The Gateway between the Worlds


The Gateway between the Worlds

 Good evening friends.  I will talk you listen, I talk and you listen then perhaps you understand.  Tonight you discuss gateways. These gateways are paths, paths by which you link your level of consciousness to ours.

We are interested in your discussions, we listen to what you say about relaxation; we listen to what you say about posture.  The important thing to create that link, to produce the gateway, is peace of mind and calmness; calmness on your inner self, and calmness on your outer.  Do not sit in such a contrived position that blood will be cut off; make yourself comfortable.  Relax, let quietness sweep over you, like the incoming tide.  As the tide comes in the worries are washed away.  This is not an automatic process; you have to work at it.  You have to envisage the tide, let the tide wash in refreshing your mind, and then recede.  Imagine your worries being taken away, like rubbish on a beach being cleaned by the ocean.

Thoughts, not always of your making, will come into your mind, these you may treat like a recording from a video machine, and we are aware of such things,  It is your decision whether to press the play button of whether to press the eject button.  Always your decision, you choose to run it or not.

The gateway between your world and ours can be made stronger by your attitude, by your strength, and by your desire to be of service.  Not of service to us, because we are in service to you, but in service to the father.  The gateway, like all paths, will become well-trodden by your use.  The more times you create it, the more the impression will be worn into the path.  The path will become established and easy to navigate.

As you sit, in your comfortable position, breathe evenly and relax, and you think of the tide, the gentle sweep of the tide on the beach carrying away your troubles.  The more times you allow the tide to do this, the cleaner the beach will become.  Then there will be a time when the tide has no need to come on the beach because the beach is clean.  Are you following?  I am saying the path will be so established that your link between your world and ours will be so strong, the gateway so constructed, that there will be a minimum of difficulty for ourselves, and of course for you.

People sit for various reasons, some are selfish and some benign.  You have to be selective; you have to weed out these emotive thoughts.  You have to prepare people for what is expected of them.  It cannot always be left to us; effort must some from yourselves.

We envisage having a period of questions and answers.  We envisage communication.  We would stress that our answers would be guidance.  They will not be dos and don’ts.

The spirit will never, ever give you dos and don’ts.  Your journey through life will give you your dos and don’ts without interference from ourselves.  Never expect cast iron references from spirit, because such cast iron references will not be given.  We are not aware of your future to such an extent that we can be specific.  Even if that were possible we wouldn’t, it would destroy your learning and your growing process.  We offer advice, we offer always encouragement.  We give always our love and it is yours, as always, to accept or reject, or perhaps deny.

Create your own gateways friends; we will be waiting at the end of the path.  In truth, we have been waiting at the end of the path for many years.  We waited in a sure and certain knowledge that you would each be walking those paths.  Our wait was not one of futile hope; it was one of certainty and of joy.

My blessings to each one of you friends.


10/05/93 – Peter

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