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The World of Illusion

The World of Illusion


 ” Higher and higher we travel,

Farther away from the Earth,

Leaving the world of illusion

And return to the place of our birth”colorful sunset


So what is this world of illusion?  How can you as solid beings be illusory, be phantoms?

Imagine that you are players taking part in a drama.  The play consists of many acts, some sad, some funny, some tragic, and some a mixture of many different emotions.  But though you may feel your part in the play is un-scripted, that events are taking place in a random fashion, I tell you that they are not.  There is a script, but at this time you are not privy to the script.  You are acting out dramas, you are learning from your mistakes, you are falling in love, you are crying at the loss of a loved one.

Life is a very wonderful gift, it is a very special gift.  It’s like my handing you a present, beautifully wrapped and saying “this is a wonderful gift”.  Until you open the present, until you make the effort to undo the ribbons and pull back the paper, you cannot see what the gift is, you cannot appreciate it.  You have to put a bit of effort in.

All very mundane stuff I expect you are thinking.  “Heard it all before”.  But a good story is worthy of retelling, and if the story is true it is even more worthy of re-telling.  Like the players in the drama, once the performance has concluded the play is no more, it is gone, your parts in it have finished.

The play was just a phantom, an illusion. For some of you there will be other plays and other parts, for others there will not.  For some, future lessons will be more tragic and for others, more wonderful.

Can you accept the feelings of upliftment, of pleasure, that sense of  being spiritually enhanced that you feel when you have been to a church for a service, or a theatre to see a play, a concert hall for a recital, or a walk in the country, or any other activity that gives you pleasure.  It’s the positive parts that you will keep to one side once the play has finished and you have returned home.  “And where is home”, “if it is not here then where is it?”  “Is it a wonderful fairy land?”  “Is it castles in the sky?”

I am voicing the questions that man has asked for countless generations.  “If this is not all there is, then what else is there?”  This is where your knowledge and your faith play an important role.  It is a realisation that you are other than just an actor in a play.  It’s a realisation that once the play is finished, you will be leaving the theatre and going home.  It’s the realisation that there is more to you than the person that others may see.  It’s the certainty of knowing that sooner or later, you’ll meet again with your loved ones.

Others, and there are many others would de-cry this, ask for proof, “where is this other world?”  “Where is my wife who has gone ahead?”  “Where is my son who has passed?”  “Where is the one who I have loved?”

But those that accept that they are spirit, that there is more to them than meets the eye, accept that as they are spirit then so are those gathered around them.  Accept that spirit cannot die, it is as everlasting as the universe.

God never created you as a whim, an amusement.  You are part of the one God, as are your loved ones, and as are future generations.

When you return after the play has finished, it will be like coalescence, a re-uniting.

What proof do you really need?

If you who have the understanding to realise you are spirit, what more proof can you need?

It is up to you friends to enlighten those who feel that once “the play” has finished, then it is truly over.  All good things are worthy of sharing, of passing on.  There is absolutely no doubt that you will be re-united with those that have passed before.  There is absolutely no doubt of that.  Love is the most strongest bond imaginable, not the transient love but the spiritual love, the spiritual love that bequested you life, bequested the creation.  That love that is many many times stronger than your strongest steel rope, it can not be broken.  It ties us all together.

Do not weep at the passing of a loved one.  How can they have passed?  They may be out of your material vision, they may have left your immediate circle, but where have they passed to?

They have gone back home, for them their part in life’s drama has finished.  Take heart in the knowledge that they will be there to greet you.  It is not a sop, it is no panacea, this is the truth.  Those of you with the eyes to see will know it to be the truth.

My words to you this evening, are my “wondrous gift” to you.  Take the time and the trouble to unwrap and to consider them.

God bless you all.


08/03/95 – Peter

“We have always said that resident in each one of you is the essence of the one God, the creator…”

“We have always said that resident in each one of you is the essence of the one God, the creator…”2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening friends.  Have you ever wondered who is the more sorrowful? The one who has lost the use of his eyes and know they cannot see, or the one that retains use of their eyes, believes they can see but they can’t, and then goes on to berate those who do not see as they do?  This same person when walking into one of your beautiful churches could admire the architecture, the way the sun makes pleasing patterns on the stained glass as it shines through, enjoys the feeling of the wood on the pews and the gleaming brass on the alter, but completely misses the point of what the church is all about.

The church, and gatherings such as these are keys.  Keys that can be used to unlock the door to release the “real you” from inside, the key that will enable you to reach deep inside your body to find that peace and fulfilment which you know is there.

We talk to you in this manner to try and help. Perhaps you might imagine it as a page in a car maintenance manual with simple “step-by-step” instructions on how to complete a certain task.  Each time you sit in your circle, each time you discuss and allow yourselves these brief moments of stillness and peace within, you are moving further down the page on your way to complete the task.  We try to make each instruction as simple as possible.  We try to put each instruction into words and into a manner with which you might easily identify.  Who would it benefit if the instruction was so complex that the task came to an abrupt end, it would benefit no-one.

We have always said that resident in each one of you is the essence of the one God, the creator, however you wish to view the inspiration of creation.  Have you ever taken time to consider that?  I know that we have talked about it and you have listened, but do you ever consider it?  Do you ever wonder at the shear enormity of what we are saying to you.  That the life force that inspired creation is resident within each one of you.  It is like an underground oil reservoir waiting to be tapped.  Waiting for you to drill those last few feet.

There is no hard layer of rock to blunt your drill, there is only the layer between your spirit essence and your material senses that you have created since the time you were born.  That armoured outer shell that you have put in place.  It is like a brass object, once cleaned it will gleam brightly.  If left alone, after a short period of time it will become dull and lifeless.  It is very easy to overlook that brass object, and forget the difference from its original lustre to the dead non reflective surface that has now encroached upon it.

Do not take this as a criticism, it is a fact of life.  In a material world there are distractions, there are problems, many self created, and you have to best equip yourselves to deal with them.  It is like carrying an umbrella, if it’s rainy put the umbrella up, if it’s not leave it curled and at your side.  It is a question of knowing when to put the umbrella up, when to make use of your outer armoured layer.

It is not now and has never been our intention to sermonise.  It is as we have said, similar to the various actions you must undertake to complete a repair task on your car.  They are there for your guidance, you can choose to follow them or you can choose to ignore them.  Each of you is an individual, a unique being in your own right, each of you was created with a purpose, and each of you has been created with a pathway in front of you.  For you all, the pathway is well underway, and as life goes on, and as your eye sight clears, the pathway will be more easily identifiable.  There will be fewer turn off’s into blind alleys.  There will be fewer excursions into swampy ground.

Now remember the umbrella, you don’t need to have it up all the time.  Remember your car maintenance manual, each step logically preceding the previous one until the task is complete.  There will be times when events will overtake you that you will see no rhyme or reason for, but as time goes on the reasons will fall into place, they will be just one more part of your life’s mosaic.

Much is made of the beauty of the spirit life, the “wondrous spirit realms”, but perhaps not enough is made of the beauty of the life that now exists here on this material world, the beauty of each one of you and the beauty of the love that you have for those you care for.

We have said before that you must try to count your own blessings rather than others weak points or failures.  That is the best way to proceed, and the one most likely to leave you at peace, because in essence you are all peaceful beings.  Which one of you would rather be in state of turmoil, or anger, or full of stress, than being at peace?  When trouble or strife comes your way, use your umbrella to deflect them.

I will leave you with these words and our blessings, God bless to each one of you.

18/01/95 – Peter


Knowledge and the Pursuit of Inner Calmness


Knowledge and the Pursuit of Inner Calmnessstairs in sky

When we come to you with teachings and offer knowledge, we share the benefits of our experience with yourselves, we give you neither too much too soon, or too little too late, we give you what we believe you can accept when you are able to accept it. This may require some effort on your part to understand and appreciate, but I thing that you would agree that being handed things on a plate is not as beneficial as having to work for them.

You can only accept and understand the knowledge that is being given to you when you can best make use of it, but you must also accept “your own limitations”. If I was to say that everything has its own time, then do not be so harsh upon yourselves. You’ll give forth much, you’ll give of yourself which is the greatest gift you can give. The giving of yourself. You all seek nothing in return except the well-being of your fellow men, a very noble gift.


I think you should realise and understand that when you are ready to do more work, the opportunities will manifest themselves. You’re each giving what you can comfortably give. This may not always be apparent. You may wish for various reasons that you can give more. I think you should analyse what those reasons are, what you are seeking.

You are all capable of much and the work you have done and continue to do has not gone unnoticed. We are aware that you do not seek praise, this is how it should be, it is a mark of your progression. How wonderful it would be if all your fellow men could be as you are, but of course they can’t, each has their own pathway, each has a series of tasks set out in front of them. It is a bit like items on your shopping lists, as you buy each one of them, you tick them off, eventually when they are all ticked off, your shopping will be complete.

What you should try to attain is an inner stillness, we cannot stress it overly much, it is the most important thing you can do, not only for yourselves, but for those that you come into contact with. Search for that inner stillness, learn to relax, and by doing so you will become more positive, more confident, more cheerful and less anxious.

We are aware of the various anxieties with which you are all beset. We would be as the umbrella and keep you dry and protected from them. You should search for that inner stillness, that calm, like the centre of a hurricane, where all is quiet and peaceful. This calmness, we have said this so many times, it is a most important lesson. If we were discussing this in terms of buildings, then the stillness and calmness would be the foundations upon which your house was built. It is not a question of daily practice, it is a question of wanting and needing to do something.

It is not an arduous lesson to learn, it is not something you must say, “oh! The time in now 6 o’clock, I must now devote twenty minutes to being calm”. You can be calm and peaceful at any time during the day and in any situation, if you only so wished it.

Finding that inner calmness, that oneness, is different from the pursuit of meditation, meditation is an aid, you can use it as a tool if it helps, but meditation is not the only pathway. You do not need to meditate to be in-touch with yourself. It is like me, I am so close to you I could reach out and touch you I am so close. That is how it is with you and your inner self, you are so close. It is a question of understanding and accepting that you are spirit, that you and that which resides within are one. Accept the existence of God in all things, both animate and inanimate, accept the right of people to live their lives as they wish, they each have their own shopping list. It is not for you to query what they are doing, it is NOT for you to condemn what they are doing, as it is not for them to condemn what you do.

You may offer advice and guidance, but do it in the form of a signpost. The signpost does not force you to go down one way or the other, it merely shows where the road can lead.

I am trying to put a complex thought into ideas with which you can associate. There is all the difference in the world in being a signpost or a guide, than being someone who tries to force their ideas upon another, no matter how well intentioned. Always remember that each person has their own life to lead, you do not know what has gone on before you met them, and you have no idea what will go on after your paths have crossed and diverged. It is not for you to wonder, it is for you to accept. In doing this you will find that stillness, you will find that acceptance. Do not be so full of self recriminations.

God is your constant companion. Can you accept that my children? He is your constant companion wherever you are and whatever you are doing. How can he not be so when he resides within.

Consider the calmness and the peace and the stillness that there is in this room at this moment. Lock that away in your mind, remember it, and when you leave the room and are going about your normal business, remember that feeling, remember how you can feel if only you want to. It does not matter that you are beset with all manner of frustrations, recall that feeling and the frustrations will disappear like ice on a sunny morning.

I have talked overly long on this matter, but it is one of great importance, it is one we would wish you to consider. We always say that what we offer you can accept or reject, but we do ask you to seriously consider what we have said. Reject it by all means if it does not meet with your understanding, but please give it serious consideration.

It is like being taught to drive. Initially, you will find that what the driving instructor is trying to put over is very complicated, and perhaps something with which you are not comfortable. But very shortly you are saying to yourself, “well perhaps that instructor was right all along”. And how quickly you will progress once you have accepted that.

I leave you all now, God’s blessings to you one and all.

05/12/94 – Peter

The True Meaning of Life

The True Meaning of LifeMagic book

It is a pleasure to be back in your company once again. I say to you and it is true, that there is a time in everyone’s life when they become aware of the true meaning of what life is all about.

For some this occurs when they are young, for others in later years and for others still, only on their return to spirit. It is then that one realises that there is more to life than the pursuit of material possessions however pleasurable they may seem. There is more to life than the rat race, there is more to life than the pursuit of power. It is when you become aware of the true nature of yourself, aware of the God within, that is when your life truly begins.

Once you have realised this, you will look upon the time before that moment as a desert, where you’d wondered aimlessly like a dying man searching for water. Once you have found that oasis, you will find that you can never satisfy your thirst. The more you drink, the more you will want to drink. The more you discover what life is all about, the more you will want to live it.

Life is about service, life is about helping others. Once you have offered yourself in service, life truly begins. You talked earlier on of being guides, acting as signposts, this is so very important for it is in this way that you may offer a person the most help they will ever need. You may be the turning point in that person’s life. It requires so little of your effort friends. It is like the offering of a precious jewel, when they see the glow of it in your hands, see how happy they will become. You do not do service for the sake of pleasure, but I say to you that the pleasure you will receive from acts of service are more than you have received from any act you have done so far.

It will be a different sort of pleasure, a different sort of joy than that associated with your physical senses. It will be an inner joy, an inner warmth. Can I offer you the concept of becoming fulfilled, of realising or beginning to realise, your own true potential. Feeling Gods force, life’s energy, flowing through your body. It is there, it is there now, it is waiting for you to tap into it.

Doing service for another at no gain to yourself is a true act of service, it is the giving of yourself, the giving of yourself to God. That’s what it is all about friends.

You can do service in many ways, you could be company for someone who is lonely, you could collect their shopping, mend their doors, cut their grass. But the greatest service is helping them find that oasis. Be that signpost friends, show then the direction.

Once you have found it, you will find it staggeringly simple, you will wonder why it had never occurred to you before. Oh, the rewards waiting for you! If you can help one person find that oasis before they return to spirit, you have done that person a service indeed. You have given them more than all the gold in your world, you have given them riches beyond their imagination.

It is so friends, go forward calmly, be dignified, but do not be over bearing. Express the love that is within yourselves, give forth what we have given to you, share out all those cakes.

This circle is truly blessed, you are all truly blessed.

In times of doubt, when perhaps you feel you are not being appreciated and your efforts are being spurned, turned against you, know that you are doing God’s work, you are doing what you are meant to be doing. You are instruments of the Lord, you are working with spirit and by doing so you are working for your fellow man. I leave you with God’s blessing friends, I ask for the strength, the determination and the courage that you will need to be yours in abundance.

God bless you.

28/11/94 – Peter

“It’s true that all that glitters isn’t gold you know”


(Annotation by Peter who received the talks from Bob)

[Bob was a particular favourite of the group. He would always cheer us up with his views on both life and Spirit, and would offer readily understandable concepts on a variety of topics to help us with our understanding. From various “appearances” at the group, we discovered that Bob was a seaman and served on sailing ships some hundreds of years ago, and always spoke through Peter in a “cockney” type accent. We’ve endeavoured to translate that cockney accent into words to keep it as close to the original recording as we could.]

Other talks from Bob which have been shared thus far:

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“I See You Haven’t all Taken my Advice about swimming in Treacle”  1-8 -1994

“It’s true that all that glitters isn’t gold you know”.     2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening everyone.  Have you ever thought that your journey through life is a bit like going through a bazaar?  Picking up an object here and another object there, taking it all home.  Then sometimes you think to yourself, “What did I get that for? ;  that’s no use to me”.  Then sometimes what you do is think who can I palm that off on, it’s no use to me, who shall I give that to as a present?  What on earth made me buy it?

The difference in life though is you can’t give something away to somebody else if you don’t want it.  What you pick up on your journey you’re stuck with.  I don’t mean to be unkind, ‘cos you’re the ones who picked it up not me, you’re the ones who stuck your hands out and said “I’ll have some of that”.

It’s true that all that glitters isn’t gold you know.  What might seem a bit of a bargain might end up costing you lots.  Yeah, something to think about.  ‘Cos you’re going along past all the stalls there’s all sorts of stuff on display, all designed to catch your eye.  Have you noticed that?  It’s all designed to catch your eye.  To make you go and have a closer look, stick your hand in your pocket, give up some of your money.  They’re not daft you know, they can spot a mug coming a mile off.  Now there’s nothing wrong with having a look, but keep your hands in your pockets.  That way you don’t end up with something you don’t want, end up with something you can’t get rid of.  Can’t ditch off on some poor Auntie somewhere.

Other stalls, a bit more honest, you can have a look, you might decide to buy something and take it with you, it’s up to you.  Then, when you gets home you think, “oh! I’m glad I got that, that’s going to be well useful, I’m keeping that”, and if you’re clever and a bit wise, you can make good use of it, share it about a bit.  That’s the best thing to do with what you buy, share it about, no good sticking it in a cupboard or under the bed, aye!

I think you’ll find that if you act natural and think natural, then all the stalls that are selling stuff that you don’t need, they become obvious for what they are.  Like tempters, sirens trying to get you on the rocks.  There’s many a ship that’s gone down on the rocks, chasing the something that wasn’t there.  Then you begin to see through them.  They might dress themselves up, like with a false beard, they try to pretend they’re somebody they’re not.  But you’ll see through all that.  Use your special eyes.  Decide for yourself, what you’re looking for, there’s not much point going to the market unless you buy something.  But remember what you’re looking for.  ‘Cos if you use your special eyes, even if you start off just walking through, what you needs to buy will seem to have an arrow pointing at it, and you’ll be pulled across, and there won’t be any rocks and a man won’t wear a beard to disguise his true purpose.

I’ve got a green scarf on tonight.  Got it special.  Do you like it?  Not too posh.  Can you see it?  You’re not looking, if you are you’ll see it.  So going through the market, look with your special eyes, no one can block them, they see through disguises, and when you get to the end you’ll find you got what you want on your table, the stuff that’s going to be good for you, things that are going to help you on your journey, things that you’re not going to get rid of.

‘Cos sometimes they’re like those things that stick on you when you’re going through a field, and you don’t know they’re there.  They get on you when your not looking, that’s what it can be like with some of these things, you picked them up without knowing.  But if you’re looking proper, you’ll see all this.

Why am I wearing the green scarf?  I’ve put it on because it’s special, it cheers me up.  Not much of a scarf, but I like it.  Don’t keep you very warm.  I think you’re going to see the scarf.  I think you will, you wait and see.  You might think I come here to mess about, but I don’t, I come to help, cheer you up a bit and to tell you what I’ve found.

Don’t go swimming in treacle.  It’s all around.  If you use your special eyes you’ll see it for what it is.  So I’m telling you what I’ve seen, I don’t make it up, it’s what I’ve seen.  But one day you’ll say “well you know what, that Bob, he was right”.  ‘Cos I am.  Any way got to go now.

I’ve got to tell you this, what they’re saying, there’s a big pot and you’ve all got cups, the cups are all different sizes and you’re all being poured out just the amount you need.  So don’t worry, it’s like having your medicine, you just get the amount you need.  No, it doesn’t taste bad.  What’s in it, it’s grapes and honey and raisins.

Ok, I’ll say good-bye now.



“There are many from our side of life who have come here this evening…..”

“There are many from our side of life who have come here this evening…..”2013-02-18 19.27.39

Is it not a paradox friends that beings, created by love, such as yourselves, have so much trouble in understanding and coming to terms with it?  It is like you are running two separate languages within yourself; the language of the heart, which is the language of the spirit, and the language of the brain which is the language of your material world.  You are struggling to come to terms with the dictionary which would translate from one language to the other.  As you know from your studies of the material world, a literal translation in this manner is normally unsatisfactory.  The best way of learning a foreign language is to live in the country where that language is spoken, so that it becomes second nature.  Constantly referring to a dictionary to decipher the meaning is futile.

The trouble, as I see it, is in the way in which you are trying to define “love”.  You are trying to equate something, which is yours by birth rite but which you have forgotten, with examples from your material life.

You are here this evening because you understand that you are spirit beings, you understand that you have a spirit life, and you understand that which makes and motivates you is that which makes and motivates me.  So, are we not kin?  Am I not part of you as you are definitely part of me?  Would you harm me?  Would I harm you?  As we are kin, why would that happen?  This is the way to approach it.

You can express love in the most simplest of fashions.  You can express it by offering food to someone who is hungry, by offering help, by offering a smile.  You have no need to run up and start hugging somebody to show them that you care.  The offering of help or of food is an act of service, an act of service to that person who is your kin.  As that person is your kin then it is an act of service towards God.  All acts of service towards God should be acts of love.  Did you notice friends I inserted the word “should” be acts of love.

I will come back to earlier lessons when we asked you to examine your motives for doing things.  If your motive is born of a clean heart, then that motive is good.  If the act, or the offering of help to someone is tied down with chains of conditions, for example “I will only help you if you help me”, or by thinking that by helping you I can make my life easier, then the motive is wrong.

So loving someone is really quite simple.  You offer them your food, but do not starve, for what purpose would that serve.  Do you not share food this evening?  There are many in this material world who are not as fortunate as yourselves, both physically and in the level of their spiritual understanding.  But you do not have an infinite supply of food to give to those that are hungry.  You do not have an infinite amount of time to visit those who are lonely, but they are also your kin.  So how should you approach this, or indeed, should you approach this?

Should it be a matter of acceptance, with each person on his own individual pathway, and for some hunger, pain and suffering form part of that pathway?  Whilst for others, riches and temptations of all kinds are there in front of them?

You can only do what you can.  It is a very important thing I am saying.  You can only do what you can.  Do not hold back when you can help, that is an act of love, the offering of help.  You confuse, naturally you confuse, spiritual love with emotional love, but they are two very different things.  The love you have for your husband or wife can be both emotional and spiritual, because not only is your wife very close to your heart, she is also your kin, spiritually.

Offer help when you can, remembering that each one has his own pathway, with obstacles that are there because they are necessary.  If that person has fallen over then help them up, is it not an act of charity or compassion?  Is charity in its purest terms not an act of service?  Spend more time contacting your spiritual self and less time worrying about the dictionaries, and all will be well.

There are many from our side of life who have come here this evening, they are each trying as hard as they know how, to make their presence known to you.  There are some here that I know you have not met.  They have come to help.  Help is a service.  It does not matter that they have not known you during your time on this earth.  Because you may not know the person who has fallen over in the street, it does no mean you should not help them up.  Of course not.  You have to accept my word on this friends.  There are many here this evening, and they are here because they want to be here, for no other reason than that.  They are here to offer their support and their guidance.

My time for this communication has come to an end.  I hope that what I have said this evening has made things clearer rather than muddier for you.


God bless you all.

17/10/94 – Peter

“Each person has their own destination and their own starting point..”

“Each person has their own destination and their own starting point..”2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening to you friends.  Thanks you for inviting me to your gathering.  Have you not invited me by making the conditions such that I may speak to you in this manner.

Have you ever considered why we have not had more “Questions and Answers” evenings rather than this one way communication.  The reason is that for you at this stage in your development, it is far better for you to use your own brains rather than take for granted what we say.  We ask that you consider our words, rather than view them as the gospel.

I will give you one of my many examples.  In front of you I display a very large chess board, but this is a chess board with a difference.  Because as you start from one end to work your way to the other, so there are others coming back to where you started, and there are others travelling from side to side, and there are others still making for different points within the confines of the board.  Each person has their own destination and their own starting point, and for each it is different.  But does this mean that there is no journeys end?

Yes, there is a journeys end.

Another example.  My journeys end is America.  But America is such a large place, never-the-less this is my journeys end.  Do you follow my example?

If you consider the spirit worlds as being infinitely larger than America, then it follows that there must be an infinite variety of spirit destinations.  And still pursuing the America example, because your destination is one part of the country, it does not necessarily follow that everybody’s destination is that same part of the country.  It is a large place, big enough to encompass you all.  So it is with spirit, so it is with your returning home.  Spirit is not as obviously physical as where you are now.  What you term the “worlds of spirit” are not physical worlds; you are experiencing the physical world on this journey now.

I am searching for an example that will not confuse.  If in your mind you travel to different locations, where you further allow yourself to think of people and of places; while that thought is within your mind it is solid, it is real.

I would just remind you of the example of the chess board.  Although your destination is the opposite end of the board; I will correct myself, although your destination is what you “perceive” to be the opposite end of the board, it would be a wrong assumption to believe that that is also the destination of your fellows.

It is like you are walking along a street on your way home.  Because this is your house, you enter the door and go in.  It is not the home of your fellow men even though they may live on the same street.  They have other destinations where they have created other worlds for themselves.

A far better example is where each house is different, perhaps not structurally, perhaps not externally, but internally, different.  So, not only is everybody’s destination different, but what they will find there is different, and as a person has created his own world within the confines of his own home, so he will find that he has created his own world when he returns home to spirit.

Another example.  A person with a love of pictures and fine objects could display then within their home.  Another person perhaps not liking these may have plain walls and rooms.  Each house is different, each room in the house is different, it is what you have made it.

I hope that you will find these examples more easier to understand.  I apologise for what would seem my confusion earlier, it is not because I am unable to describe what you would find, but I am unable to put it in such a way that you could understand it.  This is not an evasion of the question.  It is one that we shall return to soon when you will be able to better grasp what I am trying to say.

But in truth friends, the destination, although important, is not as important as the journey in between, because you have to undertake that journey in order to reach your destination.

I believe that we shall talk again on this matter.  I hope that you are all not as perplexed as you seem.  Remember that chess board, remember the journeys to the homes, and remember the differences within each of the homes.

God bless you.


10/10/94 – Peter


“What I say to you friends, is that your journey IS a straight line.”

“What I say to you friends, is that your journey IS a straight line.”2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening to you all.  I will tell you this friends, I may not be a mathematician but I hope that you will agree with me when I tell you that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

A straight line is what your journey is through this material world.  But you say to yourselves, if I look behind me my journey thus far has been less than straight, so am I to assume that the path in front of me will be so much smoother?

What I say to you friends, is that your journey IS a straight line.  But as to what’s happened; I will give you an example.  You are holding a piece of cotton between your fingers, one end in each hand, all the time that you have it between your fingers the cotton is straight.  When you let go of the cotton, the wind will blow that taught piece of cotton, that “straight line” into all sorts of shapes. This is how it is with your progression, your journey, it has become tangled.  What’s happened is that you have let go of either end of the cotton, or to put it in a more easily understandable form, you have forgotten where your beginning was, and you have forgotten where your ending is.  That is, that you have forgotten where you are going.  That’s what’s happened; you have allowed that nice smooth path to become tangled.  It is as if you have lost sight of where “A” was and although you know that there is a “B”, you can’t see where “B” is.

There is no easy answer, there is no easy way to grab hold of the cotton and stretch it back out again.  It can be done, but only if you have the will, only if you wish it to be done.  Well, I see that this will be very hard for you.

I see also that you have forgotten previous communications from us, when we said how much easier it is to criticise others, rather than to criticise yourselves.  You have demonstrated this amply this evening friends.  Are you so free of sin that you look upon the evil of others, rather than upon that in yourselves?  I think this is not the case, but I also think this is part of your growing pains.  It is like clearing the snow from the path.  It will take many attempts before you can see the pathway, but the more you realise that the answers lie within, then the clearer the solution will become.

There will always be those in life that will disappoint you, will upset you or anger you, and there will always be those that come to you and say that you “must love” your fellow men.  This is one of the many things, both in this life and the next that is easier said than done, but it is something to aim for.  It is something to try and achieve.  But in the meantime, before you achieve this “state of perfection”, try to be more generous.  Try not to throw that sharp stone you have in your hand.  Because my friends, you are all carrying these stones, and you are all so very quick to throw them.  So I say, drop your hands down beside you friends and let the stones go.  If nothing else you will be all the lighter for it.  Do not allow yourselves the material pleasure of anger and frustration.  Look upon it as if someone was offering you a poisonous snake to nestle to your bosom, and say firmly but politely, “no thank you”.

Be aware that there are many false idols all around you.  These idols come bearing different names, they come bearing the names of jealously, and anger, greed and many more which I am sure you could identify yourselves.  So why choose to acknowledge them?  If anger and spite became alien emotions to you, then you will cease to be a safe and readily available harbour for these thoughts.

You will not suddenly look around and say that you love your fellow man.  I have to say this will not be the case.  It will not be possible in this life for this to be attainable.  Of course you may say it, but do you believe it, and do you feel it, and more importantly do you live it?

It is like the greasy pole, it takes many attempts before you can climb up it, but because it is hard does that mean that you should not attempt it?  There are many soft options in life, there are many “easy ways out”, all of which you are at liberty to choose.  If you want to get that piece of cotton straight again, if you want to see your pathway smooth in front of you, then be more selective in what you allow yourselves to feel and to think.

Just imagine that there are two pots in front of each one of you.  One contains the good positive things and the other contains the not so good, the negative things.  They are both there, so which one should you dip your hands into?  Of course you say, “I will of course go for the good positive thing”, but so often your hand goes into the negative, so often you allow yourselves to get angry.  So very foolish.

Life is a struggle.  Life is work.  Life is learning, but life should be pleasurable, it should be enjoyable.  It contains all that you need to progress, it contains all the basic building blocks that you require; they are all there if only you would see them.  So the next time you are in a confrontation situation, think of those two jars in front of you, and which one will you dip your hand in?  Is not the greatest weapon a smile?  Even a smile at yourself.  A good laugh at yourself never did anyone any harm, in fact it can do much good.  I am here friends to tell you that true happiness is within your grasp.

I do not feel I would accomplish any more by prolonging this conversation with yourselves, I have given you much to think on.  I can, and do, offer you all my love and guidance.  God bless you.


03/10/94 – Peter

The Meditative Torch

The Meditative Torch2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening to you friends.  I think the moment is opportune to talk to you about meditation.  The diligent practice of meditation will give you respite from your material worries and concerns.  It will enable you to take that pathway towards your inner self, towards that inner garden of peace.

To achieve this level of understanding, this degree of proficiency, you must first shut out unwanted distractions.  Consider going to a telephone box.  The box is situated on a busy street, and unless you close the door behind you the noise of the traffic will render your conversation useless.  You will not be able to understand what is being said, you need to be able to close the door, and keep any distractions to a minimum.

You have to learn to channel and focus your mind.  Consider the connecting of a bulb to a battery.  The power in the battery will enable the bulb to glow shedding its light all around.  Consider that same bulb and battery inside a torch with a reflector, see the difference, see how the energy from that battery can now be focused.  All that you now require is to know where to focus that beam.

The purpose and practice of meditation will allow you to make contact with your inner self.  You have recognised the fact that you exist in duality, the material body encompassing your spirit self.  It is by being in contact with your spirit self and with those that come to help you and assist you to progress, that you find progression.

You have to consider your objectives and the motives behind those objectives.  We have told you before of the “need” for honesty in thought, word and deed.  The “need” that what you think, and what you feel, is what you are saying and doing.  The process of maintaining a “Jekyll and Hyde” existence defeats your progression, defeats your calmness, and will certainly defeat your attempts at quiet meditation.

Each one of us may aim their torch, may focus their energies, at something that is unique to that person.  All that is required is that whatever you focus your beam on, gives you tranquillity of mind.  Do not allow your mind to take you over.  We have given you before the example of a puppy on a lead.  The puppy will continually pull if it is not checked, and as the dog grows and becomes more powerful you will have less and less of a chance of keeping it under control.  The more and more you allow your mind to lead and remain unchecked, the greater the difficulty you will have in bringing it back under command.  You have to ask yourself, ”who is in control here?”  “Am I to be led by distractions, am I to be led by material thoughts, or am I to be led and guided by my spirit?”  If your choice is not for spirit then you are wasting your time here.  If your choice is for spirit, then you have chosen wisely.

For some the “meditative torch” may be shined at a candle, for others at a flower, or some other image.  It matters not what you use to focus your mind on to permit the process of meditation, as long as it leaves you feeling tranquil and acts as a barrier to material matters from taking control.

It is like a pathway, initially the un-trodden pathway may be rough and ragged, but the more times you pass down it, the smoother it becomes.  The more you tread this path to inner quietness, the easier it will be to walk.  The art of meditation will not in itself make you more spiritual.  It is like the gardener, wisely preparing the ground prior to planting his seeds.  It gives you a firm base on which to build.  The only warning that I would give is that whatever you are focusing the beam on, apart from giving you a feeling of tranquillity, it should be aimed towards God.  If what makes you more tranquil is the idea of more money in your bank, or a nicer car in your garage, then you are wasting your time.

We have never lied to you, we have never said the path is easy, but we have said that the path is worthwhile, and that it is one that you are all innately capable of treading.  All that is missing is your Will to walk along that path; all that is missing is your desire to control your minds.

You have been given free will; you can make whatever choice you deem fit.  There is no pressure from us; there is no pressure from the Father.  Your progress rests solely upon your desire to progress.

On the subject of progress, do not consider progression as in being at school and progressing from the bottom of the class to the top.  View your progression in terms of walking along a pathway.  There is no top of the class.  There are no “A” pluses or “B” minuses, it is simply a pathway that you can progress along.

I think it best if I leave you now with these thoughts.  Do not discard them, but consider them.  Consider me also as a friend giving you directions towards a place with which I am very familiar.

Those that come from this side of life come to help.  We offer our hands to you, it is up to you to hold yours out to us in return.

I leave you as always with the blessings of the Father.  God bless you all.


28/09/94 – Peter

“You have the capacity for great joy, for great love, but it is secreted away inside you, protected by many stout walls..”.

“You have the capacity for great joy, for great love, but it is secreted away inside you, protected by many stout walls..”.2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening to you all.

Have you noticed that though there may be many clothes in your wardrobe, there are always one or two items that you feel especially comfortable wearing, no  matter how ragged, tatty or torn the garment may be.  It’s comfortable and you feel happy wearing it, and you resist casting it aside.  This is how it is with many of your beliefs and understandings, you are happy with them and you don’t want to change them because they are comfortable for you.

Do you remember those times when you wanted to swim in the sea, but when you went in, you found the water was cold, so cold that it was unpleasant, but you persisted and eventually you swam.  Notice how quickly you become used to it, how quickly you become happy with what you were doing, enjoying yourself.  Notice then how you may call to your friends who may be too scared to come in because of the coldness of the water.  So much initial hesitation on your part, but how quickly you became accustomed to it.  How quickly you accepted and relished in your new situation.

You were talking earlier about the barriers that each of you, no matter how pious, have erected around you.  These barriers are like those friendly items of clothing that you are happy and comfortable wearing.  You don’t really want to take them off, you feel content wearing them.

Have you ever been offered an article of clothing that was perhaps different from what you would normally buy for yourself, more colourful or perhaps a different style?  You have chosen not to wear it, it is new.  Perhaps a bit shocking.  It is like immersing yourself in the sea, once you overcame the initial shock, you began to enjoy yourself and feel happy with the new situation, the new YOU.

It is perhaps a circuitous away around the subject of barriers, but we like to address things in a common sense way.  You could imagine all the layers, the “barriers”, as articles of comfortable clothing, clothing that you are used to wearing.

To progress, fundamentally one has to change.  Throughout all of earthly time, the creature that did not accept change, did not adapt and sadly did not survive and it became extinct.  You have to change to survive and you have to change to progress.  Your choosing to keep the “old jumper” on, does not in any way impact upon your survival friends.  Your maintaining those old barriers however, does impact upon your progression.  It also impacts upon your enjoyment.  “Joy” in the word “enjoyment”, is the operative part of the word.  You have the capacity for great joy, for great love, but it is secreted away inside you, protected by many stout walls.

If you were to consider yourself as a third party observer, watching somebody in the identical situation to yourself, would you not advise them to let the barriers go.  It’s like looking at an X-Ray  picture of a chestnut.  You are seeing a sectional view, the kernel is deep inside the protective outer layer, but it is there never the less.  Once free from this outer shell and given the right conditions, the chestnut seed can grow and flourish into a tall tree.

In an identical fashion, removing YOUR outer layer, and allowing YOUR individual self, your unique self, however you wish to view it, allowing that to come to the surface and flourish, will bring you endless joy.

To remove the barriers, firstly have to be aware of them, but very often, I would say to you almost universally, you are far more aware of the barrier of others and of their short comings or failings, than you are of your own.  So I say to you, pay attention to your own house first, decide what is necessary, what to keep, and what to discard.

It is similar to when you are moving your earthly homes.  Often you have to make decisions on what to keep and what to throw away.  Very often the things thrown away will not be of use in your future home.  I make no excuses in using the word “identically” again, because it is an identical situation with yourself.

Many of these old protective layers, these barriers, should be discarded.  This will allow you to move on.  The soul or the spirit, however you wish to view it, is the centre of your being.  It is the core, it is that which makes you unique.

I will give you another analogy although I suspect you are becoming heartily sick of them, but I will give it to you any way.  Does your car perform better when the brakes are half applied or when the brake is off?  The answer is of course, that your car goes better when you don’t have the brakes applied.

Perhaps I am using a hammer to crack a small nut, but I try to give you mental images which may linger longer than a whole series of words.  The car is YOU, the brakes are your barriers, take your foot off the brake and you will go forward faster.

Firstly, be aware of yourself.  In all situations try and be aware of yourself, aware of what you are feeling.  Do you feel nervous or upset, panicky or pleased in certain situations and why it is that you feel that way?  Be introspective, by that I mean look inside.

Earlier you were discussing being truthful or untruthful.  Truth and untruth are black and white, there is no shade of grey.  There is the infamous white lie, but the white lie is untruth.  But, you say, I can be less hurtful by not being honest.  But far better to either be honest, or to keep your opinion to yourself.  But be aware that there is no difference between what you say, what you think, and what you feel.  If there is a difference, and you are saying one thing whilst feeling another, then there is dis-harmony, and you are storing up future problems for yourself.  You should try to keep yourself in balance, and if you feel you are going to come into a situation that may result in the truth, hurting someone, then, if you feel you must, try to avoid that situation.  If it is impossible to avoid, and you feel that you have to say something, then use your heart to decide what to say rather than your head.  Be honest, it’s so much simpler.

In all things, wisdom and love must have an influencing effect, your being spiteful to another affects you more than the other person.  It is like, to use an earthly expression, “scoring an own goal”.  You are the person that is more deeply wounded; you will be the one bearing the scar.

I don’t want to sound too disheartening.  I’m just saying to you; “here is a treasure map, “X” marks the crock of gold, but to get to it these are the things you must do, this is the direction in which you must travel”.  The journey may not be simple, it may be arduous.  If you want the crock of gold you have to experience the journey.

For all of you that journey is under way, because you have all realised that there is more to life than what is immediately apparent to your physical senses.  Were that not to be true, you would not be here this evening, you would not be taking part in this service.

To be believable and acceptable to you, an idea or concept does not necessarily have to be tangible.  God is intangible, but never-the-less you believe in him, that is a good start, but far more than YOU believing in God, please remember that God believes in YOU, and if you fall over or falter on that journey to the “crock of gold”, HE is there to pick you up.  There is not a situation that you will find insurmountable.  There is no wall in your pathway that you cannot climb over or walk around.

When the wise men were going towards Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus-the-Christ, they followed the bright star.  To give you a pointer for YOUR journey, I would say walk ever God-wards, aim forever towards him.

I will leave you with these thoughts friends, please give them some time.  I say God bless you all.


21/09/94 – Peter