Bob and the “Greasy Pole”

Bob and the “Greasy Pole”2013-02-18 19.27.39

(Annotation by Peter who received this first talk from Bob)

Bob was a particular favourite of the group. He would always cheer us up with his views on both life and Spirit, and would offer readily understandable concepts on a variety of topics to help us with our understanding. From various “appearances” at the group, we discovered that Bob was a seaman and served on sailing ships some hundreds of years ago, and always spoke through Peter in a “cockney” type accent. We’ve endeavoured to translate that cockney accent into words to keep it as close to the original recording as we could.


Hello everyone.  Have you ever looked at life and thought it’s just like a greasy pole, and no matter what you try and do you can’t get up it?  Well it is like that a bit isn’t it, you try and grab hold and pull yourself up but you can’t get a grip, and you slip back down.  Well there’s ways around this, you can decide to sit back and do nothing or, you can do the sneaky thing and that is to wash the grease off the pole.  It’s a bit of a dodge that, but I can tell you how you can do it.

You can do it with effort.  ‘Cos one things for sure you’re not going to get up that pole while the grease is on it, you have to use some effort.

So where do you start?  You can’t start at the top, you starts at the bottom.  You works away and gradually all the grease is gonna come off.  You’ll find you can climb up it.  Yeah, it’s really good ‘cos the higher you climb the better the view, the better the view the better you feel.  ‘Cos you’re leaving stuff behind, you’re leaving your troubles back down there on the deck.  You can see all sorts of things.  It’s so different.  Its like, can you imagine being in a fog, a really thick fog and you sees a ladder and as you climbs the ladder you come out of the fog.  It’s all different, it’s clean, it’s fresh.  That’s what its like with this pole.  You leave behind your worries.  You leave behind your aches and your pains ‘cos they’re no good to you.

What I’m talking about and I’m not sure I’m doing it very well, ‘cos sometimes I can’t get the words.  It’s a bit like how you’re growing inside, that’s what it’s like, that’s this pole cause if you don’t want to you don’t have to do a thing, you can just sit there and see what happens?  I’ll tell you what happens, nothing happens! You just sit there and let things go past.  You can sit there in the fog if you like.  But if you want to, with a little bit of effort, a little bit of work, you can start getting some of that grease off.  Shift all those muddy old thoughts.  The things with poles is they’re straight, nice and straight.  Do you get it?  It’s going one way, you’re doing something positive.

What you find, what you find is, that it gets easier because there’s less grease on the pole the higher you go up.  It’s only hard at the bottom.  So you have to do less work as you get higher.

Getting good aint it, less work, things become easier, that’s because you put yourself on the right road, you’ve made the effort.  You’re saying to yourself, “I’m not going to bother worrying about this”, or “I don’t care if I gets a new telly this year or not”, “I don’t care if I get a new car”.  You’re not saddling yourself up with all kinds of problems.  Of course you got worries, I know you got worries.  I can see your worries, but just try to let them go.  Then you says “well how do I let them go?”  Well I’ll tell you, you just parcel them up.  Find out what they are and parcel them up, then post them to me if you like, I can deal with them no point hanging on to them is it, there’s really no point in doing that at all.

Now there’s all sorts of ways of looking at things.  The greasy pole, well there’s not really a greasy pole it’s just an idea to think about, a concept I suppose you would call it.  I reckon I could think of a mast on a ship, all covered in grease.  The only way that I’m ever going to get up that is to clean it off.  It’s just like you.  The only way that you’re going to progress, and we want you to progress make no bones about that, is to start climbing the poles, get yourself out of the fog.

Crickey, there’s lots of good descriptions, climb the pole and the fog, but that’s what you got to do, get rid of your troubles.  Just think where the troubles come from.  Think who makes the troubles, it might not be you, but you decide to accept them, you can say “no I don’t want your blimmin troubles, you keep them to yourself”.  ‘Cos they’re no good to you friends.  I don’t mean don’t help people, but don’t get bogged down.  ‘Cos it’s true the higher the pole you get the easier it becomes, ‘cos you’ve shown you are willing.  Do you see what I’m trying to say?  All that’s stopping you climbing the pole is you, no one else.  Anyway, blimmin easy for me to say I know.  Anyway I think you’ve had enough from me.  So I say good-bye to you all.  Don’t forget that you can send me your troubles in your minds.  Don’t send them all at once though; I can’t handle them all at once!


22/06/94 – Peter

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