“In this world of illusion the only truth is the truth of the eternal spirit”.

“In this world of illusion the only truth is the truth of the eternal spirit”2013-02-18 19.27.39

What is Truth? What may be a truth to one religion or group of people is an anathema to another.  What one man can accept, another man cannot.  It is because of these differences in their own truths that much friction amongst mankind is caused.  Man has yet to learn tolerance.  He has yet to learn in this world of illusion, that the only truth is the truth of the eternal spirit.  Man has yet to learn that he is amongst his brothers and sisters, rather than amongst enemies and strangers.  Because of this man can be quick to judge.  He may hold one set of values, while another holds a different set. Because one man believes things differently to him, this becomes a cause of upset, and on a larger scale, the cause of war.

Such sweeping statements are easy to make, but correcting them is hard.  Where should you start?  As always you must start with the one, the one that is yourself, because if you could comprehend a world where man was at peace, where man did not strive to outdo his neighbours, in such a world where would the friction come from?

Can you understand a global friction as being the sum of many millions of smaller frictions?  One nation hating another, it is not the nation themselves that is doing the hating, it is the individuals.  In a world that is illusion, and illusion it must be, for as you come into the world with nothing, so you depart from this world with nothing.  Your savings you have made over the years, your estates you have made over the years; these will all be left behind.  Others will reap whatever benefits they may from them.  All objects that you see are made up of so many molecules; each molecule contains atoms revolving around a nucleus.  Your human bodies contain so much water.  Your human bodies are also made up of atoms and molecules.  They are illusory.

This is not meant to sound as depressing as perhaps it might seem.  I am trying to put across the futility of anger, the futility of envy; I try and put across to you the futility of truths.  Can one really say that one person’s beliefs are right, whilst another’s are wrong?.  All you can really say is that they are different from your own.  Can you say your beliefs are better than another’s or theirs better than yours?  Who in this material life is so perfect that he can say these things?  Who in this material life is so advanced, that he knows what goes on inside the heart of another?  I offer to you for your consideration, that the only truth is that you are part of the one creator.

As always we hesitate to use labels, the creator can be any name you choose to make; the creator can be any sex you choose to give.  We have expounded in the past on the concept of a universal consciousness, or more simply as a motivating force, the force that brought the universe into existence, the force that considered the universe before bringing it into existence.

That is the truth friends.  The truth is that you are here as part of a design, you did not arrive here by accident.  Not only did you not arrive here by accident, but everybody else did not arrive here by accident.  Their roles in this life may be unclear to you, but I say to you that it is not up to you to consider what their roles are; you must accept they have their own pathway to tread.  You must accept they have their own lives to lead, their own lessons to learn.

I would talk to you now of expectations, these expectations being your own.  You believe that only you know what you expect only you know what it is you desire.  This is where you are wrong, your desires, your wants are known to those in spirit that look after you.  It is not a subtle difference between what you need and what you want, it can be a yawning chasm.  You have to consider very carefully your motivation in seeking enlightenment.

We are not discriminatory, we will help all who come to us, and if you come to us with open heart we will help you.  We will offer you what we can, we will never tell you what to do, we will advise you and we will give you things to consider, but your lives are your own to lead.  We believe there is some soul searching required on behalf of all of you, as to what your motivation is, as to what your expectations are.

We ask only that you join us in peace, with an open mind and open heart, that you leave your material thoughts to one side, for just a little while.  We don’t ask much of you; just place them to one side.  We have in the past given the analogy of a tape recorder, unwanted thoughts will always be popping into your head, you have the decision whether to press the play button and allow these thoughts to take over, or press the stop button.  You hear of people saying they’ve had bad thoughts about this, or bad thoughts about that, they have indulged themselves in foolish fantasies, and perhaps wondered where these things have come from.  But does it matter where they have come from? It is the person themselves who have decided to press the play button to allow it to run.  I try to choose examples with which you are familiar.

Coming through to you in this manner is not meant to be a party trick.  You can accept or reject what we say and the manner in which we say it, it is your decision.  I give you one last example.  The man standing in front of a billboard sees a large rectangle, he looks upon it and perhaps wonders at its size.  The man standing perpendicular to the first man sees only the edge.  His vision is limited.  If you were to compare the two truths of the two men at the same time, they would differ.  Both are seeing the same object, but one is seeing it as a large object, whilst the other is seeing one that he may ignore as he thinks it too small and insignificant to consider.  The truth for these two is just a matter of stand point, were one to move slightly to the side, he would appreciate the view from the others point of view.

Truth is ever changing.  What was alien to you some years ago will be common place and acceptable to you now.  What you may find difficult to accept at this moment, soon you will be able to accept.  I give you again the image of the billboard, the large hoarding on the side of the road, it is the same billboard but just a short distance to one side and you would be viewing it in a completely different manner.

I leave you with this friends.  It is a pleasure to talk to you in this manner.  I would offer you all my individual blessings.


17/11/93 – Peter

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