“All the time your mind is in turmoil, we cannot speak to you, and you are loosing contact with your inner being”.

“All the time your mind is in turmoil, we cannot speak to you, and you are loosing contact with your inner being”.2013-02-18 19.27.39

It is indeed a very blustery evening friends, hear how the wind roars around and around the house, disturbing many things in its path, but consider how warm you are inside the house, consider how isolated you are from the bad weather outside. It is opportune that the wind is so severe this evening, because it is an ideal example; it is a separation of outward influence from inward influences. It is choosing not to let the wind bother you, you are aware of its presence, but you are not letting it bother you. Here it is calm and peaceful, you are devoting yourself to non-material matters, it is indeed very beneficial.
We are pleased, both by your enthusiasm and your participation. After all, it is only by your efforts that anything can be achieved. We could come to you in a manner such as this and talk all evening, but if you chose to ignore it, it would be a waste of both of our time and yours.
So consider carefully what we say, but do not try to analyse every word. Do not attempt to dissect it for hidden meanings. There is not trickery on our part, all we ask is that you contemplate what we say. Allow it some space in your busy lives. It is up to you to decide what prominence you are going to give it. But do not let it become dominant, you are here in this existence for a reason, dwelling constantly on matters spiritual will not help your material existence. What it can do, should you choose to let it, is to help shape your material existence, it will show you new avenues. It will show you different ways of tackling your day to day problems.
We come bearing gifts friends. If I were to lay them out in front of you, you would see them all. Imagine the gift of silence. Now the gift of silence should be considered carefully, it is not just you sitting there and not saying anything, that is not silence. The silence we bring is the inner silence, the peace, and the tranquillity.
There is no point you sitting there saying nothing, but bursting to say something. Seek the tranquillity. Another gift we bring is understanding. We do not offer you universal understanding, we try and help you understand your true nature, your spiritual nature.
Again we are not seeking you all to become clergymen or clergy women. We are just seeking you to become aware. We would seek to bring you joy. There is much joy to be found once you have achieved that inner tranquillity. We have given you icons on which to consider, we have given you the idea of a cross on a hill, we have given you the idea of a young tree growing, of a cool flowing stream. These are all there to help you gain that peace of mind.
When work a day matters become hard or you are feeling bound like a tightly coiled spring, try and focus your mind on the hill, or on the stream, or what ever you can most readily accept. Keep your hand near the stop button and eject that tape, throw it away. Insert the one that brings you comfort. We cannot repeat enough that you are in charge of your own destinies, you alone are the ones who choose to press the “play” button and allow yourselves to become embroiled in things, but you alone can press the “stop” button.
Remember when you are next becoming excited, or wound up, annoyed, or angry, it is “you” who are letting yourselves do this. Some external matters, or some external influence may have caused it, but it is you who have allowed yourself to react in this manner. This is well worth considering. You can blame nobody but yourself. No matter what the influence is upon you that is causing the annoyance or the aggravation, “you” have chosen to react in the manner that you have. It is most important that you consider this.
All the time your mind is in turmoil, we cannot speak to you, and you are loosing contact with your inner being. Material matters by their very nature will always try to seek ascendance over your spiritual well being. You will decide where the balance is. We believe that the more that you understand the greater you will move the balance. So that the spiritual matter become ascendant over material matters.
You are urged most strongly to consider very carefully what we have chosen to say to you this evening. You can always consider how the wind was roaring around the house this evening, but how peaceful and secure you felt inside. That is the condition we would ask you to try to attain, divorce yourself from outside problems, but be aware of them. Perhaps you can bring benefit to others in helping them overcome their problems. But do not let yourself become entangled, it is like walking into a giant spiders web, the more you struggle, the more you will become trapped. Far better not to have walked into the web to start with. The only way to escape from such a web is by slow careful movement, by considering what you are doing.
Friends you are not alone. Do not think that because we have chosen this one to speak through that he is any more or less favoured than you, because this is not the case. You are all equally blessed, you are all equally loved and cherished. Remember that had the creator not intended you to be here then you wouldn’t be. You are all individually part of the plan. It is quite a sobering thought.
I will not attempt to weigh you down too much friends. Spiritual matters can be like eating, little and often is more beneficial for you than singular huge meals that you will find hard to digest. So take what we say, give it some thought. You will all perhaps accept different things. I will leave you with my blessings, and I bring forth upon you the love that exists within the spirit world.
08/12/93 – Peter

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