Spiritual Pathways


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In this World there are many,  many roads, and off these roads are more roads. Some of these roads have no ends and others do.
 In your World you call roads by name and dead- ends you may call  cul-de-sacs. These are material roads.
 Spiritual roads, or pathways as we would prefer to call them, are not dissimilar to your material roads. There is one difference though, and that is Spiritual pathways are not always labelled. They do not always have names. There are dead- ends also but this may not always be clear at the time. Often you feel the need of a signpost- you do not like the unmarked road.
 It is only passing through an unmarked pathway that the hardest lessons can be learnt.
 It is like the ship in uncharted waters. All the skill and knowledge of the Captain is called upon to navigate such waters.
 So it is with your pathways. To be able to navigate in uncharted waters where you have not been before, and where the destination is shrouded as if in a fog. It cannot be seen. It is in these times that you should draw on your Spiritual strength, like the Captain draws on his skill, to overcome un-calm waters so that the journey can continue as if the waters were becalmed.
You will know when the Ships’ siren can be sounded to celebrate the successful navigation through such waters.
God Bless.

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