The Lord said, “take but one step towards me and I shall take a hundred towards you”.

The Lord said, “take but one step towards me and I shall take a hundred towards you”.2013-02-18 19.27.39


The Lord said, “take but one step towards me and I shall take a hundred towards you”.  And friends you will be met with open arms.

So what does this mean, “take one step towards me”, in which direction should you take this step, North, South, East or West? The journey friends is one of your spirit. It is one you must make alone and un-aided. But fear not, for in truth you are never really alone. You have the love and support of those that surround you and guide you, but you are not like helpless cattle being forced to go in the way that the herdsman wants them to travel. You are unique, you are spirit. It is for you to decide the direction in which you must go; it is for you to decide when you are to embark upon this journey.
The rewards friends are beyond your most wildest dreams. To be truly at peace. To be at one, not just with yourself, but to be at one with that spark of life, that spiritual essence, that suffuses the whole of the universe. You will know no fear, for what can harm you? What can possibly harm such a wondrous thing? But it is something you must undertake, because for you it will be right. For you it will be natural. It is not for us to say, “come along, this is the way”, we will by example help and instruct you to the best of our ability. But you have to make the first step.
It is like sitting down to dinner, you have your empty plate in front of you, unless you make the effort, that plate will remain empty. Your hunger will not be appeared. Unless YOU make the effort your spiritual hunger will not be appeased.
The direction in which you travel is un-important. Because all paths, from the smallest to the longest, if undertaken with God as your guide, all paths are the right paths. But all paths are different.
If you will imagine a spoked wheel. You are at the centre of this wheel, you are at the hub. In your minds eye, imagine all the spokes projected radially out from the centre of the wheel. Imagine also with your minds eye, the steel band that forms the outside edge of the wheel. Imagine that band as God’s love encircling you, protecting you. So from your position centrally in the wheel, what ever spoke you decide to go along, will lead you into God’s arms. The arms of the creator.
Each one has his own path to travel. In reality the paths are not as smooth and as identical as the spokes on a wheel. Some are very rough. Some are almost impossible. But they can be overcome; difficulties can be overcome. You will be set nothing in this life that is beyond your capabilities. Is that not so? Are you not here tonight, have you not encountered many obstacles in your life? And yet you have arrived here, and at this time.
To my way of thinking, the simplicity, simplicity of creation itself is the most marvellous thing. Do not attempt to camouflage it, do not let others camouflage it.
Do not force yourself upon others, offer help, offer advice if required, but do not try and impose yourself upon others, for there lies animosity. It is not up to you to wonder on the purpose of another’s life. It is not up to you to consider that their path is easier or harder than yours, for how are you to judge, how can you tell? How can you know what their purpose is? For indeed friends can you imagine anyone being here by accident? Could the creator be such an imperfect being that you are here by accident.
If you accept the premise of an all loving God, you must also accept the premise that there are no accidents, everything is here for a purpose, be it man or the beasts in the fields.
I will say as always friends, that these thoughts are mine. I offer them to you gladly. You may treat them like drops of rain. You may decide to shelter from them, to put up an umbrella, or you may decide to step outside and embrace them.
I will leave these thoughts with you friends and offer you my blessings and those of the father.

02/02/94 – Peter

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