“Always remember that were you not meant to be, then you would not be”.

“Always remember that were you not meant to be, then you would not be”. 2013-02-18 19.27.39

I will give you three letters to consider, “E”, “F” and “G”.  The “E” stands for Expectations and Effort, and coincidentally it stands for Easy.
Consider your expectations.  We have discussed this in the past, you must examine your motives, you have to set yourself a target.  If you sit waiting for “anything”, then “anything” is what you will get.  You must expend some effort.  You have to put something in.
 You must not rely on others, whether they be from the spiritual world that is to come, or the spiritual world that is now.  You must put in some effort of your own. The “F” is for focus.  When you relax, direct your mind, tame it as you would a puppy on a lead, force your mind to go in the direction that you want it to go.  Focus it in the direction of “G” which is God.  Have God as your target, and envisage him as you will.  God is such an easy target, because he is ever present, so how can you miss?  If you but take the time and the trouble, and make the effort to focus your attention, you cannot fail not to miss the target.
Do not allow yourselves to be dominated by your mind.  Be brutal and allow your spirit to dominate the mind.  Show the mind who is in charge.  It is not just easy, it is simple.  Allow yourselves to relax, the most important position to be in for meditation is a relaxed posture.  Do not contrive a position so that blood will be cut off from your limbs.
It is like with a car, put your body into neutral, let it sit there, it will go no place until you command it to, until you select a gear.  Right, we have now calmed the car, let’s move into the driver.  Imagine your mind is like a magnet, imagine your mind surrounded by metal particles; the magnet will pull them all towards it.  This is the case with your mind.  Ideas will pop in when you least expect them to.  Ideas are like snowballs rolling down a hill, the more you allow them to run, the bigger they will get and the harder they are to stop.  Far better not to create a snowball.  Try and calm your mind.  There have been many books written on the subject.  But after all, it is your mind, you should know best how to calm it.
Imagine you are an observer watching what your mind’s doing.
When you see it stray from the path upon which you intended it to go, pull it sharply back in, focus it.  Once your mind is focused you will soon know it, because you will begin to feel more; would you understand the words “God filled”?  Would you begin to understand the word “complete”?
This is how you will know if your aim is true and your focus is correct.  Imagine God as you will, he is your target, he is the ocean and you are the drop of water.  It is not being disrespectful or immodest to say that you are God and God is you, there is no boundary.  Always remember that were you not meant to be, then you would not be.  If the Father had not intended to create you, then you would not have been created, you are part of God’s plan, you have a purpose in life.  It is not my place to dwell upon the purpose of your life.
Have you ever sat in a church?  Perhaps seen the sunlight coming n through wondrous stained glass windows.  Have you ever sat quietly, and felt God?  Felt the power that is around you, that is filling you?  This is your target.  When you are focusing your minds imagine that church, or what ever other example you find more fitting.  As long as your target is true, you are focusing towards God.  You will find your sittings becoming more meaningful, you will find your lives becoming more meaningful.
I would finally remind you of the letters, “E”, “F” and “G”.  Once you have determined what your Expectations are and you have decided to commit yourselves by making an Effort.  Determine your Focusing point, and the rest my friends I am pleased to say, will be forth coming.
Please do not treat this as an admonishment.  Our only reason ever for coming, is to offer advice and guidance.
As always, and it will be always, it is up to you to accept it or reject it.
 God’s blessings to you all friends.
 02/03/94 – Peter

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