knew which room. We did. I was gobsmacked the colours were blue and white and it had its own counter top (for dispensing teas etc) just like a wine bar in the dream. Then something quite remarkable happened. Both Sonia and I felt an increase in the energies which had been with us both as we had entered the building. We both said nothing and stood quite still for a minute or two. Then Merkesh said that the arthritic pains in his hip had disappeared. He asked us what might have happened. We explained that he probably had received spiritual healing. I then told him we would like to hire the room. He then said if the scale of charges was too much then we should offer what we could afford. We agreed on £35.00 per week for three evenings of three hours each and once a month on a Saturday evening the use of the main hall!

The group met again on 31st July although there was little time spent on the usual meditation. Instead everyone was enthralled with what was happening. Now that premises had been found we concentrated on a name for the gatherings which were soon to take place. A number of us then had impressions forming in our minds. George had a mirror ball hanging down from a ceiling. Nina had the name reflexions with “X” centred across a large mosaic mirror ball. I had been giving a picture of mirrors at the top of the walls of a round building all joined together like a necklace and I understood that each mirror was a different reflection so any person coming could be offered what they wanted; be it Reiki, Reflexology, Spirit healing, Philosophy, Awareness, Meditation or Clairvoyance etc. We decided to call the gatherings “Reflections and Healing Hands”


On Friday 4th August Duncan went to Georges home to give him healing. He suffered severe arthritis in his back. George said that that afternoon his guide had told him to look at the back of his dictionary. George did this and found an appendix listing the Greek alphabet. The 17th letter “RHO ” was shown with an annotation of  the words red and blood.


On Monday 7th August at the next meditation most of us saw blood filling up the room-

flowing to the top – in and out. The explanation for RHO was therefore confirmed. There

was to be new blood (people) who would come to us for teaching and healing at the



Later on in August I went with George to the Rotunda to sign the forms for hiring the room. His wife Helen came with us. Whilst we were in the office she wandered around. When we had finished with the paperwork she joined us and told us what she had found- a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling of the main hall – the large round room!


The dream which I had had, together with the mental impressions of those close to me at time and healing for Merkesh, was described by some at the time as “miraculous”; certainly this was an example of something quite mysterious which can only be explained as phenomena and for those of us involved it was proof of happenings that cannot be explained using our normal understanding of just a physical dimension. Merkesh remained without pain and walked with ease – something he had not done for a long time. The first meeting reminded me of the scene in my dream- the room was filled with all those present.


There then followed over two years of gatherings for teachings, awareness and healing and monthly Saturday evenings when talks on religions and cultures were given by invited speakers , including a north American Indian who spoke about sweat lodges. Workshops dealing with chakras, awareness, healing and meditation took place.


The meetings were all very well attended and so many people received help, healing and guidance.  As with everything it had to come to an end which happened when the control over the Rotunda was handed to another organisation who did not wish the meetings to continue.


It also marked my break from Windsor Spiritualist church as there were some in the movement that sadly frowned upon me conducting meetings outside of a church environment. I knew though that my time at the Rotunda was meant to be.


Duncan Leadbetter

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