“The seeds are sown, the die has been cast”


“The seeds are sown, the die has been cast” 

The seeds are sown, the die has been cast.  You are on your journey, your pathways are defined, and your pathways are clear.  We see evidence, it is hard to describe how we see this evidence, but we see evidence in what you call your aura, on how you are developing.  It gives us much pleasure; it is like picking a ripe fruit from a tree.

I come to this circle, I hope as a friend.  In time you will come to know me better.  In time I will become apparent to each of you.  It takes much effort on our part to create the link, and of course without your willing co-operation and your desire for service, the link would not be made.  Many people decry themselves, they say they are just a “telephone”, but without that person, that willing person offering themselves in service, without that person creating the foundations upon which we can build, the link could not be made.

Your foundations are strong, your foundations will support the house, the house will be your temple, the temple in which your spirit can reside.  There are no doors, and there are no glass panes in the windows.  The temple is nevertheless a welcoming structure.  It is open; it is open on all fours sides, as you yourselves must be open.

There is nothing to fear in contact with what you call the spirit worlds, or spirit beings.  Were I to stand here in my original form, or the original form of my last life, you would not be afraid, I am no different from yourself, I have now merely shed my material body.  As a butterfly was always inside the caterpillar waiting for the circumstances to be in its favour to emerge, you have always had spirit within you.  It has been patiently waiting, as there would have been no point in pouring forth, and finding the grounds are not correct for it to grow.  That would indeed be a waste of effort.  The time has come and your spirit will show more and more through your material body that you are becoming spiritually aware.  Many words I have been using are not ones I would seek to use.  The reasons for this will become apparent to yourselves as your development unfolds, but these are words I know you are familiar with.

My IQ did not roar higher and higher the second I shed my mortal body.  I am still the same person I was when I walked the streets of London many years ago.  My eyes are clearer, and my spirit has had a chance to develop and go in directions that I was not even aware existed.  It is like pricking a balloon, the captive air that was inside spreads in all conceivable directions.  I cannot express that there are more directions here, than there are where you are.  This will also become apparent when you have joined me.  The plan that we are putting forward is one where we shall become more involved with yourselves then we are at the moment.  We would try to give answers to your questions, both spoken and unspoken.  We will try and put our point of view in such a way that you will understand it; as always it is up to you whether you choose to accept it or not.

We do not have to come, there is nobody forcing us to come; that is not to say that we do not derive, how can I express it? – “pleasure and satisfaction” are not words suitable to describe the feeling we have, as both could be ascribed to selfish motives.  But we derive much from contact with yourselves.  It is not one way, it is two ways.  We would like to involve yourselves in more direct communication.  How this will be, will be shown to you soon.  It will require more than one presence for this to happen.

You have many friends amongst us willing to offer themselves in service.  As the time draws close you will find it to be natural, you will believe it to be ordained.  There will be no fear; there will be no anxiety or tension.  The purpose of this new phase is not solely for you enlightenment.  We are aware of what you are planning and we seek to become involved with this.  However, much effort will be required from yourselves.  We do not want ourselves to be the arbiters of every thought or every decision that you make in your group.  Our advice will be given, assuming it is sought.  You can take it or leave.

There is much excitement over this new phase.  There is much excitement over the work that must be done.  All work that is done is done in God’s name, the name of the one creator.  All work is in service, all work is in love and seeks no reward or thanks.  To be of service to the one God is all that anybody, both on your side of life and on ours, is all that anybody can realistically hope to achieve.  Have that as your goal friends.

We cannot say the work will be easy, we have always told you the work will be hard.  It will be fulfilling, and not only will the work be fulfilling, you will be fulfilling your own individual and group destinies.  You will be giving your spirit, your inner most being, a chance to grow and expand.  There is no turning back now whether you wish it or not.  Even now you are viewing things differently.  You are asking yourself more questions.  Do not rush ahead, take a moment to ponder.  It is as it should be.  Your material walls are crumbling, they will soon be as dust beneath your feet.  Be ready friends for much is expected.  As always I give you my blessing and that of the creator.

03/05/93 – Peter



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