Have you considered the similarity between yourselves and of us in this phase of existence? Have you ever considered that we are all pupils in a continuing school of life…..

“Have you considered the similarity between yourselves and of us in this phase of existence?  Have you ever considered that we are all pupils in a continuing school of life…..2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening to you friends.  It has taken some time to establish what you regard as the link, but what I would rather describe as a rapport, an intermingling of two people occupying the same space.  It is far more than a link, it is a closeness.

Have you considered the similarity between yourselves and of us in this phase of existence?  Have you ever considered that we are all pupils in a continuing school of life, and have you ever looked at the lessons that the school is providing us with.  Each year at earthly schools you are faced with exams, where you are tested on what you have been taught and how well you have learned these lessons.  However, with the higher school, the school where love, understanding and compassion are the lessons, each day, each hour, each minute you are being tested on what you should have learnt.

I’ll give you an example, you have supplied building blocks to many men, and let them do what they will with them.  You have not provided any restrictions on what they may erect, on what they may do with the blocks.  When you came back to examine what they had done, you have found that one man has built a house, another a church, another a fortress, whilst another has done nothing with them.

Each gives an indication of what that person has learnt, and how much he is prepared to put what he has learnt to good use.  Look closely at the house, around the house is a walled garden, decorative perhaps, but indicative of a need to keep people away, to protect their privacy, to protect what is theirs.

The one who has constructed a church, has that one put himself up on the pulpit?  Is it HIS church, is HE the one laying down the doctrine?

The one building the fortress, is he preparing for war or preparing for a siege?

It is true that by your actions or you inactions that you are known.  It is by what you are doing with the tools and the talents that you all have, this is how you are being known, this is how you are being tested, this is the direction in which your progression lies.  It is by doing something with what you have got.  It is not achieved by standing back and waiting for something else to come along.  It is not achieved by declaring “I’m not yet ready for this”, or “I’m not yet ready for that”.  It is by doing something with what you have got, making the best of what you have been given.

You have been told before that you will not be over-burdened.  You will not be given tasks, or put into situations that you cannot cope with.  Be not too harsh to judge yourselves in these situations, do not be so quick with self condemnation that you immediately think that you have failed, when perhaps you may have succeeded.  Your judgement is based on a very insular view point, it is based on how YOU are seeing things rather than the global picture.

Would you believe that one so merciful and so bountiful as the Creator would put you in a position that would cause you harm or distress.  But, you are thinking, there have been many situations when I have been in harm or distress, and there is ample evidence in the world of so much harm and distress.  But how much of this is the Creators doing?  How much of this is Mans doing, caused by his ill -conceived preoccupation to drive himself to accumulate more and more material gains regardless of the cost, both to himself and to others.

You have all seen much evidence of the man who has built the house and built the wall around it.  He is keeping what is his to himself, and if he can also acquire and keep what is yours as well, he will be much the happier for it.  So perhaps the man who built nothing with his bricks had the best idea.  Perhaps he was waiting to find a good use for them.  But then again, it could be that the man was too lazy to do anything with his gifts, the gifts of the bricks, the gifts from the Creator.

As you can see, there are no rights and there are no wrongs.  You have to consider each case upon its own individual merits.  The man who built the church may be standing outside welcoming everybody in.  The man who had built the walls around his house may have built them to protect crops he was growing within them.  He may have then gone on to share his bountiful crop with others.

So a further example is not to immediately judge people.  Do not jump immediately to conclusions, conclusions that can prove erroneous in the long term.  Better still, try not to judge people, because when you judge people you are judging people by your own standard of conduct, judging them as a comparison with you own stage of development.  If they fall short of your “norm”, your expectations then “They” obviously must be wrong.  If their ideas do not concur with yours, they are also wrong. “They” cannot win.  To achieve any form of light in your eyes, they must show themselves to be a weak imitation of you, that would be the only way that you could accept them.  For were they to be a strong imitation of you, you would feel jealous, you would feel threatened.  You would be putting yourself in a rival situation.  So do not judge people, let those far older and far wiser than you be the judges, let them take that burden from your shoulders.  Let somebody else lift the weight.

You are all given these blocks, every single one of you, it’s what you do with them that matters.  It is how you are using your skills and your talents that is important.  It is what you are doing with your lives, that is what counts, but remember, because someone else has chosen to build a fortress and you have chosen to build a house, it does not immediately presume that you are right and they are wrong, merely that their understanding is different from yours.  But perhaps their development has been along another pathway.

Please notice that we have not used the words “superior” or “inferior”, as these are the cause of much suffering in your world.  If man could be more open hearted and less judgemental then their burden would be so much lighter.

Approach your daily lives and the situations that confront you, with a positive view point.  Consider how to make the best of each opportunity, consider the best way in using your skills in the service of not just others, but in the service of yourself.  But apply wisdom to these decisions.  Consider the effects that an action you may take may have on others.  Consider the ramifications, because what may be good for you, could be painful for somebody else.  That is a very strong lesson to learn, but one that is felt you are capable of assimilating.  You are no longer in the first year of your school, you have progressed sufficiently where my words should mean something.  You have progressed sufficiently where my words can be used as blocks and put to use.

We have always told you that we will not impose our wills, even if we could, upon yourselves.  You have to do what you think is best.  You have to do what you believe at this stage in your development is best.  What I will tell you, is that we give you nothing for our own amusement.  What you choose to do with what we give you, is down to you friends.  As you said yourselves earlier, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t always make it drink.  And the harder you push its neck towards the water the more angry and stubborn the horse will become.

I would like to leave you with the image of the horse at the water friends, and I would say God bless you all.


15/08/94 – Peter

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