“Stillness is like an oasis in a desert of turmoil”


“Stillness is like an oasis in a desert of turmoil”

The mind is like a restless wind, blowing this way and that.  You are like a piece of paper caught up in that wind, where ever it lands is an accident.  Or perhaps it is not an accident?  If you are to believe in one plan, one uniform plan, then there can be no accidents.  All events are pre planned at a level you could not begin to imagine, the paper, the wind, yourselves – this is no accident!

“What will be will be” there can be no exceptions to this rule.  You could just as well fight where the wind intends to take you.  It is like trying to row a boat up a waterfall, a wise man knows not to do so, a foolish man does not.

Stillness is like an oasis in a desert of turmoil.  There is wind all around.  The wise man is calm within that oasis.  It is like being in the eye of a storm.  The storm however, will pass above you, and you will remain isolated and secure from the wind.

You talked about “going within”, that is an interesting notion, “to go within”.  It presumes you were outside to start with, and of course you’re not.  You’re lost, you’re outside and you have forgotten where you are and who you are.  So you are not “going within”, you are “returning home”, to that inner peace, that dwelling where-in spirit resides.

You cannot remove yourself from the world completely; otherwise it would not be worth being here, as you would not gain the experiences you need to gain.  Be strong both in mind and spirit.  Man say’s that the mind can be broken and the spirit defeated, but they are wrong.

Consider it as a retreat, as a closing of doors between yourself and the outside world.  As they close you will become isolated from the turmoil all around you.  Initially you will be unable to do this completely, but there will be moments of calmness, moments of peace.  This can be experienced.  The more you return the easier this state of being will be to obtain and the longer it will last.

Consider the runner.  The first time he runs a lap he will be exhausted.  Later, and as time goes by and as he practices, the laps will become easier and he will forget his original exhaustion and marvel at his new found ability.  This is how it should be with yourself.  The first time you close the door there will be many intrusions.  What to eat perhaps, you worry over a lack of money, the things you must do, what he said, what she said.  Your mind focuses on illusion, there is nothing tangible in these illusions, there is nothing to take with you.  The second time as you close the doors tight, the period of calm will last longer.  Do not make the mistake of desperately trying to “think of nothing”, as this is as bad as allowing the intrusions to enter.  Your mind won’t allow you to think of nothing.

Don’t try to focus on an object.  In the few seconds as you fall asleep at night, there is a short transition state between the waking state and the sleep state where there are no dreams.  Work a day life slips away as you leave one state to reach for another.

It’s a state of mind.  I hesitate to use the word ‘mind’ as the mind is material.  Let me change that to a “state of being”.  The mind should be controlled, but the mind should not be derided.  You are proceeding along your chosen pathway under the guidance of spirit.  Your actions have been modified.

Consider where you may have been, and what you may have become without the prodding from spirit.  However, you must take some credit for yourself, where you are today is not all spirits doing, it is mainly down to you.  Remember you are spirit first.

So relax.  You could get a head start on the other runners by starting half a lap in front.  Try calming the mind throughout the day; don’t be taken over by jealousy, by anger, or other earthly attributes.  There is no-one in the spirit world that did not suffer from these.  Recognise them for what they are; they are barriers to reaching peace and harmony.  When anger takes over, recognise it as a hurdle you should jump.  Is it not easier this way?

There is a gap between theory and practice in all things.  You must make efforts to close the gap.  There is no magical wand, and even if there were, we wouldn’t wave it as you would not learn the lessons you have come here to learn.

Plan each day as a step.  Each step will take you closer and closer to the first lap.  Identify your material wants and needs, identify your material emotions, and deal with them.  Don’t carry them around; you will only buckle under the strain.  Remember that it is a self imposed load.  There is no law which says you have to carry them with you, there is no one here who would be that cruel.  You have much time in which to do these things; time is on your side.  There is an old saying, “Go in peace”; you would do well to remember that.  Don’t just say it to others, say it to yourself.  Remember the hurdles.

As you jump the hurdles, you don’t go back to pick them up, you pass the hurdle and it is gone, left behind you.  That is how it must be.  All must be accomplished, all hurdles to be passed before you can “go within”, or to put it correctly, “to return”.  Experience what the world and spirit have to offer.

Go in peace my friends, God is with you, he is around you, and inside of you.  You are all God conscious.

My blessings are upon you, so go in peace friends.

There are no hurdles so desirable that you need to take them with you.


22/03/93 – Peter



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