“It’s like sticking your hands in treacle”

“It’s like sticking your hands in treacle”2013-02-18 19.27.39

“Hello everyone”, “Hello everyone”

(All replied “Hello Bob”).

I’m back again, I’ll get into trouble if I keep coming,  no it’s all right,  I won’t really.  I’ve been listening to what you’ve been saying.  It’s interesting, but I think you’re getting a bit confused on some parts.  It’s like sticking your hands in treacle.  You notice that if you put your hands in treacle you’ve got a job to move your hands about.  You put your hands in water, see how easy it is, and they don’t go all sticky like your hands do in treacle.

You were talking earlier about “I wants”, now this can be a bit like putting your hands in treacle, it’s sticky.  Don’t bog yourselves down with it.  ‘Cos we know what you’re doing and we know where you are.  You’re each doing what you’re meant to be doing, do you follow that?  You’re just doing it; if you weren’t meant to be doing it then you wouldn’t be doing it.  That’s really true, even if what you’re doin’ is naughty, you’re still meant to be doing it.  So don’t let yourselves get bogged down.  Don’t try swimming in treacle when you could swim in the sea.  If nothing else, you would drown trying to swim in the treacle, and you can just as easily drown yourselves in ideas.

You have to think to yourselves what you’re really after.  Don’t worry too much about the “I wants”.  Don’t think to yourself, “Oh I’d better not say “I want”, I’ll change that to something else”, ‘cos no matter what you say out loud or say in your head when you’re quiet, it’s what you feel, that’s what makes the difference.  You can say, “thy will be done”, but really thinking, “I would really like this”, do you see what I mean?  It’s not even thinking, it’s you feeling, that’s the thing.  It’s your instinct if you like, it’s tricky this, I’m a bit stuck for a word.  If I said, it’s what makes you, YOU, would you understand?  It’s the real YOU I’m talking about, it’s being yourself, so don’t worry about where you come from, don’t worry about, “what am I doing here?”  ‘Cos it really doesn’t matter at all.  Understand yourselves for what you are, good bits and the bad bits, ‘cos the bad bits really aren’t as bad as what you think they are, not unless you’re really bad, and you’re not really bad are you?

Accept yourselves for what you truly are, accept yourselves as being imperfect.  You’re bound to have slip-ups, you’re bound to swear a bit.  Don’t worry, don’t worry you’re not angels.  Just accept you’re who you are and come to terms with it.  If you accept who you are and come to terms with it and it’s the real you, I think you’ll find that you’re not gonna want to change, not the REAL YOU.  Not the you you’re trying to make people think you are, not the you that’s trying to impress people.

We can see through all that and the people that you’re trying to impress can see all that as well.  It’s like if you’ve got a little baby, now you don’t try and impress the little baby ‘cos it won’t know you’re trying to impress it.  You just give of yourself don’t you, can you follow that?  It’s good.  There’s lots better ways of putting this – mind you being me I don’t know ‘em, but there’s better ways of saying this that makes it sound much more important.  But what is important is not to worry, right.

Try not to hate people, I know you can’t always love people, but try not to hate them ‘cos that doesn’t do you or them any good at all.  No, it really doesn’t do you any good at all.  Accept ‘em for what they are as you accept You for what You are, ‘cos they’re probably struggling as well.

You have to know that you’re not unique, well you are unique in one way, but you’re not unique in having problems, you’re not unique in having a bad back or a bad leg, other people suffer as well.  So tolerance, that’s the thing, from tolerance and understanding gets to loving. But first you’ve got to get tolerance and understanding with yourself, all right?

You’ll be talking to me next.  I don’t know what more to say really.  You can treat this as a bit of a nudge, not a big nudge, just a little nudge, ‘cos you’re not needing big nudges.  It’s like a slight change of course, not a big change, ‘cos you’re doing all right, you just need a slight change of course.

Anyway I’ll say good-bye.

Group – Good-bye, thank you for coming, nice to hear from you.*

Bob – I’d say thank you for thinking of me.

Group – We like it when you come through, you have a nice way of talking to us.

Bob – Thank you.

Group – Did you get the parcels?

Bob – Ha (laugh).

Group – Have you had a lot of parcels?**

Bob – Yeah, don’t forget the parcels.  Shows you’re listening.  Bye, bye then.

Group – Bye, bye thank you for coming.

*The rapport achieved between Bob and the Group was such that we would often finish a “communication” with him in this manner. Almost like concluding a telephone call to a good friend.

**Please see the reading from the 22nd June where Bob was suggesting we parcel up any worries we might have and “send” them to him to deal with.


29/06/94 – Peter

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