The “Divine Will” flows through all things, the grass, the air, the flowers.

2013-02-18 19.27.39“The Divine Will flows through all things, the grass, the air, the flowers”. 

I must talk to you of this.  I am the master.  It is at my feet that you kneel.  You kneel on the grass around my feet, from that ground wild flowers grow, the flowers lean over my feet eager to make contact.

I now am with you. Also at the feet of the master. I sit not in awe, but in love.  Happy in the knowledge that I am recognised.

I am now with the flowers.  My petals are eager to touch the feet of the master.  How gratified I feel when they are able to make that contact.

I am the grass upon which you sit.  The air upon which you breathe.  I am all these things simultaneously.  Yet I am no different from you.  We are all part of the one God.  There will never become a time when I shall weary of saying this to you.

The “Divine Will” flows through all things, the grass, the air, the flowers.  It takes little effort on your part to look for the beauty in these things.

One single drop of dew upon the leaf – notice how it magnifies the leaf’s structure, helping you to see things more clearly.

You do not sit at the feet of the master as subjects; you do not really sit there as children;  we sit there because we are part of the whole.  We are indivisible.

Consider the jigsaw, were you to separate one or two pieces, could you look at the picture then as being the complete picture, or would you look at the picture and see the separation?

For many years man has walked this planet, learning, striving.  Always he turns to the physical, because man is physical.  But he is still part of the great jigsaw.

Can you imagine that even though the jigsaw is very large, and you are individual pieces, very small yet the same picture exists in each of the small pieces as it did in the whole.  What I am saying is, the small piece of jigsaw is just a tiny version of the large piece, a miniature of the whole jigsaw.  It is just a reflection.

The jigsaw is just the same example as the water and the ocean and I feel you become wearied by my constant reference to them; but my constant reference is only a reflection of the importance I attach to it.  Think on it as you will, choose the example that sits best with you.  All that is important is that you understand there is no difference between the small drop of water and the ocean, one is just a smaller version of the other.  Once you begin to grasp the concept, no matter how hard and unbelievable it may seem, you will have turned a corner, and light that was previously hidden by the corner will become apparent to you.

Please spend time thinking upon this, I cannot stress to highly its importance.  It is not a question of your paying “lip service” to the idea, it is a question of you understanding it and living it, of knowing that there is absolutely no difference between the tiny drop of water and the ocean.  It is solely a matter of scale.  One is contained in the other.

Man has many choices, many directions upon which he can travel upon his path.  The paths are like quills on a porcupine they are so numerous that you don’t always notice them as being paths, or being new directions.  It is not just the momentous changes of directions that are important, it is your daily changes of directions that matter.  Not just your changes of direction, it is your continuance of the path upon which you are travelling.  You may be going down the same path you did many years before.  You must understand it is a different “you” going down that path now.  You are viewing the same scene, but you’re seeing it differently.  Attractions which were there in the past have no meaning for you now.  What perhaps you once saw as a dull wall, is now marvellously coloured, you are viewing it differently.  Perhaps you could view your journey as a circle and each time you go around the circle you are seeing it differently.  It is only when it all appears all the same you are not progressing, you are not learning.

Take delight in the world that is around you friends.  Take delight in the knowledge that you are spirit.  And the God force that created the universe and brought it into being, exists within you.

I leave you now with my blessings friends, God bless you all.

21/03/94 – Peter

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