“All people are spiritual, it matters not whether the person is the most violent, unloved criminal, that man is spiritual”.

“All people are spiritual, it matters not whether the person is the most violent, unloved criminal, that man is spiritual”.2013-02-18 19.27.39

Do you really need to seek my ideas on a meditation, or are you after confirmation that your own are correct? All thoughts are valid. I will remind you once again of the large board, depending on the angle at which you view the board, there lies your perception of its size.

There are many different types of people that you will come across, some are left handed, some are right handed, some are tall and some are short, these are all characteristics of that person. All people are spiritual, it matters not whether the person is the most violent, unloved criminal, that man is spiritual. I view things spiritual in the tense that he is, if you will, a dual personality, he exists at the same time as both spirit and material body. He is in a state of duality.

The spirituality to which you refer, refers to the characteristics of the person. A person could do good deeds from the time they awake to the time they go to sleep without having any idea of their duality. They can be an atheist yet still care sufficiently to help their neighbour.

All things are relative, they are relative to your view point and where you are at a given moment in time. Spirituality is the term that man has given to those he sees doing great works, but this is not necessarily the case. Is a person of more worth because he is left handed than because he is right? Is a person of more worth because he recognises that he is spirit, or if he doesn’t have any idea that he is spirit? Neither one has any dominance over the other.

It is true that by your deeds you shall be known. It is by your deeds, whether they be physical or mental, that you are recognised. The person that does not acknowledge that there is a God, but seeks to carry our selfless tasks, is equally as worthy as the person who goes to church many times a week, and is aware of his spiritual self and also does tasks in a thankless manner. What I am trying to demonstrate is the futility of the discussion on whether a person is spiritual or not.

There are many things worthy of discussion, this is really not one of them. You discussed the merits of athletes, I would say to you that this is a measure of fitness. But you could apply this in a spiritual fashion, the more that one exercises, the fitter they will become. The more a person is aware of his duality, the smaller the gap between the material and the spiritual will become. You can view this gap as the surface between the sea and the air, it is quite distinct. If you can imagine under certain circumstances the boundary layer becoming obscure, the boundary layer being broken down, that would be the example of a person recognising his spirit being.

All things are of the creator, all things were brought into being for a purpose. The spiritual person is the one that is aware. He has perhaps travelled further along his path than the one unaware. But all things are relative. I am trying hard not to add confusion to yourselves.

I thing I would best say, that you should strive to be aware that within you is the essence that is within everybody else. The spark of life that exists within you, exists in your neighbour. We all accept that radio waves travel through buildings, can we not accept that spiritual waves, if you will, travel through people and are resident in people.
You use the expression, “the spark of life has gone out of someone”, this is often used when a person is suffering from depression. What is happening is the person is allowing his material problems to dominate his spiritual being, his spiritual self.

The most important thing that you can do, is to be at peace with yourself. We have said this before, but we cannot over stress it. True recognition of your God likeness will eventually come, if you will allow yourselves to become peaceful. Allow yourselves to be aware of your faults and accept them for what they are. Strive not to be at war with yourself. It is an undeniable fact that the person not at war with himself, can never be at war with anybody else. The two states are mutually incompatible. Seek to be at peace through meditation, allow your mind to relax as well as your body. Try and control the meandering’s of your mind by focusing on a subject that is dear to you. In this way you will bring your mind under control. The more you allow the material grip upon your body and mind to recede the stronger you will begin to feel your spirit. What is spirit, except a link with the creator? What is spirit, if not the spark of life?

Rather than spend your time on fruitless discussions, I would urge you to spend more time devoting yourselves to becoming inwardly peaceful, devoting more time to relaxing. After a while it will become second nature, for in truth it is your true nature.

Do not allow your spirits to become tarnished friends, it is like taking an unshielded candle out into the wind. Your own light will never go out, but it will glow more brightly if it is shielded from the winds. By this I am suggesting that you shield yourself from too many material intrusions. Recognise them for what they are and pass by them.

09/02/94 – Peter

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