“It is indeed in these moments of quietness that we are most able to influence you”.

“It is indeed in these moments of quietness that we are most able to influence you”.2013-02-18 19.27.39

So now you begin to appreciate the beauty of silence. It can be a thing of beauty, but one which many people have tremendous trouble in achieving. In the modern society, silence can be deeply embarrassing to those who have not yet learned to live with it. There are those that on even the most quietest of days feel unhappy unless they can turn on a radio, as if they feel ashamed, or perhaps just scared to just enjoy their own company. They have to have the intrusion of the television or radio. Periods of silence should not be unstructured. There is no point just sitting there without saying anything if your mind is dwelling on material worries or concerns.
The mind is such a restless animal that you will not be able to tame it so that nothing goes on at all. What you must try and do is dictate the direction in which your mind travels. Let it focus on restful thoughts, let it focus on things that give you peace, let it focus on those happy memories that we all have.
It is like a dog tugging on a lead, you must keep bringing it back to heal, after a time it will cease to tug on the lead and walk with you rather than fight against you. It is better for you, and better for your dog. This is how it must be with your relaxation and your silence. Once your mind starts to race, pull it backwards, force a restful topic into the centre of your mind. Pushing it in this way, will help give you clarity of direction, don’t let your mind be the master, you must achieve dominance.
It is like giving someone a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Where will they start and what will they do? It can be quite enlightening to watch somebody faced with a blank sheet of paper. Will they start in the centre, or will they feel nervous and start drawing around the edges, will they be bold and brash. The analogy is simple your mind can be like the sheet of paper. It is up to you what you draw on it. It is up to you what you allow to play in front of your, consciousness. It is up to you what channel of the television you watch.
It is indeed in these moments of quietness that we are most able to influence you. Normally your mind shouts loud enough to drown us out, we would need a megaphone to communicate with you. We would have to stand very close and shout in your ear. You are making more noise than us.
You talk of going into a quietness, but does anybody really understand what this means? I would suspect that most don’t, I would also suspect that no effort is given to help people to understand what this means. You go into a quietness, encouraging people to relax, to focus their thoughts. The thoughts do not have to be on spirit, or on God, or on any religious topic, they can be on their prized vegetables in the back of their garden, they can be of a valued photograph of their grandchildren, it can be anything that gives them pleasure.
Do not dictate the way people think. Let them embrace what is best for them. They will soon know whether it be a stinging nettle or a daffodil.
Times of quietness should be savoured. It is a gift that you must work at. It is not easy, the quietness is coming into competition with so much else in your minds. Were you to relax sufficiently and go to sleep, it would not matter. It would show that your body, when freed of the stresses of your mind, takes what sleep and rest it needs. There will be those that you meet that will find it hard to relax. This is the area which I feel that you should tackle first of all. Do not forget the spiritual lessons, but do not heap them on top of people. Indeed keep them to one side, foster instead that peaceful feeling, foster instead the persons ability to get to know himself or herself. To feel comfortable enough with themselves, and with those gathered around them, that they can relax. They have no need to put on an act, they have no need to be anything other than what they are. But rejoice in what they are, it matters not.
Much is made of meditation, but what is meditation except an inner communion. You may find this surprising when you think you are communing with external influences. Is it not easier to communicate with internal influences, with your spirit? Why always look outside for the answers? Why carry an encyclopaedia yet rush to the library every time you want to look something up. Make more of your own resources, these are your spiritual resources. You are all gifted friends.
Can you imagine that these gifts were handed to you without us expecting you to make use of them? But do not do it to please us. Do it because it is the right thing to do. Don’t do it because it gives you satisfaction, do it because it needs to be done.; do it because it gives somebody else happiness. Do it because it may bring someone else fulfilment, or some comfort. One thing is for sure friends, you will get no satchel of gold from the spirit. So what will you get? What you’ll get friends is joy, and inner happiness, a contentment you didn’t know existed. You will receive enlightenment, these are not bribes, these are all yours, you’ve just not got around to picking them up.
So encourage the quietness, dispel any embarrassment, foster a sense of well being, a feeling of security. Bring any outsiders, or those that feel they are an outsider, into the centre of your group. Gently ease forward any that would remain quiet. That is not a contradiction, it is those that are shy, those that feel they have nothing to give. Encourage them forwards, offer praise, but offer love, hold out your hands to these people, as we hold out ours to you.
Your rewards will be manifold friends. There is no need to wish you success. There is no need to wish you God’s speed, because you have already embarked upon this pathway, you have chosen what it is you are now doing.
I leave you with you the image of a young tree, no more than a sapling, the tree is quite alone, it is growing, it has made it’s first tentative steps, it is no more than three or four feet tall, but already it has leaves, already it has tasted the sun on its limbs, already it has felt the rain. There are many more buds on this small little tree yet to open, and with your help they will.
I offer you my blessings friends and those of the creator.
06/12/93 – Peter

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