……..” Consciousness that surpasses all Understanding”.

“Accept the concept of a Universal Level of Consciousness that surpasses all Understanding”.2013-02-18 19.27.39

It is a privilege to be allowed to come amongst you.  It is a privilege to find souls that are interested, not in themselves but in others; interested, not in the material gain, but in the gain of their spirit.  It gives me much joy to be allowed to spend these few moments with you.

I would share some thoughts with thee friends.

Have you considered the words of the hymn “Hold thou my hand so weak I am and helpless, I cannot take one step without thy aid”.  What wonderful words, what inspired words, “hold thou my hand so weak I am and helpless”.  It is a true recognition that one is indeed helpless.  It is a recognition that the material body that we inhabit, is of nothing.  It has no worth, “so weak I am and helpless”.

It is a moment of truth in a person’s life that they can accept the existence, not just of a higher external body, but of a higher internal body.  To accept that there is a spirit divine.  To accept the concept of the universal level of consciousness that surpasses all understanding.

Without the blessing and help of the Lord, man would be doomed to wander aimlessly about.  Indeed, man can choose to wander aimlessly about!  He does not see his material side as weak and helpless, he sees it as his norm.  Consequently he views those attracted to the “other side” of life, to the spiritual side, to the contemplation of the inner self, he views those people as being weak and helpless, as being involved in “non manly” pursuits.  Or he is busy collecting his “coins of the realm”, while the other is busy, the best way to describe it, as shining his spirit; nurturing his spirit, allowing it to grow, to achieve its full potential.

I must talk to you of love.  Some may say “I love him in a different way to the way in which I love her”.  “I love my wife differently than I love my sister”.  “I love my husband differently than I love my friend”.  This is not love.  True love is non divisible and it has no magnitude, by this I mean you cannot love somebody ninety per cent, you cannot love somebody eighty per cent.  True love is indivisible.  There are emotional attachments.  The human heart will come into play and make the sensations that one feels towards a wife, a husband, a boyfriend or girlfriend, different from those that one feels towards ones brothers or sisters, but a true love, the love, to use the words “that surpasses all understanding” is unique.  It is a whole in its own right.

Much talk is made of it.  But can it be laboured too much?  There are indeed some people that think it can.

The world has many problems, problems predominately brought about by man’s foolishness.  He has lost contact with his basic realities.  He has lost all sight of the direction in which he must go if he is to progress.

He has seen the sparkling coin and runs towards it.  He will fall on his knees in the mud to pick it up.  He then holds it up like a precious jewel.  But it is worthless, completely and utterly worthless.  Is it not a paradox, that while the man scrambles in the mud for the coin, he neglects that most wondrous of jewels he carries inside.  It is like the man that makes immense efforts to pick up the penny he finds in the gutter and neglects the £100 not in his pocket, he doesn’t even know it’s there; he’s just concerned about the penny.

But one can labour an issue so much so, that people will lose interest.  One has to be realistic.  One has to be content with small gains rather than an immediate victory.  As the water will eventually wear down the most obstinate of rocks; so, by example, we wear down people’s resistance to opening their eyes.  It seems the most natural of things to do, to open your eyes and look around.  But the eyes that must be opened are the spiritual eyes.  They can be opened by the activation of the spiritual body, and the spiritual body is activated by love.

Nobody expects you to go around embracing everyone you see.  Man has not got the capacity for infinite pity, compassion or love, it is not possible, you have to be aware of your own limitations.  Be aware that you are spirit first and foremost, but be aware of your own limitations.  Decide what you can do, set your targets, and try and achieve them.  Trying to achieve them and failing is far better than not trying at all.  Trying to achieve them and failing would put you one step higher than where you are now.  You can perhaps then recognise why your first attempts weren’t successful.  If they were so, then modify your position, try a different argument.

The ones who are aware of their body as being a material object, and who are aware that they are spiritual beings, have no need to go around trying to inflict their ideas on others.  By their actions, by their calm contented manner they will be known.  It is indeed a benefit to your material bodies, and you will find a reduction in stress.  A reduction in stress will prove an enormous benefit.  Your heart rate will slow, your breathing will become easier and stronger, and you will feel revitalised, and your sleep will become deeper and more peaceful.

It sounds simple, or perhaps it doesn’t sound simple, it depends on where you are at this moment in time, but accept from me that it is simple.  From my observations of your group I know it is within your capabilities, if it were not so I would not be saying it.  If it was thought that we would be bringing you hardship or unhappiness, we would not come in this manner.  But we do because we are aware of your capabilities, perhaps more so than you are aware yourselves.

I have tried to put forward a few thoughts, a few ideas, that perhaps you might like to consider.  We can do no more than to offer these for your attention.  We can show you where the water is, we cannot force you to drink.

Again friends, it gives me tremendous satisfaction to see the progress that you have made, to see the warmth that exists within your group.  To see the love that exists so directly for each other.  And it is indeed a privilege to be able to come in this manner and talk to you for such a short period of time.  I can do no more friends than offer you my love and offer you my blessings.

25/10/93 – Peter

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