“Hush, hush whisper who dares Christopher Robin is saying his prayers”.

 “Hush, hush whisper who dares Christopher Robin is saying his prayers”.2013-02-18 19.27.39

Now I wonder what Christopher Robin would say.  He would say “God bless mother, God bless father”.  He would say things in the manner in which he had been taught to say them.  What I am saying to you is that prayer should be a spontaneous outpouring.  Prayer should come from the heart.  Perhaps, you would wonder, what can I ask my prayers for, how do I want God to intercede on my behalf, or on the behalf of someone else.

You might ask yourself, if I do not say these prayers will God not intercede.  Will the person not recover from the illness.

All thoughts all actions, are known and are ordained.  The creator, who is the epitome of caring, of love and compassion, is, if you can accept it, in all places, at all times and in all guises.  You must accept that the creator is as much in me as he is in you.  Perhaps then,  we should start to consider where our prayers are aimed at.  If we accept the premise that we are made in the image of God, in the image of the one creator, then who are our prayers being aimed at?  And conversely who are our prayers for?  Our prayers are for another soul, who is equally of the creator, so how does this soul then need our prayers?

These questions have been voiced.  There are no simple answers.  The most important thing I can say, is that  you care sufficiently for someone, that you devote time, and you devote love, in thinking of them, and that you care sufficiently to ask that this person may be spared from the suffering of an illness.  It is the caring that is important.  God’s Will, will be done, whether you pray of not, but it is the act of prayer, the compassion that is rising forth inside you, that is the important factor.  It is a sign of spiritual development.  A prayer should never be directed towards yourself.

I can best qualify that by repeating that we are all made in the image of the One God.  If you feel you are in pain or suffering, you should be able to rise above it, don’t dwell on it, the more you dwell on pain, be it real or imagined, the more in-trenched it will become.  There are many instances in your medicine of this being proven.  You can ask for the strength, but the understanding should come from within.  God will provide, there will be no time when you will be left on your own.  At no time will you be led down a blind alley.  There will be no time when you will not be loved.  So your prayers are really an outpouring of the love you are feeling.  Whether the person or the object of your prayers, received nourishment from the out pourings is not, and I do not mean it to sound harshly, is not the point of the prayer.  The prayer is you showing your love.  You are putting somebody else, or something else, in front of your own needs, the needs of somebody or something else are greater than your own.

Is this not so?  I am not asking for you to be humble in the extreme, indeed I ask of no behavioural modifications to anybody.  You must do as your conscience and your spirituality demands.  I merely offer another way of looking at a particular problem, although it is not really a problem.

That is my understanding, and I would stress it is my understanding, of the benefit of prayer.  The person that the prayer is really helping is yourself, that is not at all in a selfish way.  You are allowing your spirit to express itself in the out pourings of your love.

I try to put things in a simple manner, and one that I hope you can accept, if you cannot immediately accept it, do not toss it to one side, but think on it.  If you can, accept the premise of the one God, the motivator and the instigator of every action and re-action in the universe.  If you can also accept the premise that we are all made in his image, you will then begin to understand what I have been saying.

Continue with your efforts, and of course continue with your prayers, for it is by these prayers that you are known.  It is by the things you think of and the things you do that you are known.  Letters after your name, and amounts of money in the bank are meaningless when you arrive here.  But you can arrive with suitcases of love and you will be met with open arms.

I leave you now, but I would offer our brother a yellow daffodil and our sisters a blue iris and a red rose.  Their objects will become apparent.  My blessings, love and support to you all.

Yellow daffodil (Duncan), Blue Iris (Olive), Red rose (Mandy).

20/09/93 – Peter



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