Many people can travel the whole length of their life and be content with what they have, yet never realise that there is a spirit resident within them.

Many people can travel the whole length of their life and be content with what they have, yet never realise that there is a spirit resident within them.

It is hard to compete against the warmth of your fire and the comfort of your furniture, yet I have succeeded.2013-02-18 19.27.39

I must talk to you of discipline.  It is not enough to relax so much so that you fall asleep and expect spirit to do all the work, communication must be of two sides.  We create the conditions on our side and you must try and create the conditions on yours.  It is not merely enough for us to try to speak to you before you fall asleep.

You can be relaxed in body, yet positive in mind.  The mind should be kept under control, it should be kept under control at all times, not just when you are meditating.  Allow the mind a chance and it will seek dominance, you will be following your mind rather than your mind following you and doing your bidding.  In all things remain calm.

If I was to show you a chest full of treasure, and show you a field full of summer flowers, which one would you find the most attractive, the most alluring?  Would you first scoop up the treasure before going to the field?  Would you perhaps ignore the treasure all together?  What is the difference between the man made objects in the treasure chest and the flowers in the fields?  They are both in their own ways things of beauty, and things that have been crafted with care.  It would be foolish to say that because this object is man-made, and that other object is natural, that the man-made object is of no worth.  Man has been endowed with a gift to produce things of beauty, where man has gone wrong is to worship them.

Material objects should be viewed as what they are, they are material objects, whether they be things of beauty, or tools for you to use.  The flowers in the fields are living creatures. I use the word creatures in a very broad based way.  It is not necessary to differentiate between plants, plant life and animal life.  All things are endowed with a life.

Have you ever considered the similarity between some groups of the animal kingdom and yourselves?  There are numerous examples in nature of where one animal or bird takes a mate for life.  When a mate is lost, the surviving animal or bird would grieve, and in many cases it would result in their death.  Yet animals are motivated solely by natural thoughts.  Does this mean that the vision of eternal life is not theirs to enjoy?  It would surely be egotistical in the extreme to consider that only man has a future life, that only man has been endowed with a soul.

It is the natural lot of man that he worries about what comes next, and what comes next will always include what happens after he has died.  As is always the case, legends of gigantic proportions have built up around this unknown area, and many people have exploited this for their own ends.  Your history is littered with such carryings on.  Even in death man will exploit his neighbour.

I cannot say that you are the lucky ones because you have an idea, a realisation of what is to come.  Because luck does not enter into it.  You are in-tune, and you are becoming more aware.  With some people there is something within them that causes them to go off to explore the far flung corners of the world.  They have an insatiable desire to see what is over the next hill, or the other side of an ocean.  With others, and it is by no means a less modest ambition, with others it is to seek to become one with themselves, to become aware of the eternal life that permeates all things, that’s “all things”, not just what you would class as living things.

I would place you in this category.  It is as if you have a complete jigsaw in front of you, but you still feel something is missing. You have not achieved fulfilment.  It is an understanding that there is more to life than what your senses will lead you to believe.  There comes a time when you cannot rely upon your senses, there comes a time when you have to rely upon your spirit.

Many people can travel the whole length of their life and be content with what they have, yet never realise that there is a spirit resident within them.  At this moment, I must caution you against thinking that because you are aware of this, that you are more favoured than they are.  Simply put, it is evolution, you are evolving.

Consider nature, it is always I find my best example.  Some trees will grow at an almost alarming rate, growing many feet in a season.  While others take years to germinate and many more years to reach maturity.  It is just in the nature of the particular tree.  You could not imply that any one tree is better than the other, you could only say that one has grown quicker than the other.

Beware of this at all times.  You have chosen to pick up a heavy load, the spiritual path is not the soft option.  You will give yourselves much soul searching, you will question your thoughts and your actions, you will be plagued with conscience.  But this is all part of it, this is part of your evolution.  You’re evolving into more spiritual beings.

When you are born, it is like being presented with a blackboard and a piece of chalk.  It is up to you what you write on the blackboard.  But I would remind you that what ever you write on the blackboard cannot be erased.  Consider a very long blackboard many, many feet long, you start on the left hand side perhaps, gradually working your way along during the course of your life to the opposite side.  Your whole life would be seen.  All your actions would be there for others to observe.  But you will not be judged, you may choose to self judge, but you will not be judged by others.

It is a sobering thought, that what ever you write on the blackboard will remain on there.  Keep this upper most in your mind, but do not let it be a worry.  We are here to advise you, we are here to teach you.  The best method of all for teaching is by example, and it is by examples given to you that I believe you will learn.

Come the spring there will be the opportunities for which you have been waiting.  When you see the daffodils blooming in your gardens, perhaps you will remember these words.  Gods blessing to you all friends.

 10/01/94 – Peter

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