” If you accept that in the question is the answer, if you have but the eyes to see it,…. “

” If you accept that in the question is the answer, if you have but the eyes to see it,…. “2013-02-18 19.27.39

I must talk to you. I am reminded of the tale of the fisherman. He forsake the more traditional means of catching the fish which was by the net thrown from a boat, in favour of fishing from the shore. He used a rod, line and hook. Many times while attempting to cast out the line he would snag himself with the hook, but from time to time he would succeed in casting the hook out into the sea. After a while he felt more confident in his abilities and desired to catch more fish, so he decided to add more hooks to his line. And what happened then, was that he would snag himself with many more hooks. This is how it has become for yourselves. You are snagging yourselves unnecessarily. There is no profit in what you are discussing. You are allowing the intellectual side of your personalities to assume dominance over your spiritual side. You are really asking questions, all be it in a different form, that have been asked for millennia, “If there was such a thing as a just God, then why does he allow this, or why does he allow that?”
We have discussed before blind alleys. The characteristic of a blind alley is that it’s entrance is inviting. Were it to put you off by its appearance you would not attempt to go down it.
I give you the example of Polaroid sunglasses. With these sunglasses you can see under the surface of the water, it removes the reflection from the sun. It enables you to see things that you couldn’t before. What I am suggesting friends is that you wear spiritual sunglasses, and cut out these distracting reflections. In this way the attractive nature of the blind alley will be removed.
There is no harm at all in debate, indeed it is healthy. We do not want what we say to you to be accepted at face value. We accept you are intelligent beings. We accept that you are evolving, you are continuing to grow both physically and spiritually. It is good to share views, as it is good to share beliefs and disbeliefs. But do not allow yourself to get snagged up upon your own line. The more you pull on the line the more pain you will cause yourself. Far better to leave the rod and the line and go back to the boat and the net. The end result is the same, but you have divorced yourself from the pain.
I cannot answer all your questions friends. Would you really want me to if I could? If you accept that in the question is the answer, if you have but the eyes to see it, then much will be revealed. Much you will be able to understand. Simplicity is the key note. If it is not simple; I was going to say if it is not simple then ignore it, but I cannot tell you what to ignore because that would destroy some of your growth. I would just say to keep it simple, truth is usually simple, lies are normally complex. Truth and lies are opposite ends of a spectrum and there are numerous shades of colour in between. So because a thing, an idea, a concept is not the truth, it does not necessarily mean that it is at the other end of the spectrum and is a lie.
I give you the example of a sea-saw, the truth one end the lie the other. Were the lengths equal and the weights the same, there will be balance. But by changing the lengths of the pivot or the weights of those sitting either side, balance can be achieved in different positions. It is perhaps an example not too easy to grasp, but it is one that may reward your thinking on it. What I would say is, that between black and white there are numerous shades of grey.
Man by his very nature is destined to plague himself with all sorts of doubts and uncertainties. He would doubt not just himself, but his beliefs, his loves, and his God. Man can bury himself in pity and despair. But man can also reach the highest of heights, and bathe in the light of the sun. It is in his nature that he has these options. If you can accept that all your questions will not always be answered, at least not in the way that you would expect them to be, or perhaps hoped that they would be, then your progression will be all the more smoother. Always consider the worth of the question. I am giving you these as my thoughts and my observations friends. I leave you now, as always, with Gods love.
17/01/94 – Peter

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