The Meditative Torch

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Good evening to you friends.  I think the moment is opportune to talk to you about meditation.  The diligent practice of meditation will give you respite from your material worries and concerns.  It will enable you to take that pathway towards your inner self, towards that inner garden of peace.

To achieve this level of understanding, this degree of proficiency, you must first shut out unwanted distractions.  Consider going to a telephone box.  The box is situated on a busy street, and unless you close the door behind you the noise of the traffic will render your conversation useless.  You will not be able to understand what is being said, you need to be able to close the door, and keep any distractions to a minimum.

You have to learn to channel and focus your mind.  Consider the connecting of a bulb to a battery.  The power in the battery will enable the bulb to glow shedding its light all around.  Consider that same bulb and battery inside a torch with a reflector, see the difference, see how the energy from that battery can now be focused.  All that you now require is to know where to focus that beam.

The purpose and practice of meditation will allow you to make contact with your inner self.  You have recognised the fact that you exist in duality, the material body encompassing your spirit self.  It is by being in contact with your spirit self and with those that come to help you and assist you to progress, that you find progression.

You have to consider your objectives and the motives behind those objectives.  We have told you before of the “need” for honesty in thought, word and deed.  The “need” that what you think, and what you feel, is what you are saying and doing.  The process of maintaining a “Jekyll and Hyde” existence defeats your progression, defeats your calmness, and will certainly defeat your attempts at quiet meditation.

Each one of us may aim their torch, may focus their energies, at something that is unique to that person.  All that is required is that whatever you focus your beam on, gives you tranquillity of mind.  Do not allow your mind to take you over.  We have given you before the example of a puppy on a lead.  The puppy will continually pull if it is not checked, and as the dog grows and becomes more powerful you will have less and less of a chance of keeping it under control.  The more and more you allow your mind to lead and remain unchecked, the greater the difficulty you will have in bringing it back under command.  You have to ask yourself, ”who is in control here?”  “Am I to be led by distractions, am I to be led by material thoughts, or am I to be led and guided by my spirit?”  If your choice is not for spirit then you are wasting your time here.  If your choice is for spirit, then you have chosen wisely.

For some the “meditative torch” may be shined at a candle, for others at a flower, or some other image.  It matters not what you use to focus your mind on to permit the process of meditation, as long as it leaves you feeling tranquil and acts as a barrier to material matters from taking control.

It is like a pathway, initially the un-trodden pathway may be rough and ragged, but the more times you pass down it, the smoother it becomes.  The more you tread this path to inner quietness, the easier it will be to walk.  The art of meditation will not in itself make you more spiritual.  It is like the gardener, wisely preparing the ground prior to planting his seeds.  It gives you a firm base on which to build.  The only warning that I would give is that whatever you are focusing the beam on, apart from giving you a feeling of tranquillity, it should be aimed towards God.  If what makes you more tranquil is the idea of more money in your bank, or a nicer car in your garage, then you are wasting your time.

We have never lied to you, we have never said the path is easy, but we have said that the path is worthwhile, and that it is one that you are all innately capable of treading.  All that is missing is your Will to walk along that path; all that is missing is your desire to control your minds.

You have been given free will; you can make whatever choice you deem fit.  There is no pressure from us; there is no pressure from the Father.  Your progress rests solely upon your desire to progress.

On the subject of progress, do not consider progression as in being at school and progressing from the bottom of the class to the top.  View your progression in terms of walking along a pathway.  There is no top of the class.  There are no “A” pluses or “B” minuses, it is simply a pathway that you can progress along.

I think it best if I leave you now with these thoughts.  Do not discard them, but consider them.  Consider me also as a friend giving you directions towards a place with which I am very familiar.

Those that come from this side of life come to help.  We offer our hands to you, it is up to you to hold yours out to us in return.

I leave you as always with the blessings of the Father.  God bless you all.


28/09/94 – Peter

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