“As the most beneficial thing you can do for your body is to exercise it, so it is with your spirit”.

“As the most beneficial thing you can do for your body is to exercise it, so it is with your spirit”.2013-02-18 19.27.39

Is it not good to be able to gather here in this manner? To be able to relax in a room full of warmth and security. To feel no pressure upon yourselves. Not to feel the need to compete, but to allow your natural self to come forward. To allow your minds to rise above the mundane and to give your heart preference over your brain.

As the most beneficial thing you can do for your body is to exercise it, so it is with your spirit. It is very easy to let it become dormant, you must bring it to the surface to cleanse it. Allow your mind to rise above your worries, put your ashes and pains behind you.

Communication with spirit is possible for everybody. It is true to say there is nobody more favoured than any one else in the ability to commune with spirit. The greatest of your mediums has no more ability than yourself, but they have exercised their gift, they have not allowed their spiritual self to become dormant. They have allowed the “still small voice” to become a loud strong voice. They are doing nothing that is not possible for you as well.
You are all wearing layers of clothes, but you are aware of what you are wearing closest to your skin. You may not be able to see it, but you know what you are wearing. So it is with those more spiritually in tune. They have a material self, they have this material outer layer of clothing, but they have never forgotten what lies underneath. They have never forgotten that they are spirit people, spirit beings. With some the gift is there from childhood with others it is latent, but never the less it is there.

If you would just consider it, then how can it not be so? If you accept that you are spirit resident inside a material body, how can it be that you are not in touch with yourself? How can it be that you are not allowing your spirit being, your spiritual core, to be able to reach out to the other spiritual beings around you, whether they have “passed over” or not. For many, it is similar to the person who has temporarily lost his memory, they have forgotten who they are.
I say to you that you are spirit, and you say to me, “yes”, but there is a great deal of difference in saying “yes” and truly believing “yes”. I say to you that you should be calm, peaceful and relaxed, and you say to me, “yes I am, I am these things”, whilst all the time worrying about what is on television tomorrow, or what am I going to eat when I get home, or the bills I must pay.Imagine one morning, waking up to a world full of snow and looking out from your front door you cannot see the path, but you know there is a path from your front door to your front gate, but you cannot see it. So you get out and shovel the snow to one side, and then you can see the path. Consider the snow as the material intrusions upon your life, shovel them to one side. But you say, “how can this be so, I have work worries, I have domestic worries, how can I push these to one side?” But I say unto you that you must try, the rewards are great. Try and push them to one side for a period of time.

Many of these worries, these concerns, will not go away. You have to eat, you have to work, but permitting the resurgence of your spirit will give you the strength to deal with them. You will feel revitalised, you will feel the blood surging round your veins instead of moving sluggishly, you will feel an up-liftment as you did watching the stream under the bridge. You will be like a prospector, once a prospector has found his first nugget of gold, he does not rest until he accumulates many more. Once you have tasted the joy of finding yourselves, your spiritual self, you will not allow material intrusions to come in the way, you will push them to one side. You will devote more time to relaxing, and devote more time to promoting a positive outlook. You will be rewarded with fewer aches and pains. You will be rewarded with a reduction in stress. The self aware person has no need of material distractions, you have to separate your wants from your needs. You have to ask yourself, do I really need this? Will my life be incomplete without it? Or is it just an “I want this?”

Truly, the greater your material empire, the more troubles you line up in store for yourselves. Try to have sufficient, to have sufficient for your daily needs, but what is the point in a surplus? What happens to that surplus when you return to spirit? Of what benefit has it been to you? The toil that went into creating that surplus could have been re-directed somewhere more positively. Surely there can be no sadder sight than a person preparing for the journey home to spirit, to be looking back at the life they have led and wonder why they spend so much time and effort in mounting up material bricks and mortar and ignoring their own inner self. It is a very sad thought.

We offer this to you friends for your consideration. We are sure that if it does not strike a chord with you now, then it will in the near future. I leave you with these thoughts friends, I offer you individually, my love and my blessings, I wish you peace, harmony and contentment.

In short friends I wish you the things that you should be wishing for yourselves, the things you should be striving for, God bless you all.
We come to you in this manner not for the purpose of your entertainment, but to allow you to profit by what I have found to be true. You can choose to ignore it, if it offends you, you must forget it. But I believe it will strike a chord within you.

I come to you empty handed, I do not come to you bearing gifts. The most precious of gifts you have in abundance. You have just locked them away and cannot find the key. It is not my task to help you find the key, it is my task to help you WANT to find the key.

16/02/94 – Peter

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