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We have tried to teach her to remain as peaceful as she can in any condition she finds herself in, and to learn to work in any conditions she finds herself in. And so, therefore, in this then, you have no rules or regulations as to where you should stand or where you should sit. And so for you to realise in this there is a certain amount of freedom, and in this freedom then you are able to stand and give forth with the full knowledge and understanding that spirit will enter you as its been done before, over and over again through aeons of time.

I did stand up, the spirit did enter me, and I did speak.

And it’s an age old law this, it’s nothing new, but it is for you to realise that you can, that you are, and that you recognise you are, an instrument whereby we can send those, or get those who will come to speak to you, who say the right word at the right time and in the right place. And so if you will accept the fact that you are guided, you are protected.

When you go into any church, or where ever you go to do any work at all, you remind yourself of the little prayer I’ve given to my little one, that she does ask the great God for guidance, for protection, and that she will be peaceful as she possibly can be.

And if you follow these lines which are very simple, and if you realise also then that many, many are called, but very few are chosen. So if you can have the faith in God, stand up, and know all things are possible with you, and through you. So in this then, you are being upheld with spirit in all you do, your material life is your own affair, but you are being guided through difficult passages, and were you to look you would see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

So with this then we give to you our, could we say, congratulations if you like, but for you to reap the benefit of knowing that you are placed on a path and if you stand on that path, stay on that path, walk along that path, and let no man stand before you or deter you, you will find then it will pay its dividends spiritually, and that materially you will reap the benefits.

And so to you then each one, thank you each for your love and co-operation. You say you have faith in this little one, and you keep your faith in God and trust those that have spoken to you are speaking a truth to enlighten you, uphold you, and to bid you to go on. So with this then I leave you and I pray that the light that you are giving forth will send love and healing to someone somewhere.

Good evening, bless you.
27/04/93 – Olive

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