The more spiritual amongst you will find enjoyment from more simpler things

“The more spiritual amongst you will find enjoyment from more simpler things”2013-02-18 19.27.39

By all means read books and listen to what other teachers may tell you. But when it comes to evaluating what you have learnt, we would ask you to rely not solely on your intelligence.

Intelligence will often give you away. It can tie up your mind like a kitten playing with a ball of wool. Far better to decide how you “feel” about it. Far better, to allow your spiritual side to sift through what you have been given and take out a little bit from here and a little bit from there. There is truth in all things to a greater or lesser degree. The more you listen, the more you will be told. Whether what you are told, or what you read or you find out is of value to you, is another matter. But do not allow yourself to be burdened down by carrying all the books with you.

The best journey is invariably the simplest; take with you no more than you need. What I am trying to say is, do not become bogged down with fundamentalism. Allow your spirit to become dominant.
“Feel” what you have been told, or what you read, rather than analyse what you have been told, or what you have read. Man’s intelligence is a product of how he has developed and the influences that he has been subjected to from the time he was born. Dependant upon these influences, depends how much of himself will be analytical and how much of himself will be, shall we say, spiritual. Now, one of course can have equal measures of both. It is not to say that all intelligent people are non-spiritual and all spiritual people are not intelligent, far from it. But I would suggest to you friends that the more spiritual people have a far greater “understanding” of the true worth of things, rather than those solely devoted to academic footpaths.

The more spiritual amongst you will find enjoyment from more simpler things, in the realisation of his one or her own duality, of the recognition that the life force that exists within each one of us, is the same as that which created the Universe. When given this information the academic will labour tirelessly to try and put it into equations, and what a waste of time that would be.

Imagine the spiritual person and the purely academic person sitting on a beach and watching the sun rise. The spiritual person feels the sun upon his face and glories in the beginning of a new day, he glories in the colours, the wondrous colours that the sun makes as it rises above the horizon. The academic one will feel the sun upon his face also, but he will note it as a change in temperature. He will see the colours as the sun shines through the clouds and is reflected off the sea, but he will view these as waves lengths. He will not glory in the new day. Why should he, because he knows there will be a new day today and a new day tomorrow and that the earth is evolving mechanically around the sun at a certain speed and a certain orbit. The one gifted with spiritual insight can accept these things also, but he does not need to pick up these weighty volumes to carry with him, for he has no need.

What I say unto you friends, is view things with you as spirit, this is not at all hard to do, and nowhere near as hard as you may imagine. It is just a question of filtering out unwarranted intrusions. Glory in the coming of the new day, and glory in your own duality and that of your fellow man. Rejoice in your knowledge, but do not let your knowledge become king. Knowledge can be a hard task master. Accept things for what they are. Accept people for what they are, but always recognising that they are spirit, recognising they have the same spark of life in them that exists within yourselves. Recognise there is good and evil in them, as there is within yourselves.

I trust I have given you food for thought, rather than a load for your shoulders. Accept what I have given you as being given with love. That does not stop you from denying what I have said. You are part of an evolving species, one with a high level of intelligence. Intelligence is a tool, used wisely it will be beneficial for yourself and your fellows. Used wrongly it will be a curse. Go easy upon yourselves, do not be a hard task master. Continue with the meditation, properly channelled meditation is a wondrous gift, but it is a gift, like a skill, that must worked at. Blessings to you one and all friends.

24/01/94 – Peter

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