“I am here to say to you friends that everything that happens to you is unique”

“I am here to say to you friends that everything that happens to you is unique”2013-02-18 19.27.39

Good evening friends.  How many times has somebody said to you, “oh, the same thing has happened to me”, or “I have done that”, or “I’ve done this”.  It’s like when, you have struck yourself accidentally on the thumb with a hammer, and somebody says, “I’ve done that”.

I am here to say to you friends that everything that happens to you is unique.  That other person may have struck themselves similarly with the hammer, but they have not experienced what you have experienced up to that point.  They will have experienced the physical pain the hammer has caused, but they will have no knowledge of your life, what was on your mind, how you allowed yourself to become distracted, or the many and diverse influences that have formed and moulded you into who you are today.  So not only is your spirit unique, but your lives are also unique.  You are a “one off”.  Once you have passed on to the next phase of life, there will never be another the same as you.

You all have a profound effect, not only upon those that you come into contact with, but also upon your own environments.  This effect cannot always be measured, but it can always be noticed.  As you are unique, as the path you have trod so far is unique, then so too is the road yet in front of you.  Regardless of your status, whether you are married, alone, or perhaps someone who’s loved ones have passed on in front of you, you are on the road which is meant for you alone.  The road stretches out in front of you.  By your side at all times, are those from this side of life who’s task it is to offer you support, to offer you help and to offer you guidance.

Many times you have strayed from the path.  Many times you have floundered in the swamps alongside the road.  But at all times you have been safe and protected, and at all times your guide has waited for you to return, has waited for you patiently, knowing that you have to experience what you stepped off the road to find.  The guide will await your return to the road and continue to walk along with you at your shoulder, your constant companion.

It is like the Coppersmith, making the beautiful burnished bowl, gently and painstakingly hammering the flat sheet of copper into something of use, into something of beauty.  Many strikes of the hammer have gone into that article.  Patience and skill have gone into its creation, together with a love of the finished product and of the task.

You come into this world like the flat sheet of copper, unformed and unblemished.  If you experienced nothing in this life you would leave as you entered, as a flat sheet of copper.  But your journey here is to experience such emotions and such situations as can only be found in a material physical form.

At all times you are besieged, at all times your soul or your spirit, however you wish to view it, is under siege.  It is under siege from the emotions and the desires that you are constantly beset with.  Even those who absent themselves from society and choose to live in a singular fashion have desires, have needs, have wants.

You have to consider what is the more valuable, the flat sheet of copper that would contain no water, or the sheet of copper that has been worked upon and formed into a bowl, able to contain much, able to collect and hold what was given to it.  And as the bowl can take on water, so it can also give out water.  But as emotions and desires come to you, so you are also in return giving out emotions and desires, this is demonstrated by the way in which you live, the way in which you work or the way in which you worship.  It is like a barrier, a barrier that exists between that inner being, your precious true self, and the love that is constantly raining down upon you.

That barrier is SELF, I know you have heard this many times, but it is worth repeating, SELF gets in the way.  When one thinks of SELF one thinks of the “ME”, the “ME who I am”, and that I can be selfish or selfless.  But is not the selfless person also being selfish?  That is something I would commend you to think on friends.

So how can you subvert SELF?  How can you remove some of those barriers that exist, self-imposed barriers if you will, perhaps not deliberately constructed, but never the less there, and never the less growing.

Imagine your oceans, the small tiny organism that dies on the sea bed.  This is how the great coral reefs come into existence.  It was not in the mind of the first creature to create the reef, the coral barrier, but over a period of time the reefs were built.  This is how it can be with yourselves, often the barriers are transparent o you, you can see through them therefore to you they do not exist, but to others the barriers are apparent.  They may say “that man is very cold”, when in fact you think you are very amiable.  It is in the vibrations that you are giving off, vibrations caused by your emotions.  It is like energy travelling from a vessel, and into space.  On its way it travels through many different layers and is affected by those layers.  The more layers is has to travel through the more degraded the force or the signal, however you wish to view it, becomes.  The original pure thought, belief, signal or whatever, was lost.  Therefore it would seem to make sense that if the signal going out becomes degraded then so could the love, the energies trying to get in.  Do not consider “degraded” as in the material physical “degraded”, but in the way of a diminishment.

It would seem to me friend that the way to increase both the input and the output is to remove some of the layers.  SO we’re back to the question of how to do it.

The question of being truly at one with both yourself and with God has been the goal of many wise men throughout history.  Much effort, both physical and academic has been expended.  It is not much use my saying to you, “remember those around you are spirit”, because you are being too bombarded with other things, it is not your fault, you cannot and must not berate yourself.  You must allow the sea to erode the layers around you.  You shall have to try to reduce the height of the reefs you have built.  It is a very gradual process friends, I cannot give you a magic formula that would make you “God conscious” from this moment on.  Would that I could, but yet again, of what value would that be to you?

It is like the sheet of copper, it is no good you giving me the plain sheet of copper and me giving you a bowl and saying I arrived at this after much work and much skill.  You’d have to try it yourselves to experience it, to understand it, even my telling you in painstaking detail how I arrived at the bowl would be nothing if you could not try it yourself.

The best I can do is to give you an icon, it is simple, you just have to remember as we have oft said before, that were you not meant to be here then you would not have been created.  It is a humbling thought, that the Father brought us all into being because he wanted us and because he needed us.  You are here because you are very much loved.

This is all I can offer you friends, but when times are hard and the troubles seem to be coming at you like a runaway train, and you think “what have I done to deserve all this?” Or perhaps, “why hast thou forsaken me?”  Remember that you are meant to be here, God created you out of love and created you now, because it is essential that you are here at this time.  That is, I feel, a valuable thought friends.  Perhaps you could try to use it as a candle in some of your darker moments.  I offer you the blessings of the Lord.

I offer you the love and companionship of those this side of life who have chosen to come to you in these various forms, and I would say God bless to you all.

12/09/94 – Peter

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