Judgement Heaven and Hell

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The concept of heaven and hell has been much discussed for thousands of years.  I can say to you in truth that there is no such place as the heaven as depicted by your more romantic novelists, and also that there is no such place as the fire and brimstone hell.  How can any one who accepts the premise of an all-encompassing, loving and forgiving God, also contemplate the concept of eternal punishment.  The two are mutually incompatible.

There is an old earth saying of “be sure your sins will always find you out”.  This is more like the truth as you will experience it, your sins will be found out, but they will not be found out by anyone other than yourselves.  There will be no judge and jury, you will be your own judge and you yourself will judge if you are found wanting or not.  You yourself will condemn yourself.

The love of the father is that his forgiveness, which extends to all corners of the universe, will forgive you quicker than you will forgive you.  Once free of this mortal body, once the shackles of your earth bound existence have fallen away, you will have time to be contemplative; you will have time to look closely at your actions; like re-running an old film.  You will be gifted with hindsight.  You will judge yourself.

30/08/93 – Peter

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