How could I judge the Messiah?

dreamstimefree_244242How could I judge the Messiah?


Many years ago I had the opportunity to be there at first hand to observe the messiah.  Only then, he was not recognised as being such. He had many followers, followers who taught great deeds. Some might even say magic. They said he was the appointed one. The one chosen to bring light where there was darkness and peace where there was war. I speak of the one called the Nazarene.

His impact, his field of influence, was like an on rushing wave, sweeping all before it. At first the wave was no more than a ripple, but with gathering speed and momentum, pushing old ideas, old dead ideas, in front of it. His message was simple; his message was broadcast to everybody. There were no select few, all were welcome. All could listen, although few understood. From my safe position I became aware of this. At first he was no more than a thorn. A thorn becoming more and more impaled upon the flesh of the regime that we had struggled long to establish.
He preached of love, he preached forgiveness, he preached of helping one another, and he preached of the common brotherhood, the brotherhood of man. In the most highest born to the meanest beggar. This was very new; it was at once exciting and disturbing. Disturbing because it shattered established beliefs; exciting because of the consequences if he had been right. Eternal life, eternal happiness, was a panacea few could resist.

Where ever he went he drew forth crowds, the crowds would come to listen to him, they would bring forth their sick and their lame and they would bring forth their starving and their dying. Not one was ever turned away, not one was ever rejected.
Just being in his presence, just feeling his calming influence, his almost crushing compassion, was sufficient for many. Others sought to know more and became part of his group of followers going with him from town to town. They were looked upon favourably by the many who gave them food and shelter; the shelter as much being from our troops as from the elements.

It came to pass that we should meet. It came to pass that I was in a position of judgement. But how could I judge the messiah? For in my own mind that is what he truly was. I avoided the problem, it was easy enough to arrange and the rest is history. The son of God, the anointed one walked this very land, spreading joy and happiness where ever he went. His simple message that of the eternalness of life and the brotherhood of man, and the love of the one father, is as true today as it was then. Much of his teachings have been corrupted. Much of his teachings have been changed for political expediency and because of the dogma of the day. If you cut through the teachings removing the dross, if you search for that nugget, that golden core, then that was what it was all about, the love of your fellow beings, whether they be your brother or your enemy.

The simplest truth is invariably the truth that will last forever. If you have eyes that will see and hearts that will feel, the nugget will be yours. Jesus the Christ was aware of his future from the day he was born. Jesus the Christ accepted being pillared accepting the scorn and hate of many to bring love to mankind.

Just imagine where mankind would be today without that influence. You can look around; you can look around at what you see and wonder what has happened, the wars, the fighting, the sheer stupidity and greed of man. What has happened? The teaching was so simple. Where has man gone wrong? Why has he chosen this path? It’s a path to ruin friends; it is a path to destruction. Who has chosen it? Not all, but many follow this path. Letting their most basic instincts come to the fore. They revel in savagery, their motive is greed they lust for power. It gains nothing. It is sadness itself to see these people; your heart must go out to them, because they are missing so much.

All are born equally, all are born in the likeness of God, all are born with spirit resident in them, but some are blind, blind to the meaning of life and these become lost. Have love in your hearts for them; pity them not, for pity is a worthless emotion. Hate them not for that is also a worthless emotion. Send them your love; ask that they be brought back onto the path. It is self evident what love can do, it is self evident what hate and greed can do. Why choose the stinging nettle when you can choose the fragrant rose? But some do, the reasons behind their decisions are not known. They are known to the creator, but they are not known to you. They are fulfilling their own destiny. But with your love, the time that it takes to return to the path can be diminished. It may take many of your earthly lives, for them to cast aside these more basic, base instincts and embrace God. It is a good thing to send forth your love.

Now Jesus the Christ is known for who he really is. Jesus Christ is the son of God. Jesus the Christ was sent to earth with a message; a message of love. You also have a task, a mission, one that you have already embraced. You will have to wear a crown of thorns yourself from time to time, and accept derision. Wear it proudly, but do not show off, do not give yourself self importance because you are no more important than the one you are helping.

All things follow a plan, the plan is known to the creator, the plan is not yours to know or to understand. There is no random element. It is hard to see death and destruction, poverty and illness, without wondering why it is all taking place. Why try to fathom the unfathomable?

Dwell upon your earthly existence rather than trying to picture that which cannot be pictured. Feel it in your hearts, but do not waste time, for time is short. God be with you all, may your journeys be smooth and your hearts full of joy and compassion.

If I could ask for anything for you, it would be that your eyes were wide open and that you could truly see.
Peace be unto you friends.

23/06/93 – Peter

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