The Farce of our Democracies

Landscape of Big Ben and Palace of Westminster with Bridge and T 19th October 2012

The Farce of our Democracies

Yes the American elections are a farce but so are most western democracies. True democracy does not prevail. Peoples are not empowered. The political process does not offer a genuine choice for selecting representatives. The process is shrouded in secrecy and at its core are powerful vested interests and money. Our politicians seek political power by following a pathway of courting approval from the vested interest groups. Having gained power their energies are then focused on retaining this approval and holding on to power. They know that powerful institutions and wealthy individuals can withdraw their approval and that their political career would then be over. I have often asked myself if we may be better off with a benign dictator who has no need to worry about losing power and instead can concentrate on looking after the state and his people. The governance of the state would not be subject to constant changes in the direction of policy every four or five years.

The transfer of manufacturing has always been a concern to me. When I worked for the Public company engineering group and I saw what was happening in the late 60’s and 70’s I remember voicing my misgivings. The debates, at the time, suggested that we would benefit from making high value goods and being the designers to the world. Well that did not happened. The technology and design have either been stolen or given away.

I read about the BAE and EADs collapse in the FT on12th October. The suggestion was Merkel was not happy about German jobs if the defence business was run from London and civil aircraft from Toulouse.

I now realise there is nothing we can do until there is force for change. Whilst governments can borrow there will not be any desire from the people to destabilise their society and there will not be any change. When there is no longer any money then there will be social unrest, as there is in Greece at the moment. I fear there will be violent consequences in the UK because of the changed make up of the population and the different religious, social and cultural groups who will exploit change with extreme demands in order to satisfy their own agendas.

What surprised me about the BBC and Jimmy Saville saga is that so many people seemed to know of the abuse and many more were aware of the allegations yet nothing officially surfaced until now. I have to say I was one who was not aware.

Any power the UK had in the world was taken away by the US during World War 2 and as the UK economy was given away during the evil Thatcher years it may have been better for what was left to have been sold to the US as a giant theme park. It would have been very easy to fill it with the idiots we have running the country. There could have had been regular spectacles of placing them in stocks and then taking them out to be hung. There were, and still are, enough of them for the shows to take place for a very long time.