“But friends it is a wise man who knows he needs to be forgiven

“But friends it is a wise man who knows he needs to be forgiven

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In the absence of a question I would talk to you of war. God has endowed man with an infinite capacity for good or evil. I will explain that further.
Consider a man at sea in a dinghy. He has been provided with the dinghy, a sea on which to sail the dinghy, sails for the dinghy and a wind. It is up to the pilot to choose which direction to sail.
So what has all this to do with war?
Put war under a microscope friends and see what you get. Keep looking, magnify and magnify, and eventually you will get to individuals. Eventually perhaps, you may get to one individual. Is there any difference between two people at logger heads and two nations on a course of self destruction? The only difference is a matter of scale.
So why does God allow all this then?
Why does he not step in to intervene? To pull us back from the path of the car. Why will he let us be run over? For this accident to happen it has taken two people, one is the driver and the other is the person stepping in front of the car. Were either one to modify their passage then the accident would not happen. So could not have God made the driver slow down, or the pedestrian to have stayed on the path. Why couldn’t he have done this? Why couldn’t he have pulled him back?

When you were young friends, perhaps your parents fitted you with a harness. So that when you took your first tentative steps you would still be safe under their control. But where are your harnesses now? Your parents have assumed you no longer require them, yet people still step out in front of cars.

Of course wars are terrible terrible things, they are an abomination. Yet they are man made. Of course spirit is resident within each one of you, but don’t seek to blame spirit for all your wrongs, accept more responsibility yourselves. How will you grow if there is constant intervention? What lessons would you learn if you were pulled back from the path of the car every time you got close to it? I would suggest there are two things that could happen. One is that you become so reliant upon being pulled back that you forget there is a danger, and you go blindly in front of the car, knowing, that at the last minute, you will be pulled back and that you will be safe. The other would be that you would rail against your restrainer.

You are no more or less spirit than I am. Those that drive the cars and knock down pedestrians, are no more or less spirit that you or I. Those that cause war, are no more or less spirit that you or I. But do not blame spirit for these things. Do not blame God for allowing them to happen, but ask for God’s forgiveness that man has brought these things to pass. God’s forgiveness is universal.
So why should I ask for forgiveness then, if it is universal and it is already mine by right?

But friends it is a wise man who knows he needs to be forgiven. It is a wise man that steps back from the path of the car, it is a wise man that walks away from a fight, regardless of how much justice he thought was on his side.
I am not saying that two people fighting will lead to a war, but remember the microscope. What does it all boil down to? One person’s hate, his insecurity, his greed? These are all emotions that we have urged you not to take with you, to leave behind. If you will, they are growing pains. I will not lecture you friends. It is up to you to formulate your own questions and seek your own answers.

I would urge you finally not to be so reticent in talking to me, am I to be feared, do I intimidate you? I come to you with love, wishing only to offer my help and the help of those that are around me. Consider us as your friends, for that is what we truly are. God bless you friends.

17/01/94 – Peter


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