If I was to offer you bread or cake which choice would you make? If I were to offer you wine or water, which choice would you make?

If I was to offer you bread or cake which choice would you make?  If I were to offer you wine or water, which choice would you make? 2013-02-18 19.27.39

If I was to offer you bread or cake which choice would you make?  If I were to offer you wine or water, which choice would you make?  Would you choose the bread and water, because it is expected of you, even though you may secretly wish for the cake?  Would you choose the cake and the wine because it is what you truly wanted, and that you wished to be honest?

Man in his attempts at a “peacock” existence often describes acts that are short of his norm as being “in-human” or “animalistic”.  He is attempting to solidify his own position over that of the animal kingdom.  Many acts that he would choose to regard as being in-human, animals would not attempt to do.  Animals are driven by instinct, they are driven, and indeed motivated by nature.  Everything they do is for a purpose.  Even lying in the sun has a purpose, it is a period of calmness in their lives.  It is when they can be free from the threat of a predator, when their bodies may be revitalised.

Are these the acts that man needs to condemn and class as being in-human?

There is much folly in the kingdom of man, given the choice of a hard or soft option he would choose the soft option.  In the choice of right or wrong he would look at the options, he would see how far down the wrong path he could realistically go.  There comes a time in the life of man when he becomes aware of his own mortality.  He becomes aware that he is growing old.  He becomes aware that his body is not the machine it used to be.  He becomes aware of aches and pains.

Many times it is the onset of the fear of dying.  To some the reassurance of faith provides them with the strength they need.  The stories of the loved ones waiting at the end of a tunnel, waiting to help them over for example.

Man is less inhibited at this time in his life, he has nothing to prove, he has no show to put on, he can relax and lift his barriers.  It is possible he becomes more aware of those around him.  It is unfortunate but true, that if he had lifted those barriers may years before, he would have been aware of spirit presence around him then.  He could have taken some comfort.  It is no good waiting to the death bed, when you can make promises, promises like, I for-swear this or I for-swear that.  It is no good waiting to be sorry for acts done, for harsh words said, and ill thought actions.

The creator is not so blind that he cannot see through such play acting.  You must prepare yourself all your life for what lies beyond.

You have to fortify yourself.  You have to be strong.  We have oft times talked of the inner peace and calmness, that we urge you to seek.  It is without doubt the most important piece of advice that anyone can be given.  The one who is content, the one who is self contained, is at one with himself, he is at one with God.  His desires are simple, his needs are few.  This is what we ask you to cultivate, these are the seeds we ask you to sow.  You will see the wisdom in our words once you have harvested the crop.

There is the most wondrous peace available for all men, and it is yours for the asking, it is indeed yours for the taking.  When you view it from our side of life, you will look at it with astonishment that the gift that has been so readily offered, is so too frequently turned down.  If only you could see the hands that are out stretched, if you could only feel the love that is surrounding you.

We are not without emotion.  There is much sadness and much sorrow, but also much joy.  Joy comes from seeing those that have understood that they are spirit, that they are part of the one God.  The sadness comes in those that refuse to accept it, refuse to accept that there is anything in life other than themselves, they refuse to accept that they can do whatever they like, to who ever they like.

You can pity these same people on their death bed, as they pray then to God.  It is too late.  The prayers will not fall on deaf ears, because as we have said God is compassion.  If you can accept the premise of many mansions in the house of God, then accept the premise that there are many rooms and many floors within those mansions.  They are all wondrous.  Just some are more wondrous than others.

You will go to a level, in actual fact you will go to the level, that you have made for yourself.  Throughout your term in your material body you have taken on many coats, coats of selfishness, of greed, of lust, of envy, you have picked these up willingly and marched along with them.  When you cross over you will be with similar people.

It is all too sad, because until your eyes are opened, until the coats are discarded, it is only then that you can begin to see the colours that surround you.  You will remain stagnant, you will not develop, you will not grow.  Man is the most obstinate of creatures.

We do not hold out a carrot, we do not try and entice you, we try to show the truth as we understand it, indeed as we have found it.  We do not come to you on your death bed, we have been with you all through your life, guiding you, guarding you, giving you comfort when you suffer.

The kingdom of God is different things to different people. It is like building a house, it is during your term on earth that you make the foundations, it is during your term on earth that you choose the design of the house, it is during this term that you choose the colours with which the house will be decorated.

The meaning behind my words is simple, life, which is eternal, is what you make it.  You can choose whatever path you wish.  God is infinitely merciful and infinitely patient.  Those that have gone before, who work in his service, who work closely with those on the earth, are always there to be of assistance, you need only ask.  When in doubt or in trouble, just ask, ask for help, do not be afraid.  If you have the certainty that you are immortal, if you have the certainty that you are spirit first and foremost, the answers will be forth coming.  If you have the peace of mind to push aside material wants and desires then the answers will be forthcoming.  If you can accept the one God into your life, the answers will be forth coming.

God bless you.

04/10/93 – Peter

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