“Things are not always what they seem”

“Things are not always what they seem”



I listen with interest and amusement, much to-in and fro-in of ideas, some valid some not. You forget that this life is a learning experience, each person has their own set of experiences, each have their own life laid out in front of them.

You are seeing with material eyes obstacles that are not there. Why imagine a wall when you can imagine a door, why imagine a river when you can imagine a bridge. Each of you are here for a purpose, the purpose must remain the creator’s purpose. Were you aware of what’s in store for you, the journey would be invalid.

Things are not always what they seem. If I were to strike the wall I would find it solid, if I didn’t strike the wall, would it mean it was not solid? It’s a paradox you must come to terms with. There is a reason for everything. I try to avoid such glib statements, but there is a reason for everything and you cannot know what that is. Even for those of us who inhabit what you call the spirit world, are not aware of the existence of planes or reasons you’re on your journey. Your journey is one of evolution; evolution spiritually and materially.

Compare your ancestors with yourself. Some things are different. Life then was harder, material acquisitions were hard to come by. Material needs were uppermost in their minds, food, shelter and warmth. You do not have the same material needs as your ancestors. You seek the spiritual. Your hunger is for the ethereal, your hunger cannot be assuaged. We have said many times to look with the eyes of spirit. Not with anger, not with greed nor emotions. We include love as emotion, but we do not exclude the higher love. Be pure sighted, be not judgemental, be compassionate, your spirit yearns to be compassionate, discard your material desires you will be thwarted otherwise.

I seek not to lecture I seek to advise, I try to show you the pitfalls that lurk around.
I show you the pitfalls, but you decide if you choose the path that will take you into them. I will, however, help guide you from them. There are no situations where we will not help.

There are no rewards for us, but many for you, be pure of heart and sight.

22/02/93 – Peter

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