“True enlightenment and true self-awareness will happen when you travel on your next journey homewards”

 “True enlightenment and true self-awareness will happen when you travel on your next journey homewards”2013-02-18 19.27.39

Friends, I must congratulate you on the feelings of quietness, calmness and love present here this evening.  It is yet another milestone in your development.  You notice I place equal emphasis on the word quietness as I do to calmness and love.  Quietness can only be achieved by calming your mind, by looking inwards instead of outwards and pushing your material concerns and worries to one side.  This is the quietness that I speak of, when you are so still that you can feel the presence of God amongst you.  And I would challenge you to say that you have not felt the presence of God amongst you.  That feeling of love, the love that exists without any demands, the love that a mother gives to her child, the love given so naturally yet wanting nothing in return, seeking only the wellbeing and happiness of her baby.

The selfless love that exists without emotions, for emotions would only cloud the issue.  This is a love that exists, and that love can be felt here this evening.

But I would also say to you that this love exists and is here and with you all the time.  It is only when you are quiet, that inward quietness, the quietness of your spirit, not the quietness of your mouth or the quietness of your thoughts, but the quietness of your spirit, it is then that you are able to feel, to truly feel the Fathers’ love amongst you.  To feel that wonderful warmth as Spirit draws close.

It is indeed a milestone friends, and one that I am happy to congratulate you for.  But you may think, “Where do I go from here?”  If this is one milestone then show me the way to the next.

The milestones are not something shown, the milestones are something earned.   It is as if you were to go out walking, you come to the first milestone, you are happy you have accomplished much.  You ask, “where is the next milestone?”.   I reply, “it’s over the hill”, and you say, “show me the milestone”, and I say, “come with me, and together we will go forwards”.  And with effort on your part you will achieve the next milestone.  But when you have found it, do not expect it to be different from the first.

You will find your growing awareness will need no signs of accomplishment.  You are not seeking prizes.  If you sit quietly, calmly, with God as your goal, all thoughts of self cast aside, then you will be rewarded, your spirit will be enhanced.

You might ask, “So how can my spirit be enhanced if my spirit is part of the one God?  How can you enhance that which is Divine?”  I would say unto you that all spirit is Divine, and you enhance it by shedding layers of materialism, you enhance it by discarding layers of self, you enhance it by diminishing your ego, you enhance it by service.

We expect participation, and we expect effort, and we expect your individual attention.  But you might ask, why do we expect these things?  And we would reply saying that with your growing knowledge, your spiritual unfoldment, it would be natural of us to expect them, and it would be natural of you to offer them.

I cannot promise you party tricks friends.  But I can promise you guidance, I can offer you direction, I can offer encouragement, and I can offer you the love of those on this side of life that appreciate the efforts that you are making.  That love would still be forthcoming however, were you to make no effort at all, but it is most gratifying to see that each week you travel farther and farther along the path.  True enlightenment and true self-awareness will happen when you travel on your next journey homewards.  When you have shed your caterpillar skins.  But the more you do whilst in this life the more prepared you will be for the next.

If you need proof of your accomplishments so far, cast you minds back, examine yourselves how you were; examine yourselves how you are now.

11/04/94 – Peter


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