Over the years man has lost sight of the direction in which he should travel – ….So what’s gone wrong?

Over the years man has lost sight of the direction in which he should travel – ….So what’s gone wrong?2013-02-18 19.27.39

Years ago man was in harmony with himself, he measured time not by the hands of the watch, but by the passing of the sun through the heavens, or by the passage of the seasons.  He was able to tell at what time he should plant the seeds, he was able to tell whether they needed water, or whether they needed feeding, he was able to tell when was the best time for the crop to be harvested.  He was in harmony with the animal kingdom.  Animals were killed, but they were killed because of a need for food, because man had to survive.  They were not killed for fun, they were not kept in appalling conditions, they were treated with respect.

So what’s gone wrong?

Over the years man has lost sight of the direction in which he should travel.  The concept of “free will” has been banded around on numerous occasions by many people.  It is how you exercise this free will, it is how you take up the option that is important.  Man has chosen to go the material path.  He has chosen to cultivate his base instincts.  He has allowed this spiritual side to go without nurture.  In effect, he is becoming barren.

It is all too easy to dismiss these material desires.  It is very easy to look down from a pious view point.  But the material need, and the material instinct, is there in all of us.  It is one more obstacle you have to over-come.  See it for what it is.  You can use it as a tool, but use it as a tool such as a plough, that makes furrows across the field to enable the harvest to grow.  Use your knowledge and your understanding of your material self as a means to identify these areas of yourself in others.  Know them for that they are and treat them accordingly.

Greed and lust are pretty much the same.  There is greed for money, or greed for power, or greed for control.  It is pretty much the same.  When seen from a cosmic view point, and by cosmic I mean from a view point of one who has no need of a material body, it seems so sad that so much effort has been expended on gathering material needs, and to allow these material needs to become the dominating factor; the new television, the new car, keeping up and surpassing the “Jones”.  It is terribly sad.  It is like watching a once beautiful pond become choked with weeds.  The weeds have prevented sunlight and oxygen from reaching the water.  The spirit, the essential part of the pond, is dying.  The tragedy is that the material man does not recognise this.

You must pursue the path that you have chosen.  The path you have chosen is a result of experiences throughout both this life, and previous lives.  It is a path you have made yourself.  Obstacles or lessons are there because they are meant to be there.  Material temptations are there because they are meant to be there.  They are lessons you should see, they are obstacles you could overcome.  It is easy to stray from the path and embrace the material side.

It is like the cow tethered to a stake and forced to go round and round the stake on a piece of rope.  The cow will dig itself deeper and deeper into the ground as time goes by.  Were this unhappy state of events to continue, the cow would be unable to get out of the hole it had dug for itself.  It is even worse with man, not only will he be unable to get out of the hole that he had dug for himself, but he would be unwilling to do so as well.

The beauties and wonders that he can see in the shops, outweigh the beauties and wonders that are promised by the Lord.  It is a tragedy.  It is one my children you must overcome.  It is one that you must help others to see.  Beat the drum, for your efforts call attention to yourself by the work you do.  Be an example.  Show there is an alternative, offer a choice.

It is like a balance, on one side of the balance you have the pleasure that money can buy, on the other side of the balance you have the eternal beauty of the spirit.  You have to try to re-dress this balance in yourself and others.  Be my crusaders friends.  Because by your efforts you will be known.

It is important that you will be known by your efforts in a human life rather than  in a spirit life.  You have more opportunity to influence others in your daily existence than you have from here.  It is indeed one of the reasons that you are here, or should I say one of the reasons why you are in the physical form.  It is to offer you the chance to influence others.

It will be a battle.  Commerce and industry can be formidable opponents.  Adopt a peaceful life.  Show by your contemplation of the eternal God that the ravages of modern life have passed you by.  You have seen them, you may have experienced them, you may not have escaped unscathed, but you will be stronger for it.

There are many crossroads in people’s lives, we would ask you to be at that crossroads friends when there is a choice to be made for others.  Do not force them to go down the path that you think is right for them, but try and explain the options.  Perhaps a simple bit of explanation, perhaps by your appearance, perhaps by your example the person would be swayed sufficiently to take one step away from the material and one step towards the spiritual.  Is that not a mighty reward?  Is that not worth the effort?

Do not treat material things as your enemies, they are merely tools, used sensibly and wisely they will be of comfort.  For they are what they are, they are objects, they are transient they will be left behind.  There is no point in amassing enormous empires.  They are so fragile.  It is sad to see mans pre-occupation with increasing the size of the mountain he has made for himself.  It is even more tragic because the mountain he thinks he has made for himself is a pit.  He is digging deeper and deeper, he is becoming farther from the light.  It is like a mirror image the higher up he sees himself, in actuality the deeper down he becomes.

Be at the crossroads friends when a decision has to be made, perhaps the person will just think of you.  Will think of your example.  Let that inner joy shine through, let your relaxed appearance and your happy countenance be sufficient.

The wheel will indeed turn full circle, and man must one day find himself again contemplating his spiritual nature.  If man is to survive, this must happen.  We ask for your assistance in this matter friends.

The glory of God is there for everyone.  The glory of God is really what you make it.  It is no good being isolated, it is no good being selfish and hurtful then expecting to be embraced into the higher realms of spirit, because it won’t happen.  It will not happen!  God has infinite love and infinite compassion, man will be welcomed with open arms, but what he sees and what he finds will be of his own making.

As in the hymn friends;, “help to set his higher self free”.  Before he can do that, he has to identify that he has a higher side.  This task I place in your hands.

Thanks you for listening to me friends.

Please take note of what I have said.

I bless you all.

27/09/93 – Peter

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