God the Father, the Creator is within each one of you.

“God the Father, the Creator is within each one of you” 2013-02-18 19.27.39

Friends I would talk to you, please listen to my words.

Jesus is reputed to have said, that when two people, or more, are gathered together in his name, then he is there.  I would say this is so, I would tell you also that if one person is gathered in his name he is there.  I would extend this further, and tell you truly that he is there whether you are gathered in his name or not.  How can this not be so?

God the Father, the Creator is within each one of you.  He is the bedrock upon which you live.  He is the spirit.  He is the motivating force.  Quite simply put, GOD IS.  I can put no parameters, because he is without parameters.  I can put no limits, because he is beyond limits.  You are all of the one God no matter what religion you choose to follow, not matter what name you wish to give him, no matter if you choose to worship him or not, he is your Father and your Mother, he is the Creator.

But you say, you have heard all this from us before – but is it not worthy of a second telling?

So as you are all part of the one God, then it follows that God is part of YOU.  And as God is without bounds and without limits, does it not then follow that you are also without bounds, and without limits?  The constraints you see upon yourselves are self-imposed.  How can this not be so?

When you truly accept that you are spirit, that you are part of the one creation, the one force, how can YOU have limits?

It is not a question of thinking positively or thinking negatively.  It is a question of understanding who YOU are.  It is a question of realising that you are spirit.

And what do we mean by the name “spirit”?  What do you understand by the word spirit?

Man must give labels to things, and one of his biggest self- imposed loads is having to analyse everything.  Wanting to use his mind to fathom things out, rather than his heart to feel.  Just imagine the state the world would be in today if we were led by our hearts, by our souls, rather than by our material greed’s, wants and desires.  In the eyes of the one God you are all children no matter what your age, no matter of your acceptance, you are all very much loved; you are all very much cared for.

Work does not cease when you pass to this side of life, you do not suddenly throw off the mantle of a material being and become a “perfect angel”; there is steady progression.  As progression your side of life is gained through work, through effort, so it is here.  But we do not perceive work as a labour, it is a task that is undertaken willingly.  Have you never realised or understood, that tasks undertaken willingly are far more easily accomplished than tasks undertaken against your will or undertaken begrudgingly?  Is that not so my friends?  Do my words not ring of the truth?

We come to you by diverse means. Were every single thought and action of yours influenced by ourselves, your journeys through the life would take many, many life times.  It is like the mother bird anxiously watching her offspring on the side of the nest, taking its first tentative flight busily flapping its wings.  The mother bird is anxious, but knows that were it to help, were it to carry the bird upon its back, the youngster would be forever reliant upon its mother and its wings would atrophy and die.

Once the bird has gained its wings and its mastery of the air, through dint of hard work, with perhaps various crash landings on the way, but once it has gained that mastery, think of the new vistas opened up for it as it soars through the air.  Once you have gained mastery of yourselves friends, the vistas for you all will be extended even further, farther even than you can imagine.

I could say that wherever you go imagine God is there.  In every task you carry out, offer that task to God.  This is all very fine but impractical I fear.  But keep God in your mind.  Be aware of him as you go about your daily work, because he is aware of you.  God does not wish to be worshipped in the fashion of the Indians in front of their totem pole – the carved idol.  In fact God does not wish to be worshipped at all.  But you can offer him your love, and you can think of him as your Father without whose agreement and understanding and desire you would not be here.  You may think of him as your friend, a friend who will never let you down no matter what the circumstances.  He is always there ready and available for you to talk too.  So why not talk to him friends?  When you are angry, or upset, or you’re alone, or you’re scared, who better to talk too?  Who better to invite into your hearts?

These words are said in truth and in love and are completely without motive.  They are a gift you can do with as you please.  I can see you all as you truly are, for the spirit beings that you are.  Your lights are good and they are pleasing to see.

It is indeed a pleasure to be in your midst.  I will leave you all with Gods blessings.

14/09/94 – Peter



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