Sharing the Bread (Knowledge)

2013-02-18 19.27.39Sharing the Bread (Knowledge)

(This communication came in two parts, the first from a “Guide” or Teacher and the other from “Bob” who first communicated with us a few days before and became a regular visitor to our group.              It was extremely unusual to have spirit talk to us twice on one sitting, and our dear friend Bob who was always close to the group, came through not long after the previous “speaker”. He came with the intention of clarifying and simplifying (as well as elevating our group spirits) what for us was a fairly weighty discourse.)

Part 1

The story goes that Jesus said to his disciples that he would make them fishers of men.  Whether or not Jesus ever said this is unimportant, what is important is that you understand the substance of the words.  “He will make them fishers of men if they follow him”.

The disciples were learning much.  They were all simple folk, but they were blessed with the opportunity of learning from a great teacher.  But what was required of them was to share that knowledge.  It was never intended that the disciples would sit as omnipotent kings.  It was intended that they became workers.  Intended that they because guides.  I can see that you may be concerned about the use of the word “guide”, so often it has connotations with this side speaking to yourselves.  But cannot an earthly man also be a guide?  Is not a signpost a guide?  It is pointing the direction.  Can you not also be signposts and point the direction?

As this summer progresses the farmers will be looking at their crops and they will decide upon the time at which to harvest the crops, to make use of the crops.  This is as it is with yourself.  We are suggesting an evaluation.  We address you in this fashion, we hear your conversations, we hear your discussions and though they may not always be accurate, they are always worthy.  So why not do something with your understanding?  Why not share it?

We are aware of the enlarged group and we applaud your efforts.  But we urge you onwards.  We urge you to be more positive.  Do not be put off by expecting an adverse reaction from people, do not fear derision.  You could look at derision as somebody requesting knowledge.  They do not understand something so they make fun of it.  Is the person not really saying “please help me, please guide me”; man being what he is, he can seldom be this honest, his reaction is to throw the stone first and think second.  But have we not given you sufficient armour to protect yourselves from such onslaught’s?

You must consider where this group is going.  You must consider its aims and objectives.  We are gratified for the efforts that you have made thus far.  But we are like the proud parents always expecting and hoping for more from their children.  We cannot give you all the answers you seek, you have demonstrated to us that you have the ability to find the answers for yourselves.  Go forward proudly.  Go forward knowing you are immune from attack.  For are you not marching at the head of a great army?

I leave these words with you to reflect upon. 

It will not be an easy reflection for you.

Part 2

Now I don’t want you getting all glum and moody, ‘cos what they’ve been trying to say is that we’re giving you all these cakes and it’s about time you shared them out a bit more.  The trouble is that they can get so confusing, that we really don’t understand what they’re trying to say.  ‘Cos I listen, I’m always here, and it even confuses me, so I ‘spect it must confuse you as well.  Now, you’ve got all these cakes and your never gonna manage to eat them all, so why not give some out?

It’s like the loaves, you can keep cutting them up but you’re not going to run out.  Just share them out a bit, that’s all they’re trying to say, you aint got to charge for ‘em.  You can just give ‘em out.  Well that make more sense to me.  Aye, hope it makes more sense to you.  Yeah, just give the cakes out, a cake here and a cake there, easy aint it.  One thing for sure friends, you’re never going to go hungry, ‘cos you’re well thought of, all of you.  Yeah, so don’t be so grim, have a smile and cheer up.  The next time someone upset you, you surprise ‘em and give ‘em a bit of cake. 

That’ll put a smile on your face and theirs.  Yeah that will. 

Thank you.

27/06/94 – Peter

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