“I see you haven’t all taken my advice about swimming in the treacle”.

2013-02-18 19.27.39“I see you haven’t all taken my advice about swimming in the treacle”.    Bob

“Hello everyone”; “Hello everyone”.  (Group replied “Hello”).  I see you haven’t all taken my advice about swimming in the treacle.

You know what, it can be like being on a tightrope.  ‘Cos you start off quite high in the air, and as you start off across the rope, the rope sinks down as you go across it and then you realise you can’t get back.  You can’t get back to where you started from, you can’t go forward ‘cos its going up hill, and you find you’re stuck, but you’re stuck going one way, you’re trapped into heading in one direction.  And you’re scared to jump off ‘cos you don’t know where you’re going to be, and you’ve gone and got yourself stuck.  That’s like swimming in treacle.

I think you have to remember that we don’t come up to you and say “oi, tell the geezer in the third row that his Auntie Ethel’s here”.  ‘Course we don’t, you’d probably have a fit if we did that.  I thinks you’ve got to remember that you don’t just come over here as if nothings happened.  ‘Cos lots have happened.  You don’t just die and then wake up over here and then say “oh that’s all right then, I’m over here now”.

You have to adjust, ‘cos you’ve been away quite a while, and you have to adjust.  But what was important to you when you was here, like where you are now, is not always important when you come back to your real home.  You might have forgotten the time that bloke stamped on your foot, you might have forgotten that.  And you might have forgotten the time when somebody banged into you.

‘Cos it’s like you’ve got these big pockets, really big pockets, ‘cos they’re filled up with lots of pebbles, and all the pebbles are all the little things that happened to you when you was here, like where you are now.  Now when you come back home you don’t want all them pebbles with you ‘cos lots aren’t important any more.  ‘Cos they only applied to how you used to be.  They only applied, like when you was in these bodies now and they’re not important any more.  Then you decide what you need to take and what you don’t need to take.

Am I making myself clear?  (Group replied Yes).

‘Cos I haven’t said it before, but my name is Bobby Shipton, that’s a good name for a sailor isn’t it, Shipton.  I got teased for that I can tell ya.

But just like there’s people where you are who really want to talk to somebody over here, so there’s people over here that really want to talk to people over where you are. ‘Specially when they’ve just come over, before they’ve adjusted.  It’s like being in hospital for a long while, laying in bed, and when you get of bed you find you’re not very strong.  You needs to take things gradual.  You have to adjust to getting better.

‘Cos that’s how it’s like, not being in hospital, I don’t mean that, but that period of adjustment, and sometimes people want to talk to you and you to them before you’re ready, before you’re properly like established, ‘cos it takes quite a bit of time.  And some of the things, some of the people that you would have known aren’t on the earth any more.  ‘Cos they’re over here.

How am I going to say this.  It’s like two people talking and one person is interested in horse racing, and the other person was interested in fishing.  Now the horse racing person is not really interested in what the other person’s doing, he just wants to talk about horse racing.  But the one who likes fishing, he’s not interested in horses.  So, if you’re here expecting a message about horses and the person you want a message from has left that behind, ‘cos it’s not important any more, they’re not going to know what you want.  ‘Cos what was important to them might have been the time you was on holiday together, or falling off a swing.  You see, ‘cos people look at things differently.  ‘Cos the sorts of things you’re after, for that you’ll want a proper telephone wouldn’t you, and even then the memory would still have to be important for people on this side to have carried it with them.  Yeah.

Well I hope that hasn’t made it more confusing ‘cos I don’t mean it to, but like I say we can’t shout in your ear, cor, wouldn’t that make you jump.  Well I say good-bye.  (Group replied Good-bye).

01/08/94 – Peter

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