“Accept the premise that you are spirit people, that there is something inside of you that is not of this material world”.

“Accept the premise that you are spirit people, that there is something inside of you that is not of this material world”.  2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening friends.  I come to intercede this evening on behalf of your sanity and your peace of mind.  Your discussions reminds me very much of a young puppy chasing its tail.  Initially the puppy does not realise that he and the tail are one, and it is forever chasing around and around in circles, the tail tantalisingly out of its reach.  It is only as the puppy matures that it realises that the tail is part of him, and he has no need to chase it.  This is how I am observing yourselves, scurrying around looking for something fractionally out of your reach, forgetting that you and the truth are one, and that there is no need to chase around.

You and the truth are one.

So what is this truth?  What is it that which you are seeking?  The truth for you is that the Sun is now going down and that it has been a warm sunny day.  The truth for others is that it is breakfast time and the Sun is just rising into the sky.

Two different truths.

You could expand this tiresomely by saying that for you it is now 8 o’clock, somewhere else in the world it is 9 o’clock, and 10 o’clock elsewhere.  It is all true.  So does this mean there is no truth, or does it mean that everything is true?

If it means that there is no truth, then what are we seeking?

If it means that everything is true, then where would we be?

If we consider that everything was true, and that there is an element of truth in everything, then that seems to me to be a reasonable stand point from which to stop and look around.

There is truth in everything, we have told you before that it exists to a greater or lesser degree.  If you would have but the eyes and the spirit to see it.  As you are all Spirit then you just need the eyes.  So what is it that we are searching for, this “elusive truth”.

Truth depends upon acceptance, if you do not accept truth as being “true” then for you it is invalid.

So should you accept everything?

A child accepts everything.  As it grows, as it matures it learns to differentiate, to discriminate.  It is taught much by its parents and its behaviour is affected a great deal by his parents and the child’s surroundings.  A child brought up in an atmosphere of love sees the world as being a beautiful place.  A child brought up abused and hated or not wanted, for perhaps not wanted is worse than being hated, sees the world much differently.

But you are adults, your formative years are passed and this friends is why we come, not as surrogate parents, but as those that have trodden the paths that you are on.

Imagine walking over a series of hills with valleys in between, you are in the valley on one side of the hill and I am perhaps in the valley further along the journey, and I have crossed a few more hills before you.  Does this make me wiser than you friends?  It does not make me wiser than you, it means I have travelled further than you.  I have climbed the hill, I have seen the other side.  I try and give you this benefit of my knowledge.  Do not look upon me as a Guru my friends.  I have come to impart what knowledge I can.

We talk about truth.  Where does truth begin and where does it end?  I shall put it forward in a simple fashion.

Accept the premise that you are spirit people, that there is something inside of you that is not of this material world.  It is, to use modern parlance, “extra-terrestrial”, or preferably, it is “extra material”.

That is a good place from which to start looking for truth, accept that you are spirit people.  Accept that you are part of the one God.  Accept that you are in the image of the Creator, the one God.  Now this seems to me a very fine place on which to build the truth.

You may look in your spiritual libraries and see scores and scores of books by many good and well intentioned people giving their ideas, their experiences, and their versions of what for them is the truth.  Read them as much as you like friends, I am not saying do not read them.  You must learn to live the truth through your own experiences, rather than being a surrogate of the writer of the book.  You have been endowed with intelligence.  You must use this and be discerning in what you believe, and what you can accept.

Remember the man at the other side of the world at this moment; it is nearly morning there whilst here it is almost dusk.  Two truths, but from two different viewpoints.  But the one that you can accept is that it is almost dusk.  I’m trying not to tie you up in a cat’s cradle.  I’m trying to cut through your bonds, or better still to give you the desire to cut through your bonds, to release yourself and remove your preconceptions.

There is absolutely no doubt that God is love, and there is absolutely no doubt that you are of the one God.  Remember this in your dealings with people, and in your thoughts, and in your actions.

You are created in the image of the one God.  That one God is love, so are you not love also?

Use your time wisely friends, put your knowledge and your understanding to good use in the service of the Father.  Knowledge is as dust beneath your feet if you do not use it wisely.

I believe I have given you much to consider.  As always it is your prerogative to accept or reject what I say.  I am also in service to the one God, and I speak to you in truth and I come to you in love.

I can see this group this evening sitting beneath a wigwam of a wondrous blue light.  You have created the atmosphere for me to talk to you in this manner.  I will leave you now my friends and I offer you my blessings and those of the Creator.

God bless you.

30/05/94 – Peter

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