Group Progression – the Circle


Group Progression – the Circle

Two and two are four, four equals one and one equals nothing.  Upon your first hearing this it sounds nonsense, but please take the time to consider it.  Here there are four people, sitting together as one, with no one seeking ascendancy over the others.  There is no one putting themselves forwards, there is a united four, that four has become one.  One is as nothing, there is no ego showing through.  If you take the symbol for nothing, it is a circle.  A circle has no beginning and no end, a circle has no inner and no outer.  Take the circle as being a container; it both contains what is in it, whilst protecting the contents from what is outside.  Now you see the symbols, very simple symbols, but ones designed to make you think, ones that are designed to make you feel.

The purpose of sitting, in a group under any name, is progression, what you do with the progression is entirely up to you.  We will provide the means and support for that progression.  It is up to you to find a use for it.  It is no good putting it on the top shelf out of reach of everybody else where it will grow dusty like some old volume in a library; it must be used and nurtured.

Knowledge will be given unto you; the knowledge will be such that you can readily accept and understand, and to aid your understanding, it will be presented in different ways, and in different forms, it is nevertheless teachings.

We choose, often, to put the teachings in forms of stories or parables.  It is not a new idea, for parables have been around since Jesus the Christ and of course for many thousands of years before.  They are created to illustrate topics, ideas and concepts.  We always say we will give you no concrete yes’s and no’s.  We’re not interested in concrete my good friends.  There is no pliability in concrete.  You must be pliable, because you could be called upon to stretch yourselves, to stretch yourselves emotionally and spiritually.

The more we give you, the more you will be able to accept.  It will not be such a quality and quantity that you will choke, it will be sufficient to slate your thirst at that time.  Once refreshed you’re ready to do work, and once ready more refreshment will be provided.  Perhaps like building blocks.  Building blocks stretch upwards, each building block represents a lesson.  We have talked much so far, and we can see from our position that much has been learnt.  The question arises, what are you going to do with it?  How are you going to spread it?  There is no danger that it will become spread so thin, like jam spread so thinly on a slice of bread that it becomes tasteless, the substance will always be there.  In spreading by word, by deed, by thought, you can also spread by action or inaction.  We feel that you are cognisant of our meaning, we feel you have learnt the lessons, and we feel the time has come that you can progress.  This is not to say that you have not progressed already.  We strive for more progression from yourselves.

There will be new teachers, I use the work “new” advisedly, because they have been aware of your group for much of your time.  They have been aware of you individually for a long while before that.  They have been awaiting the coalescence of this group.  They have been awaiting the budding of the flower.  Lessons will be given to you as and when required, and as and when they are necessary.  This may not always be when you want them, but rest assured they will be when you need them.  We are not seeking evangelists, we seek no character change, you are what you are, we would require nothing else.  But go forwards, go forwards and spread the joy and happiness that you have found.

Your belief in the one God, your sure and certain knowledge of the furtherance of life, spread this friends.  Do not be shy, do not fear rejection.  Wear it boldly, wear it like a flag; let others be aware.  When you may do this and under what circumstances, you will know.  Others may not be ready for your wisdom, for it really is wisdom friends, but be warned, be warned of being egotistical, use that wisdom wisely.  Be aware of where it came from; it came from the spiritual being rather than the material being.  Spread the word, welcome others into your group, do not be a feared, only those that can fit in without causing a disruption will be shown to you.  Don’t be like the greedy farmer who keeps the best fruit for himself whilst selling inferior quality to the market.  Share those ripe fruits friends.

Teachers from here, I deliberately hesitated about using the expression, the “spirit worlds”, because it is a misnomer.  You’ll come to see and understand this fairly soon.  It is all a matter of perception, the understanding will come to you, and you will become aware.  It is all a matter of view point, because the view is different depending on where you stand and what direction you are looking.  It’s a view where the others viewpoint may not be the same as yours.  They may be looking at the same problem, but from a slightly different angle.  So welcome them alongside you friends, and show them the truth as you are aware of it.

Be gently in your approach, be kind, be pure in heart and wear a smile.  What better radiance can you hope for friends?  There will come amongst you, one who will provide much teaching, there will come amongst you one that you can understand; that one has been waiting a long time friends.  When the time arrives welcome them with open minds and open hearts.  Do not strive for success, as a success is the other end of failure, you cannot view what you are doing in terms of success and failure.  Be firm, but be gentle.

I leave you friends; it has given me much pleasure to spend this few minutes in your company.  Should it be necessary for me to talk again then I shall come; my blessing to you all.

17/05/93 – Peter


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