“Go further back to that moment when YOU decided that you were going to be reborn”.

“Go further back to that moment when YOU decided that you were going to be reborn”.

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Have you ever given much thought to the words that I bring to you? Have you ever given any thought to the process that was involved in deciding which words to speak? These words are not like seeds from a dandelion, being blown about in a myriad of directions; my words are like arrows on a true path. My words have meaning, they have depth and substance.

Come with me on a journey friends, together let us roll back the carpet of time. Go back in your lives to that moment you were born, and then go further back to that moment when YOU decided that you were going to be reborn. Can you imagine the process that took place? The decision making? What inspired you to come again to this planet, to leave behind your spiritual home and set forth upon a hard, rocky road.
What influenced you?

I cannot say what it was that prompted your return, but you could do worse than to dwell upon it from time to time. Then consider where you are at this moment, consider you successes and your failures, your good points and your not so good points. Are your good points the reason you came back, is your compassion and your love the reason you are here? Or is it perhaps your not so good points, which I like to think of as being good points in the making. Lessons that would be learnt. Worthy of reflection do you not think so.

Your span of life in these bodies is so short that you will come to view it as a clinking of an eye. Yet you wonder where the time has gone, where the time has flown? Your spirit body is older than you can imagine. It would be hard for you to understand. It is not to say that you are many millions of years old. Because were you to be very many millions of years old you would be very slow learners to have come only this far. You are comprised of the very substance – consciousness that has been around for all times.

I’ll give you an example. It is one that you will be familiar with, but perhaps not have looked at it in this way. Imagine the lake full of water, as far as the eye can see is water. You dip a cup into the lake and bring forth a small amount. What is in the cup and what is in the lake is identical. You then pour what is in the cup into a mould and freeze it. When you bring forth the mould you have a block of ice. The ice has taken on a form different from the lake. Yet they are both comprised of the same essence, they are both water. The block of ice has been around for a very short time in its current form, if you were to leave the block of ice lying around it would eventually return to its natural state. This is the idea I am trying to put across to you.

You are part of that universal consciousness, the God consciousness, if you will, that has been around for all time. God was not created when the universe was brought into being. God is! God is in you, is in all your fellow beings on this planet, animate, and inanimate. The concept I am striving to put forward is the outward change of state. Remember the example of the block of ice.

If you are travelling in the cold northerly parts of this world you will see mountains of ice floating in the sea. But they are both the same, just one exists in a different form to the other, but they both are comprised of the same elements. But to your eyes they are different. Eventually even the greatest of the icebergs return to the sea.
Consider well the words I have spoken friends. I fear my arrows may sometimes be too sharp for you, but I send them forth with love from a bow made of truth.

The words I say to you are for you to think on, but not to worry over. Consider yourself when at school, struggling over your multiplication tables, how hard they seemed, how daunting. But now they are second nature. This is how it will be with the ideas I am trying to put forward to you.

Love yourselves regardless of your perceived good and bad points. I prefer to look at them as the good and the not so good, or better still the good and the good in the offing. I give you this as an example, of how to deal with a misfortune that may try to overcome you. This could have been a task that you set yourself many years ago, something that you will learn and grow stronger by, something that you may profit by.

I come to put light in the deepest parts of your soul to chase away the cobwebs, where only the most courageous of spiders currently exist. I come to throw aside the shutters on your windows.
I leave you now with God’s blessings friends.

07/03/94 – Peter

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