“So the knowledge that you are spirit first, foremost and forever is the most basic of knowledge”.

 “So the Knowledge that you are Spirit First, Foremost and Forever is the most basic of Knowledge”.Magic book

There are many ways in which the same problem can be tackled or looked at.  Consider the sandwich, you might prefer your sandwich cut straight across the middle, others may prefer theirs diagonal, yet others may prefer theirs with the crusts cut off, or thick sliced, or thin sliced, or white bread, or brown bread; such a multiplicity of choices for the simple sandwich. Perhaps each one would describe their method of its preparation as “the” method, with the others being wrong, or perhaps not to their taste; so many variations for such a simple food. Indeed if you think of it, the sandwich is probably the most basic of meals.

As the sandwich is the most basic of meals, so the knowledge that you are spirit first, foremost and forever is the most basic of knowledge. It is the corner stone upon which your whole life must be built. The corner stone need not have been laid in this lifetime; it could have been laid eons ago.  Your knowledge, your acceptance, your awareness has increased.  Your questions are becoming sharper; your requirements more specific.  What you once may have accepted, you now question.

You are not content to sit under the tree in the shade, you have to go forth and explore. For in the shade of the mighty oak few things can grow. You have decided to go forth from under its shelter to see what the rest of the world can offer. Some choose to spend their whole life in the shadow; their needs are very simply met. Do not decry them for this, for as we say, there are many pathways, and their pathway at this time may not lead out into the field. And what a wondrous place the field is, with the tall grass waving in the wind, the multiplicity of wild flowers. The amount of colours and variations available is breath taking.

Have you ever wondered as you cross the field, of the life that goes on all around you; of the small field flowers trying to fight their way up to avoid being chocked, so that they get their share of the sun and of the rain; the small animals scurrying around beneath your feet, and burrowing beneath the surface of the earth.

Life exists on many levels. All life was brought into being, all life is necessary. Can you imagine the creator, one so powerful that he brought the universe into being, would cause superfluous things to exist?

Were it not meant to be there, then it would not be there. Everything has a purpose, from the tiny borrowing earth worm to the giant whale swimming in the sea.

I deliberately did not choose a structure, I deliberately did not say from the burrowing earth worm to the man. That would then imply a structure, a pyramid perhaps with man at the pinnacle.

Man very much likes to think he is there at the top of the pyramid, with all other forms of life being subservient to him. Indeed man likes to think that other men are subservient to him. What a misguided creature he is. What he has forgotten is that all forms of life have a divine right of existence, because it was the divine that created them.

Man through his influence over the centuries has caused many “out of balances” to occur, from the dry dust bowls of America, to famines in Africa. Man with his knowledge of technology could do much to alleviate these, but man with greed as his God chooses not to. It is a matter of emphasis. It is a matter of priorities.

Man’s degree of cruelty is matched only by his lack of awareness, his disregard for other forms of life and of course for his disregard for his fellow man.

So why do I talk to you in this manner? It is unrealistic to expect that you can change the World; it is unrealistic to expect your influence to spread to far corners of the World. But consider that old saying “that a person may be in a world of their own”, so start first with your own individual worlds, make them a happy and balanced place in which to live, allow no warring factions, seek only harmony. Once you have achieved this task, then you can expand your world.

Consider the Sun; the Sun is the heart of your solar system.  Imagine you are the Sun, you are putting your own world to rights first; you are creating that atmosphere where you can live at peace with yourself. Once you have achieved this, you could then go out to your satellites. Your influence can affect those closest to you. But remember, man has free choice and free will, do not expect them to think as you do, and to understand as you do. Do not be disappointed if they disagree.

Disappointment implies expectations, and your normal expectations are that someone else will agree with you, were this not your expectation then you would not have been disappointed. So consider your own expectations. If the ability to feel disappointment is in your shopping bag, I would ask you to throw it out. You will feel much better for it. Why carry such extraneous things with you? Leave them behind, your journey will be all the lighter for it.

Your foundations are good and strong friends, the walls are solid, there is no danger of slippage occurring. I would finally ask you that when your building is complete, to leave the doors open.  I bless you all friends.


13/12/93 – Peter

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