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“I am here to say to you friends that everything that happens to you is unique”

“I am here to say to you friends that everything that happens to you is unique”2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening friends.  How many times has somebody said to you, “oh, the same thing has happened to me”, or “I have done that”, or “I’ve done this”.  It’s like when, you have struck yourself accidentally on the thumb with a hammer, and somebody says, “I’ve done that”.

I am here to say to you friends that everything that happens to you is unique.  That other person may have struck themselves similarly with the hammer, but they have not experienced what you have experienced up to that point.  They will have experienced the physical pain the hammer has caused, but they will have no knowledge of your life, what was on your mind, how you allowed yourself to become distracted, or the many and diverse influences that have formed and moulded you into who you are today.  So not only is your spirit unique, but your lives are also unique.  You are a “one off”.  Once you have passed on to the next phase of life, there will never be another the same as you.

You all have a profound effect, not only upon those that you come into contact with, but also upon your own environments.  This effect cannot always be measured, but it can always be noticed.  As you are unique, as the path you have trod so far is unique, then so too is the road yet in front of you.  Regardless of your status, whether you are married, alone, or perhaps someone who’s loved ones have passed on in front of you, you are on the road which is meant for you alone.  The road stretches out in front of you.  By your side at all times, are those from this side of life who’s task it is to offer you support, to offer you help and to offer you guidance.

Many times you have strayed from the path.  Many times you have floundered in the swamps alongside the road.  But at all times you have been safe and protected, and at all times your guide has waited for you to return, has waited for you patiently, knowing that you have to experience what you stepped off the road to find.  The guide will await your return to the road and continue to walk along with you at your shoulder, your constant companion.

It is like the Coppersmith, making the beautiful burnished bowl, gently and painstakingly hammering the flat sheet of copper into something of use, into something of beauty.  Many strikes of the hammer have gone into that article.  Patience and skill have gone into its creation, together with a love of the finished product and of the task.

You come into this world like the flat sheet of copper, unformed and unblemished.  If you experienced nothing in this life you would leave as you entered, as a flat sheet of copper.  But your journey here is to experience such emotions and such situations as can only be found in a material physical form.

At all times you are besieged, at all times your soul or your spirit, however you wish to view it, is under siege.  It is under siege from the emotions and the desires that you are constantly beset with.  Even those who absent themselves from society and choose to live in a singular fashion have desires, have needs, have wants.

You have to consider what is the more valuable, the flat sheet of copper that would contain no water, or the sheet of copper that has been worked upon and formed into a bowl, able to contain much, able to collect and hold what was given to it.  And as the bowl can take on water, so it can also give out water.  But as emotions and desires come to you, so you are also in return giving out emotions and desires, this is demonstrated by the way in which you live, the way in which you work or the way in which you worship.  It is like a barrier, a barrier that exists between that inner being, your precious true self, and the love that is constantly raining down upon you.

That barrier is SELF, I know you have heard this many times, but it is worth repeating, SELF gets in the way.  When one thinks of SELF one thinks of the “ME”, the “ME who I am”, and that I can be selfish or selfless.  But is not the selfless person also being selfish?  That is something I would commend you to think on friends.

So how can you subvert SELF?  How can you remove some of those barriers that exist, self-imposed barriers if you will, perhaps not deliberately constructed, but never the less there, and never the less growing.

Imagine your oceans, the small tiny organism that dies on the sea bed.  This is how the great coral reefs come into existence.  It was not in the mind of the first creature to create the reef, the coral barrier, but over a period of time the reefs were built.  This is how it can be with yourselves, often the barriers are transparent o you, you can see through them therefore to you they do not exist, but to others the barriers are apparent.  They may say “that man is very cold”, when in fact you think you are very amiable.  It is in the vibrations that you are giving off, vibrations caused by your emotions.  It is like energy travelling from a vessel, and into space.  On its way it travels through many different layers and is affected by those layers.  The more layers is has to travel through the more degraded the force or the signal, however you wish to view it, becomes.  The original pure thought, belief, signal or whatever, was lost.  Therefore it would seem to make sense that if the signal going out becomes degraded then so could the love, the energies trying to get in.  Do not consider “degraded” as in the material physical “degraded”, but in the way of a diminishment.

It would seem to me friend that the way to increase both the input and the output is to remove some of the layers.  SO we’re back to the question of how to do it.

The question of being truly at one with both yourself and with God has been the goal of many wise men throughout history.  Much effort, both physical and academic has been expended.  It is not much use my saying to you, “remember those around you are spirit”, because you are being too bombarded with other things, it is not your fault, you cannot and must not berate yourself.  You must allow the sea to erode the layers around you.  You shall have to try to reduce the height of the reefs you have built.  It is a very gradual process friends, I cannot give you a magic formula that would make you “God conscious” from this moment on.  Would that I could, but yet again, of what value would that be to you?

It is like the sheet of copper, it is no good you giving me the plain sheet of copper and me giving you a bowl and saying I arrived at this after much work and much skill.  You’d have to try it yourselves to experience it, to understand it, even my telling you in painstaking detail how I arrived at the bowl would be nothing if you could not try it yourself.

The best I can do is to give you an icon, it is simple, you just have to remember as we have oft said before, that were you not meant to be here then you would not have been created.  It is a humbling thought, that the Father brought us all into being because he wanted us and because he needed us.  You are here because you are very much loved.

This is all I can offer you friends, but when times are hard and the troubles seem to be coming at you like a runaway train, and you think “what have I done to deserve all this?” Or perhaps, “why hast thou forsaken me?”  Remember that you are meant to be here, God created you out of love and created you now, because it is essential that you are here at this time.  That is, I feel, a valuable thought friends.  Perhaps you could try to use it as a candle in some of your darker moments.  I offer you the blessings of the Lord.

I offer you the love and companionship of those this side of life who have chosen to come to you in these various forms, and I would say God bless to you all.

12/09/94 – Peter

Have you considered the similarity between yourselves and of us in this phase of existence? Have you ever considered that we are all pupils in a continuing school of life…..

“Have you considered the similarity between yourselves and of us in this phase of existence?  Have you ever considered that we are all pupils in a continuing school of life…..2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening to you friends.  It has taken some time to establish what you regard as the link, but what I would rather describe as a rapport, an intermingling of two people occupying the same space.  It is far more than a link, it is a closeness.

Have you considered the similarity between yourselves and of us in this phase of existence?  Have you ever considered that we are all pupils in a continuing school of life, and have you ever looked at the lessons that the school is providing us with.  Each year at earthly schools you are faced with exams, where you are tested on what you have been taught and how well you have learned these lessons.  However, with the higher school, the school where love, understanding and compassion are the lessons, each day, each hour, each minute you are being tested on what you should have learnt.

I’ll give you an example, you have supplied building blocks to many men, and let them do what they will with them.  You have not provided any restrictions on what they may erect, on what they may do with the blocks.  When you came back to examine what they had done, you have found that one man has built a house, another a church, another a fortress, whilst another has done nothing with them.

Each gives an indication of what that person has learnt, and how much he is prepared to put what he has learnt to good use.  Look closely at the house, around the house is a walled garden, decorative perhaps, but indicative of a need to keep people away, to protect their privacy, to protect what is theirs.

The one who has constructed a church, has that one put himself up on the pulpit?  Is it HIS church, is HE the one laying down the doctrine?

The one building the fortress, is he preparing for war or preparing for a siege?

It is true that by your actions or you inactions that you are known.  It is by what you are doing with the tools and the talents that you all have, this is how you are being known, this is how you are being tested, this is the direction in which your progression lies.  It is by doing something with what you have got.  It is not achieved by standing back and waiting for something else to come along.  It is not achieved by declaring “I’m not yet ready for this”, or “I’m not yet ready for that”.  It is by doing something with what you have got, making the best of what you have been given.

You have been told before that you will not be over-burdened.  You will not be given tasks, or put into situations that you cannot cope with.  Be not too harsh to judge yourselves in these situations, do not be so quick with self condemnation that you immediately think that you have failed, when perhaps you may have succeeded.  Your judgement is based on a very insular view point, it is based on how YOU are seeing things rather than the global picture.

Would you believe that one so merciful and so bountiful as the Creator would put you in a position that would cause you harm or distress.  But, you are thinking, there have been many situations when I have been in harm or distress, and there is ample evidence in the world of so much harm and distress.  But how much of this is the Creators doing?  How much of this is Mans doing, caused by his ill -conceived preoccupation to drive himself to accumulate more and more material gains regardless of the cost, both to himself and to others.

You have all seen much evidence of the man who has built the house and built the wall around it.  He is keeping what is his to himself, and if he can also acquire and keep what is yours as well, he will be much the happier for it.  So perhaps the man who built nothing with his bricks had the best idea.  Perhaps he was waiting to find a good use for them.  But then again, it could be that the man was too lazy to do anything with his gifts, the gifts of the bricks, the gifts from the Creator.

As you can see, there are no rights and there are no wrongs.  You have to consider each case upon its own individual merits.  The man who built the church may be standing outside welcoming everybody in.  The man who had built the walls around his house may have built them to protect crops he was growing within them.  He may have then gone on to share his bountiful crop with others.

So a further example is not to immediately judge people.  Do not jump immediately to conclusions, conclusions that can prove erroneous in the long term.  Better still, try not to judge people, because when you judge people you are judging people by your own standard of conduct, judging them as a comparison with you own stage of development.  If they fall short of your “norm”, your expectations then “They” obviously must be wrong.  If their ideas do not concur with yours, they are also wrong. “They” cannot win.  To achieve any form of light in your eyes, they must show themselves to be a weak imitation of you, that would be the only way that you could accept them.  For were they to be a strong imitation of you, you would feel jealous, you would feel threatened.  You would be putting yourself in a rival situation.  So do not judge people, let those far older and far wiser than you be the judges, let them take that burden from your shoulders.  Let somebody else lift the weight.

You are all given these blocks, every single one of you, it’s what you do with them that matters.  It is how you are using your skills and your talents that is important.  It is what you are doing with your lives, that is what counts, but remember, because someone else has chosen to build a fortress and you have chosen to build a house, it does not immediately presume that you are right and they are wrong, merely that their understanding is different from yours.  But perhaps their development has been along another pathway.

Please notice that we have not used the words “superior” or “inferior”, as these are the cause of much suffering in your world.  If man could be more open hearted and less judgemental then their burden would be so much lighter.

Approach your daily lives and the situations that confront you, with a positive view point.  Consider how to make the best of each opportunity, consider the best way in using your skills in the service of not just others, but in the service of yourself.  But apply wisdom to these decisions.  Consider the effects that an action you may take may have on others.  Consider the ramifications, because what may be good for you, could be painful for somebody else.  That is a very strong lesson to learn, but one that is felt you are capable of assimilating.  You are no longer in the first year of your school, you have progressed sufficiently where my words should mean something.  You have progressed sufficiently where my words can be used as blocks and put to use.

We have always told you that we will not impose our wills, even if we could, upon yourselves.  You have to do what you think is best.  You have to do what you believe at this stage in your development is best.  What I will tell you, is that we give you nothing for our own amusement.  What you choose to do with what we give you, is down to you friends.  As you said yourselves earlier, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t always make it drink.  And the harder you push its neck towards the water the more angry and stubborn the horse will become.

I would like to leave you with the image of the horse at the water friends, and I would say God bless you all.


15/08/94 – Peter

“I see you haven’t all taken my advice about swimming in the treacle”.

2013-02-18 19.27.39“I see you haven’t all taken my advice about swimming in the treacle”.    Bob

“Hello everyone”; “Hello everyone”.  (Group replied “Hello”).  I see you haven’t all taken my advice about swimming in the treacle.

You know what, it can be like being on a tightrope.  ‘Cos you start off quite high in the air, and as you start off across the rope, the rope sinks down as you go across it and then you realise you can’t get back.  You can’t get back to where you started from, you can’t go forward ‘cos its going up hill, and you find you’re stuck, but you’re stuck going one way, you’re trapped into heading in one direction.  And you’re scared to jump off ‘cos you don’t know where you’re going to be, and you’ve gone and got yourself stuck.  That’s like swimming in treacle.

I think you have to remember that we don’t come up to you and say “oi, tell the geezer in the third row that his Auntie Ethel’s here”.  ‘Course we don’t, you’d probably have a fit if we did that.  I thinks you’ve got to remember that you don’t just come over here as if nothings happened.  ‘Cos lots have happened.  You don’t just die and then wake up over here and then say “oh that’s all right then, I’m over here now”.

You have to adjust, ‘cos you’ve been away quite a while, and you have to adjust.  But what was important to you when you was here, like where you are now, is not always important when you come back to your real home.  You might have forgotten the time that bloke stamped on your foot, you might have forgotten that.  And you might have forgotten the time when somebody banged into you.

‘Cos it’s like you’ve got these big pockets, really big pockets, ‘cos they’re filled up with lots of pebbles, and all the pebbles are all the little things that happened to you when you was here, like where you are now.  Now when you come back home you don’t want all them pebbles with you ‘cos lots aren’t important any more.  ‘Cos they only applied to how you used to be.  They only applied, like when you was in these bodies now and they’re not important any more.  Then you decide what you need to take and what you don’t need to take.

Am I making myself clear?  (Group replied Yes).

‘Cos I haven’t said it before, but my name is Bobby Shipton, that’s a good name for a sailor isn’t it, Shipton.  I got teased for that I can tell ya.

But just like there’s people where you are who really want to talk to somebody over here, so there’s people over here that really want to talk to people over where you are. ‘Specially when they’ve just come over, before they’ve adjusted.  It’s like being in hospital for a long while, laying in bed, and when you get of bed you find you’re not very strong.  You needs to take things gradual.  You have to adjust to getting better.

‘Cos that’s how it’s like, not being in hospital, I don’t mean that, but that period of adjustment, and sometimes people want to talk to you and you to them before you’re ready, before you’re properly like established, ‘cos it takes quite a bit of time.  And some of the things, some of the people that you would have known aren’t on the earth any more.  ‘Cos they’re over here.

How am I going to say this.  It’s like two people talking and one person is interested in horse racing, and the other person was interested in fishing.  Now the horse racing person is not really interested in what the other person’s doing, he just wants to talk about horse racing.  But the one who likes fishing, he’s not interested in horses.  So, if you’re here expecting a message about horses and the person you want a message from has left that behind, ‘cos it’s not important any more, they’re not going to know what you want.  ‘Cos what was important to them might have been the time you was on holiday together, or falling off a swing.  You see, ‘cos people look at things differently.  ‘Cos the sorts of things you’re after, for that you’ll want a proper telephone wouldn’t you, and even then the memory would still have to be important for people on this side to have carried it with them.  Yeah.

Well I hope that hasn’t made it more confusing ‘cos I don’t mean it to, but like I say we can’t shout in your ear, cor, wouldn’t that make you jump.  Well I say good-bye.  (Group replied Good-bye).

01/08/94 – Peter

“ You are all of the one God no matter what religion you choose to follow…”

2013-02-18 19.27.39“ You are all of the one God no matter what religion you choose to follow…”

Friends I would talk to you, please listen to my words.

Jesus is reputed to have said, that when two people, or more, are gathered together in his name, then he is there.  I would say this is so, I would tell you also that if one person is gathered in his name he is there.  I would extend this further, and tell you truly that he is there whether you are gathered in his name or not.  How can this not be so?

God the Father, the Creator is within each one of you.  He is the bedrock upon which you live.  He is the spirit.  He is the motivating force.  Quite simply put, GOD IS.  I can put no parameters, because he is without parameters.  I can put no limits, because he is beyond limits.  You are all of the one God no matter what religion you choose to follow, not matter what name you wish to give him, no matter if you choose to worship him or not, he is your Father and your Mother, he is the Creator.

But you say, you have heard all this from us before, but is it not worthy of a second telling?  So as you are all part of the one God, then it follows that God is part of YOU.  And as God is without bounds and without limits, does it not then follow that you are also without bounds, and without limits?  The constraints you see upon yourselves are self-imposed.  How can this not be so?

When you truly accept that you are spirit, that you are part of the one creation, the one force, how can you have limits?

It is not a question of thinking positively or thinking negatively.  It is a question of understanding who YOU ARE.  It is a question of realising that you are spirit.

And what do we mean by the name “Spirit”?  What do you understand by the word Spirit?

Man must give labels to things, and one of his biggest self-imposed loads is having to analyse everything.  Wanting to use his mind to fathom things out, rather than his heart to feel.  Just imagine the state the world would be in today if we were led by our hearts, by our souls, rather than by our material greed’s, wants and desires.  In the eyes of the one God you are all children no matter what your age, no matter of your acceptance, you are all very much loved; you are all very much cared for.

Work does not cease when you pass to this side of life, you do not suddenly throw off the mantle of a material being and become a “perfect angel”, there is steady progression.  As progression your side of life is gained through work, through effort, so it is here.  But we do not perceive work as a labour, it is a task that is undertaken willingly.  Have you never realised or understood, that tasks undertaken willingly are far more easily accomplished than tasks undertaken against your will or undertaken begrudgingly?  Is that not so my friends?  Do my words not ring of the truth?

We come to you by diverse means.  Were every single thought and action of yours influenced by ourselves,  your journeys through the life would take many, many, life times.  It is like the mother bird anxiously watching her offspring on the side of the nest, taking its first tentative flight busily flapping its wings.  The mother bird is anxious, but knows that were it to help, were it to carry the bird upon its back, the youngster would be forever reliant upon its mother and its wings would atrophy and die.

Once the bird has gained its wings and its mastery of the air, through dint of hard work, with perhaps various crash landings on the way, but once it has gained that mastery, think of the new vistas opened up for it as it soars through the air.  Once you have gained mastery of yourselves friends, the vistas for you all will be extended even further, farther even than you can imagine.

I could say that wherever you go imagine God is there.  In every task you carry out, offer that task to God.  This is all very fine but impractical I fear.  But keep God in your mind.  Be aware of him as you go about your daily work, because he is aware of you.  God does not wish to be worshipped in the fashion of the Indians in front of their totem pole, the carved idol.  In fact God does not wish to be worshipped at all.  But you can offer him your love, and you can think of him as your Father without who’s agreement and understanding and desire you would not be here.  You may think of him as your friend, a friend who will never let you down no matter what the circumstances.  He is always there ready and available for you to talk too.  So why not talk to him friends?  When you are angry, or upset, or you’re alone, or you’re scared, who better to talk too?  Who better to invite into your hearts?

These words are said in truth and in love and are completely without motive.  They are a gift you can do with as you please.  I can see you all as you truly are, for the spirit beings that you are.  Your lights are good and they are pleasing to see.  It is indeed a pleasure to be in your midst. 

I will leave you all with Gods blessings.


14/09/94 – Peter

“No one enters this world with a gift for mischief, no one enters this world with hatred in their hearts”.


“No one enters this world with a gift for mischief, no one enters this world with hatred in their hearts”.

2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening to you my dear friends.

Can I liken this group to a ship steaming solidly across the sea?

We have with our dear sister the Captain of the ship (Olive), her job is welfare of the ship, she looks after the officers and the cargo.  We have with our brother the Engineer (Duncan), the driving force, he provides the push.  We have with our other sister the Navigator (Mandy), the one who keeps the ship on the right path, who provides direction.  And with this one we have the telegraph officer (Peter), who’s job is to receive messages and pass them on.

Four individual roles, but they are all integral to each other.  The ship would not function correctly if one were to cease operating.  I would say carry on with your journey friends, but do not be too quick to seek the mantle of another post.  You are all doing what you are best equipped to do.

Have you noticed how in life people will do what they are best equipped to do. Have you noticed how there are those that bring sunshine into other peoples lives.  Have you noticed that there are those that do healing, whether in the laid down religious form as in “laying on of hands”, or by merely by sending their thoughts out to those in need?

You notice that there are those always willing to lend a helping hand, and of course there are always those ready to do mischief to bring harm and grief.  The first ones are easy to understand, they are doing what they are best suited to do, they have a gift whether they realise it or not, and they are using it to the best of their ability, or perhaps I should modify that and say, they are using it.  It would be more correct to say that there are few people using their gifts to the best of their ability.  There are many that know they have gifts, yet few that are fully utilising them.  It is like your lungs dear children, your lungs have a far greater capacity for air than you ever breathe into them, they are under-utilised.

So what of those that would rather bring mischief into somebody’s life than a ray of sunshine, is that also a gift from God?  Is the Father so malicious that he would see somebody in tears rather than see them filled with happiness?  No of course not, the malicious part, the mischievous part, is very much a material attribute.  It’s often born of jealousy and frustration.  No one enters this world with a gift for mischief, no one enters this world with hatred in their hearts.  Look in the nursery’s in your hospitals, can you pick out the baby with hatred in its heart, of course you cannot because there are none.

The hatred and the mischievousness comes as a child grows up, they are a product of its surroundings.  It learns from those around him or her.  It is so often born from jealously and from frustration, and both of these you can help friends.  Will the jealousy diminish? It may perhaps not go away, but it would diminish if these unfortunate people were involved, coerced perhaps, but involved never the less.  If a person becomes part of a wider group, can associate themselves fully with the group, what need would they have of jealousy?  And jealousy is a need for these people, but a far greater need is to be wanted, to be cared for.  This is where you come in friends.  To quote from a previous example, what is the point in having all this cake if you do not share Click Here for link to Sharing the Bread (Knowledge)

This is the way forward for you friends, this is the direction in which your ship is heading.

The ship is going in a positive direction so perhaps you are thinking, am I to go around looking for embittered people?  Is this to be a quest?  Is this to be my new role, as a saviour of those so embittered?  If I say do not take it too literally friends, you’re on a journey. As the bows of your ship cleave the water, the water passing by on either side of the vessel, so the “bows of yourself” will meet those that are embittered, they will flow past you.  As you go through life you will come up against such people.  This is when we say, do not seek rejection.  Do not seek rejection, do not anticipate rejection.  Forget the word “rejection” and remember the word “help”.  You cannot take on the troubles or the sins of all those you may come across, but you can try and lighten their load, you can give them hope where perhaps none existed for them before.  Although they may not be able to gain the first rung of the ladder, at least you may show them where the ladder is.  That is a great task friends, a solid task.

I wish you God’s speed on your journey, and always remember that you have the capability, you have been well equipped, and surely my friends you cannot eat all that cake yourselves.

God blessing to you all.

11/07/94 – Peter

“It’s like sticking your hands in treacle”

“It’s like sticking your hands in treacle”2013-02-18 19.27.39

“Hello everyone”, “Hello everyone”

(All replied “Hello Bob”).

I’m back again, I’ll get into trouble if I keep coming,  no it’s all right,  I won’t really.  I’ve been listening to what you’ve been saying.  It’s interesting, but I think you’re getting a bit confused on some parts.  It’s like sticking your hands in treacle.  You notice that if you put your hands in treacle you’ve got a job to move your hands about.  You put your hands in water, see how easy it is, and they don’t go all sticky like your hands do in treacle.

You were talking earlier about “I wants”, now this can be a bit like putting your hands in treacle, it’s sticky.  Don’t bog yourselves down with it.  ‘Cos we know what you’re doing and we know where you are.  You’re each doing what you’re meant to be doing, do you follow that?  You’re just doing it; if you weren’t meant to be doing it then you wouldn’t be doing it.  That’s really true, even if what you’re doin’ is naughty, you’re still meant to be doing it.  So don’t let yourselves get bogged down.  Don’t try swimming in treacle when you could swim in the sea.  If nothing else, you would drown trying to swim in the treacle, and you can just as easily drown yourselves in ideas.

You have to think to yourselves what you’re really after.  Don’t worry too much about the “I wants”.  Don’t think to yourself, “Oh I’d better not say “I want”, I’ll change that to something else”, ‘cos no matter what you say out loud or say in your head when you’re quiet, it’s what you feel, that’s what makes the difference.  You can say, “thy will be done”, but really thinking, “I would really like this”, do you see what I mean?  It’s not even thinking, it’s you feeling, that’s the thing.  It’s your instinct if you like, it’s tricky this, I’m a bit stuck for a word.  If I said, it’s what makes you, YOU, would you understand?  It’s the real YOU I’m talking about, it’s being yourself, so don’t worry about where you come from, don’t worry about, “what am I doing here?”  ‘Cos it really doesn’t matter at all.  Understand yourselves for what you are, good bits and the bad bits, ‘cos the bad bits really aren’t as bad as what you think they are, not unless you’re really bad, and you’re not really bad are you?

Accept yourselves for what you truly are, accept yourselves as being imperfect.  You’re bound to have slip-ups, you’re bound to swear a bit.  Don’t worry, don’t worry you’re not angels.  Just accept you’re who you are and come to terms with it.  If you accept who you are and come to terms with it and it’s the real you, I think you’ll find that you’re not gonna want to change, not the REAL YOU.  Not the you you’re trying to make people think you are, not the you that’s trying to impress people.

We can see through all that and the people that you’re trying to impress can see all that as well.  It’s like if you’ve got a little baby, now you don’t try and impress the little baby ‘cos it won’t know you’re trying to impress it.  You just give of yourself don’t you, can you follow that?  It’s good.  There’s lots better ways of putting this – mind you being me I don’t know ‘em, but there’s better ways of saying this that makes it sound much more important.  But what is important is not to worry, right.

Try not to hate people, I know you can’t always love people, but try not to hate them ‘cos that doesn’t do you or them any good at all.  No, it really doesn’t do you any good at all.  Accept ‘em for what they are as you accept You for what You are, ‘cos they’re probably struggling as well.

You have to know that you’re not unique, well you are unique in one way, but you’re not unique in having problems, you’re not unique in having a bad back or a bad leg, other people suffer as well.  So tolerance, that’s the thing, from tolerance and understanding gets to loving. But first you’ve got to get tolerance and understanding with yourself, all right?

You’ll be talking to me next.  I don’t know what more to say really.  You can treat this as a bit of a nudge, not a big nudge, just a little nudge, ‘cos you’re not needing big nudges.  It’s like a slight change of course, not a big change, ‘cos you’re doing all right, you just need a slight change of course.

Anyway I’ll say good-bye.

Group – Good-bye, thank you for coming, nice to hear from you.*

Bob – I’d say thank you for thinking of me.

Group – We like it when you come through, you have a nice way of talking to us.

Bob – Thank you.

Group – Did you get the parcels?

Bob – Ha (laugh).

Group – Have you had a lot of parcels?**

Bob – Yeah, don’t forget the parcels.  Shows you’re listening.  Bye, bye then.

Group – Bye, bye thank you for coming.

*The rapport achieved between Bob and the Group was such that we would often finish a “communication” with him in this manner. Almost like concluding a telephone call to a good friend.

**Please see the reading from the 22nd June where Bob was suggesting we parcel up any worries we might have and “send” them to him to deal with.


29/06/94 – Peter

Sharing the Bread (Knowledge)

2013-02-18 19.27.39Sharing the Bread (Knowledge)

(This communication came in two parts, the first from a “Guide” or Teacher and the other from “Bob” who first communicated with us a few days before and became a regular visitor to our group.              It was extremely unusual to have spirit talk to us twice on one sitting, and our dear friend Bob who was always close to the group, came through not long after the previous “speaker”. He came with the intention of clarifying and simplifying (as well as elevating our group spirits) what for us was a fairly weighty discourse.)

Part 1

The story goes that Jesus said to his disciples that he would make them fishers of men.  Whether or not Jesus ever said this is unimportant, what is important is that you understand the substance of the words.  “He will make them fishers of men if they follow him”.

The disciples were learning much.  They were all simple folk, but they were blessed with the opportunity of learning from a great teacher.  But what was required of them was to share that knowledge.  It was never intended that the disciples would sit as omnipotent kings.  It was intended that they became workers.  Intended that they because guides.  I can see that you may be concerned about the use of the word “guide”, so often it has connotations with this side speaking to yourselves.  But cannot an earthly man also be a guide?  Is not a signpost a guide?  It is pointing the direction.  Can you not also be signposts and point the direction?

As this summer progresses the farmers will be looking at their crops and they will decide upon the time at which to harvest the crops, to make use of the crops.  This is as it is with yourself.  We are suggesting an evaluation.  We address you in this fashion, we hear your conversations, we hear your discussions and though they may not always be accurate, they are always worthy.  So why not do something with your understanding?  Why not share it?

We are aware of the enlarged group and we applaud your efforts.  But we urge you onwards.  We urge you to be more positive.  Do not be put off by expecting an adverse reaction from people, do not fear derision.  You could look at derision as somebody requesting knowledge.  They do not understand something so they make fun of it.  Is the person not really saying “please help me, please guide me”; man being what he is, he can seldom be this honest, his reaction is to throw the stone first and think second.  But have we not given you sufficient armour to protect yourselves from such onslaught’s?

You must consider where this group is going.  You must consider its aims and objectives.  We are gratified for the efforts that you have made thus far.  But we are like the proud parents always expecting and hoping for more from their children.  We cannot give you all the answers you seek, you have demonstrated to us that you have the ability to find the answers for yourselves.  Go forward proudly.  Go forward knowing you are immune from attack.  For are you not marching at the head of a great army?

I leave these words with you to reflect upon. 

It will not be an easy reflection for you.

Part 2

Now I don’t want you getting all glum and moody, ‘cos what they’ve been trying to say is that we’re giving you all these cakes and it’s about time you shared them out a bit more.  The trouble is that they can get so confusing, that we really don’t understand what they’re trying to say.  ‘Cos I listen, I’m always here, and it even confuses me, so I ‘spect it must confuse you as well.  Now, you’ve got all these cakes and your never gonna manage to eat them all, so why not give some out?

It’s like the loaves, you can keep cutting them up but you’re not going to run out.  Just share them out a bit, that’s all they’re trying to say, you aint got to charge for ‘em.  You can just give ‘em out.  Well that make more sense to me.  Aye, hope it makes more sense to you.  Yeah, just give the cakes out, a cake here and a cake there, easy aint it.  One thing for sure friends, you’re never going to go hungry, ‘cos you’re well thought of, all of you.  Yeah, so don’t be so grim, have a smile and cheer up.  The next time someone upset you, you surprise ‘em and give ‘em a bit of cake. 

That’ll put a smile on your face and theirs.  Yeah that will. 

Thank you.

27/06/94 – Peter

Bob and the “Greasy Pole”

Bob and the “Greasy Pole”2013-02-18 19.27.39

(Annotation by Peter who received this first talk from Bob)

Bob was a particular favourite of the group. He would always cheer us up with his views on both life and Spirit, and would offer readily understandable concepts on a variety of topics to help us with our understanding. From various “appearances” at the group, we discovered that Bob was a seaman and served on sailing ships some hundreds of years ago, and always spoke through Peter in a “cockney” type accent. We’ve endeavoured to translate that cockney accent into words to keep it as close to the original recording as we could.


Hello everyone.  Have you ever looked at life and thought it’s just like a greasy pole, and no matter what you try and do you can’t get up it?  Well it is like that a bit isn’t it, you try and grab hold and pull yourself up but you can’t get a grip, and you slip back down.  Well there’s ways around this, you can decide to sit back and do nothing or, you can do the sneaky thing and that is to wash the grease off the pole.  It’s a bit of a dodge that, but I can tell you how you can do it.

You can do it with effort.  ‘Cos one things for sure you’re not going to get up that pole while the grease is on it, you have to use some effort.

So where do you start?  You can’t start at the top, you starts at the bottom.  You works away and gradually all the grease is gonna come off.  You’ll find you can climb up it.  Yeah, it’s really good ‘cos the higher you climb the better the view, the better the view the better you feel.  ‘Cos you’re leaving stuff behind, you’re leaving your troubles back down there on the deck.  You can see all sorts of things.  It’s so different.  Its like, can you imagine being in a fog, a really thick fog and you sees a ladder and as you climbs the ladder you come out of the fog.  It’s all different, it’s clean, it’s fresh.  That’s what its like with this pole.  You leave behind your worries.  You leave behind your aches and your pains ‘cos they’re no good to you.

What I’m talking about and I’m not sure I’m doing it very well, ‘cos sometimes I can’t get the words.  It’s a bit like how you’re growing inside, that’s what it’s like, that’s this pole cause if you don’t want to you don’t have to do a thing, you can just sit there and see what happens?  I’ll tell you what happens, nothing happens! You just sit there and let things go past.  You can sit there in the fog if you like.  But if you want to, with a little bit of effort, a little bit of work, you can start getting some of that grease off.  Shift all those muddy old thoughts.  The things with poles is they’re straight, nice and straight.  Do you get it?  It’s going one way, you’re doing something positive.

What you find, what you find is, that it gets easier because there’s less grease on the pole the higher you go up.  It’s only hard at the bottom.  So you have to do less work as you get higher.

Getting good aint it, less work, things become easier, that’s because you put yourself on the right road, you’ve made the effort.  You’re saying to yourself, “I’m not going to bother worrying about this”, or “I don’t care if I gets a new telly this year or not”, “I don’t care if I get a new car”.  You’re not saddling yourself up with all kinds of problems.  Of course you got worries, I know you got worries.  I can see your worries, but just try to let them go.  Then you says “well how do I let them go?”  Well I’ll tell you, you just parcel them up.  Find out what they are and parcel them up, then post them to me if you like, I can deal with them no point hanging on to them is it, there’s really no point in doing that at all.

Now there’s all sorts of ways of looking at things.  The greasy pole, well there’s not really a greasy pole it’s just an idea to think about, a concept I suppose you would call it.  I reckon I could think of a mast on a ship, all covered in grease.  The only way that I’m ever going to get up that is to clean it off.  It’s just like you.  The only way that you’re going to progress, and we want you to progress make no bones about that, is to start climbing the poles, get yourself out of the fog.

Crickey, there’s lots of good descriptions, climb the pole and the fog, but that’s what you got to do, get rid of your troubles.  Just think where the troubles come from.  Think who makes the troubles, it might not be you, but you decide to accept them, you can say “no I don’t want your blimmin troubles, you keep them to yourself”.  ‘Cos they’re no good to you friends.  I don’t mean don’t help people, but don’t get bogged down.  ‘Cos it’s true the higher the pole you get the easier it becomes, ‘cos you’ve shown you are willing.  Do you see what I’m trying to say?  All that’s stopping you climbing the pole is you, no one else.  Anyway, blimmin easy for me to say I know.  Anyway I think you’ve had enough from me.  So I say good-bye to you all.  Don’t forget that you can send me your troubles in your minds.  Don’t send them all at once though; I can’t handle them all at once!


22/06/94 – Peter

There is no one that is insignificant in the eyes of the God, therefore they should not be insignificant to you.

There is no one that is insignificant in the eyes of the God, therefore they should not be insignificant to you.2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening friends.  At the risk of labouring the issue, I would like to give you a final few words on the subject of truth.  I offer this to you as a light hearted example.

Consider the truth as being like a tomato, if you dissect the tomato what do you find?  The outside of the tomato comprises a weatherproof skin, therefore “The Truth” must be capable of standing up under all conditions.  Inside the skin is the fleshy part of the tomato, the fleshy part offers protection and sustenance, therefore “The Truth” must offer YOU protection and sustenance; it must enable you to grow.  Truth cannot stagnate.  At the centre of the tomato what do you find?  You find the seeds, the beginnings of future tomato plants.  Therefore “The Truth” is not sterile, it is capable of giving birth, giving birth to new ideas, to greater awareness.  So I offer you the basic tenets of “The Truth”.

When you view what is offered to you as the truth, what somebody presents to you and says “Here is the truth”.  Consider it, does it stand up to and meet all of your requirements?  As the skin of the tomato protects the tomato from the elements, does what is given to you answer all the conditions you may wish to put upon it, or can you see the chinks in the armour?

Carrying on, is what is given to you sufficient to meet your needs?

Is it sustainable?

Is there something for you to get hold of?

And finally, with the example of the seeds, is it capable of growth?

If I say to you that this is the truth, this tiny seed, that’s the truth, and I go away and I leave it, then it is a dead thing it will not grow.  But the seeds of the tomato will grow, they will grow into further plants.  It will entice you on to a greater awareness, a deeper understanding.  There is no stagnation in the truth.  It is a simple example I know friends, but what I put to you in a humorous but serious vein are the best lessons of all, as they can be remembered.

If I said to you that this should be the end of our discussion on the truth for the time being, can you accept that as not being a lack of interest in my part, or a dis-belief in your qualities, but that I have given you sufficient for you to consider AT THIS TIME.

We must move on, we cannot allow ourselves however pleasant and interesting it may be, to get caught up on one topic no matter how important it might seem.  Other things are required from us.  We are here, as you are aware, for a purpose, to learn, to grow, to impart knowledge, to assimilate knowledge.  Not just from those that have gone before, but from those that you meet during the course of your normal days.

Wisdom can come from the most obscure sources.  I would caution you never to take people at face value, never write anybody off.  There is no one that is insignificant in the eyes of the God, therefore they should not be insignificant to you.

There is no one that is beneath the love of the God, there is no one out of his reach, or out of his sight.  So why am I telling you this?  I am telling you this because you are all developing well, but you must not fall into the trap of thinking that wisdom only comes from this side of life.  That is a more important statement than what it may seem to you, and one that I would urge you to consider and to discuss.  For have you not yourselves said only this evening, that you are all spirit.

I have not much more to add, only to commend this to you.  Reflect on my words and seek to understand them, consider them as the layers of the tomato, if they meet your requirements then accept them, if they do not then leave them to one side.

Your work and dedication has not gone unnoticed.  This group is a shining star, this group is acting as a beacon for others.  I leave you all now with my personal blessings.

06/06/94 – Peter

Book of Life

Book of Life

A guided meditation proceeded this address from spirit.

We were invited to go for a walk leading to a large castle, constructed so it seemed from the living rock.  To gain entrance, two huge doors had to be opened.  Once inside, we were in a Cathedral type open space, and in the centre of this space was a lectern on which rested a book.  To either side of the room were tiers of benches.  Standing silently at the four corners of the room with the lectern at their centre, were four hooded and robed figures.  These were introduced to us as The Guardians.  We were told that we could sit on the benches or approach the lectern and see the book.  This book was the history, past and present of our individual lives.  By looking through the book, we were told that we would be able to see and account for all our deeds and misdeeds, joys and pains, happy and sad times; in short, a chronicle of all our lives to date.

After a few minutes we were brought back and spirit then talked to us:

May I talk with you my friends?  You have considered this evening the “Book of Life” that may have reflected your hearts desires and perhaps you say to yourselves,” will I really come up against this castle, will I really see my deeds and misdeeds displayed in front of me in this manner?”

The answer to that my friends, is that if it is “Necessary” for you to see it this way, and if you “Want” to see it this way, then it shall be so.  The transition from the material to the spiritual will be based upon your spiritual acceptance, your level of spiritual development.  If you need to see green rolling fields, then you shall see them until such time as you no longer need to use them as a crutch or a support.  If you need to see rose covered cottages, again you will see then until you no longer have the need of the crutch.

So will you be presented with this book?

Please do not look at things too materially friends.  There will be a period of reflection when you yourself will consider how valid this material life of yours has been.  Whether you have made good use of your opportunities.  Do not be too hard upon yourselves, nobody re-enters the spirit world as Angels.  Your continual life is one of progression.  But I would ask you to consider this, if you were one of the guardians of the Chapel and you were able to watch yourself approach that book and then look through at the details of the life described therein, how would you expect that person to react?  You are watching how you you react.

Will you be looking through the Book, pleased with what you have read?

Will you look through and say, “I made my mark here, I helped that person, I did what I could do, I made good use of my time, I was engaged in service of the God”.  Or will you read of someone foolishly chasing material possessions all of their life?  Caught up in an ever decreasing spiral.  How will you see yourself friends?

You will not be judged by others.  Indeed, to say that you will judge yourself is perhaps too strong, because you view the word “Judge” as part of your penal system.  It is a time for reflection for consideration, and for thought.

So what I say to you my friends is if this is what you are aiming for, and it is being presented to you as a fait accompli because you have no alternative, YOU WILL one day stand there.  Then surely it is wise to prepare yourselves better while you have the opportunity.  To make yourselves fit for that particular purpose.  You all have it in you my friends, you all have within you that divine spark of life; you all have an increasing spiritual awareness.

I leave you with this picture.  Picture yourselves as one of the guardians watching YOU approaching that book, and YOU as the guardian are watching the reactions.  Will there be tears of missed opportunities, or will there be laughter and joy?  For now is the time you write those pages friends.  I leave you with these thoughts.

01/06/94 – Peter