“Since time has begun man has battled with emotions”



“Since time has begun man has battled with emotions”

Emotions are feelings; these feelings are no different from feeling hot or feeling cold, feeling dry or feeling wet.  It is up to you to choose which emotions to harvest, as it is with the farmer to choose whether to harvest the grain or the weeds, it is your choice.  The farmer knows from experience that the weeds produce no crops, nothing he can sell, nothing that he can make into food or feed his animals, this is the same with yourselves.  If you take love as one emotion and anger as another, look at what you can achieve with love; look at what you can achieve with a smile.  It’s like a foundation, you can build upon this.  But what can you achieve with anger?  You achieve nothing; anger is a degradation of your soul.  The more angry you become and the more often you become angry, then the slighter and slighter you will become.  Your spirit will not be harmed, but you will find it harder to reach your spirit.

If you give out love or if you give out compassion these are positive emotions, these are more acceptable to yourself.  Is a smile not more rewarding than a hateful stare?

Since time has begun, man has battled with emotions and he has battled with himself, which is really the same thing. Man is not a machine, man is not a computer; man has a choice.  You can choose whether to say something nice, or whether to say something hurtful, the choice is yours.  The choice will always be yours.  You can also choose to stay silent, if you feel that is the best approach.  But be warned, being silent but thinking wrong thoughts is worse than saying wrong thoughts.  With these, your mind will become into turmoil, you will seethe beneath the surface.  It would be like a clear pond with a large shark swimming angrily around and around underneath it; far better to have a choppy pond and no shark underneath waiting to bite.

In olden days when man was a warrior, certain emotions were necessary.  He would have to decide what he must do to feed his family; he would have to decide how he would protect his family and protect the animals that he depended upon.  These feelings are still inherent in man today, though much has changed.  Man has developed; he’s developed quicker in one way than in another.  His spiritual development has not kept pace with his material development, therefore, some of these emotions, the anger, frustrations and greed, they surface, they make themselves known.  We would much prefer that not to be the case, but that is how it is.  Always remember the choice is yours whether to say something nice, or to say something unpleasant.

What you say will always rebound upon you.  Being angry towards something or to someone, is like throwing a ball against a wall.  It will come back, and that ball can come back faster than you threw it, this is anger.  You throw something, a nasty word, a nasty deed, and it rebounds upon you, you do yourselves no good with this.  The loving thought, the helping hand, we are not asking for martyrs here, we are not asking for pious people.  With a helping hand to someone who could be in distress, or to just to pass the time of day with, that will rebound upon you.  It will rebound in a far more pleasant way than a speeding ball, it would be like being showered with a wondrous perfume, like the wondrous feelings we get in fresh fields the lovely scent, the noises of the insects, the sunshine.  They are the positive things in life; they are what we should be looking for.  These are the thoughts and the actions you should harness.

14/04/93 – Peter

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