So many questions both spoken and unspoken requiring so many answers.

So many questions both spoken and unspoken requiring so many answers. 2013-02-18 19.27.39

So many questions both spoken and unspoken requiring so many answers. Consider the meadow in the height of summer. If you look closely you will see myriads of seeds from various plants being wafted along. Each type of seed is looking for a particular spot upon which to land, particular conditions necessary for its growth. Some will require sunny spots while others would require shade.
So it is with ideas, questions. You yourselves provide the conditions upon which ideas can flourish. You open yourselves up to be the seed bed. But you permit such seeds as greed and envy, anger and doubt, to flourish along with kindness and love. You yourselves have created these conditions. You must nurture your seed bed. You must make it a place where such negative ideas cannot flourish.
Picture the seeds from a dandelion, being blown everywhere. They land so gently that you can fail to notice that they are even there, but in time they grow. So it is with many negative thoughts and emotions. Before you realise it your garden can be overgrown.
The prudent gardener is one who is ever ready with the hoe, and the wise gardener is the one who knows what to remove and what to encourage to grow. What I am saying is “prepare yourselves”. Examine your gardens, be ruthless, but you can only be ruthless by being honest. You are what you are, but what you are can be changed, what you are can be improved, improved to your own benefit. We are not suggesting you do this for no reward. Would you rather not look out of your window at a beautiful garden, wondrous blooms filling your house with the most exquisite of perfumes, than look at a bare weed infested or overgrown plot? It requires effort, effort from you.
It is like a house. No matter how attractive the house may seem without its supporting foundations it would not last. So it is with yourselves. Prepare the garden, build the foundations, enter fully into the spirit of the things. There is no magical gardener going to come round to your house for you. It is your own efforts that are required. But I can assure you friends, that you each have in waiting a wonderful garden. One that will provide you with much joy and peace of mind. You each have it like a packet of seeds yet to be sown. These seeds have always been yours, yours by right. They have just waited for you to create the conditions.
Encourage your mind to dwell upon more spiritual or God aware thoughts. I’m not suggesting you become pious. For is not the summer meadow a God inspired thought, as are the leafy lanes, and the pictures of your loved ones. Aim for an attainable target and once this target has been achieved, aim for the next higher target. Do not attempt to climb the mountain in one bound. Be like your mountaineers and establish camps.
I will finish by saying friends, that if you provide the conditions, and you are aware that you already have the seeds, we will supply the sun and the rain. I will leave you now with my blessings, know that you are not alone in your struggles for there are always those around you that will help and guide. It matters not whether they are seen or unseen, but accept they are there.
God bless you.

23/03/94 – Peter

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