“Turmoil, turmoil, turmoil, that is all I see all around”


“Turmoil, turmoil, turmoil, that is all I see all around”

Turmoil, turmoil, turmoil, that is all I see all around.  I come to put some oil on our troubled waters, to make the going more easier.  Discussions are all very well, but discussions can often lead to blind alleys.  You spend much time and much energy racing down this blind alley, far better not to have gone down there to start with.  I have said this in the past, it’s a choice, the choice is yours to go down the alley or not.

When turmoil comes in peace of mind goes out, the two cannot live together, it would be like a cat and a canary, the canary would flee and the cat would chase it.  The canary would be the peace of mind and the cat would be the turmoil.

There is nothing so important in your material life that you have to get yourself in a state of turmoil.  You should be as the young tree and bend in the wind, let it float over you, once the wind has gone and the tree comes back upright.  Picture the big mighty oak standing next to it, huge and powerful.  You could almost say that this is one of our material constructions that we have made, it’s big and strong and inflexible, but we think it needs to be there.  So what happens?  The tree becomes a buffer, reason hits the tree and it is deflected.  We stand safe behind our woody overcoat.  But the young sapling, it bends, it takes no effect and when the tree receives sufficient wind to blow over the oak, the young sapling will bend, that is for sure.  And when the wind ceases, it will spring back.

There is a learning process here, not for the oak unfortunately because its acorns will produce another great big thick massive structure that is so non-resilient that it will collapse rather than take up change.  The young sapling will grow and the fruit of that sapling, other small trees, they will also inherit its flexible nature.  It’s ability to accept change.

So what is all this to do with turmoil?  I haven’t wandered from the subject.  I try to take a circuitous route.  It is not for me to say, “come along, there is a straight path follow me, I will take you there”.  You will learn nothing; you will just know how to follow me, like a dog on a lead.  What I do, I take you around the problem and then suggest ways from the circumference that you might go to the centre.  This is far better for you in the long term rather that the short term.

Peace of mind goes out the window when turmoil comes in.  So the best thing to do; it seems very simple and very silly, is not to let the turmoil come in to start with.  It is again choice, you can choose to become agitated or you can choose to let things not affect you.  There is choice, choice in everything you do.  But sometimes the turmoil comes in such a rush that you feel you cannot stop it, it overtakes you, your emotions become charges, and before you realise it, you are like that big oak; you’re putting up a massive resistance.  But perhaps the massive resistance is wrong, and the best thing the oak can do would be to topple over.  Where that one big oak grew, much can then grow in its shade.

The oak is significant, a significant object to dwell upon, it is of course a beautiful thing; it is wondrous to look at.  But beneath it not much grows, they have huge roots that take up much moisture.  Other plants cannot live comfortably within its rooted area.

A bit like yourselves, you can put up barriers, and barriers will prevent reason coming in and taking root.  The barriers are sometimes good and sometimes bad.  The good barrier stands up and says, “I’m not going to become affected by this bad person, this silly thing they are saying, I’m not going to let it worry me”.  I’ll smile, I’ll be aware that my particular path is different than theirs, or indeed it may be less than theirs.  Who can say, certainly you cannot know at this time, even if that person seems to you to be a very rude, single-sighted person, i.e. they have a tunnel vision.  They may have great spiritual awareness, but just cannot find it.  They could be coming back as a result of some previous life where they were egotistical.  They thought the world revolved around them.  They could be coming back to sort out a particular karma.

But back to turmoil; we could be like a sieve.   When you go into the garden with your sieve, you put in earth and you shake the sieve, some things fall through and some things are trapped by the coarse mesh.  The things that fall through could be you accepting the new ideas and you can accept that person’s smile, that person’s live, that person’s friendship.  Bits of old stone and the twigs and the bits of root that are trapped in the sieve these could be discarded, they don’t go into your garden.  If you liken the garden to you spiritual development, these things have been stopped, these things have been filtered out.  Your spiritual garden will grow very well.

I am sure that at times you may find my circuitous routes to be problematical; you would much prefer a more direct approach.  Perhaps even, me leading you by the hand.  But if you think about it for a few moments, you will see that that would be so wrong you would learn absolutely nothing from this.  You may think you might, you might say, “Ah! So that’s what it was about”.  On the other hand you could blindly follow me to where ever I might lead.  Far better to do as I say and come with me around the problem, look at it from many different sides and decide yourself on the best approach.

I’m not alone in the spirit world, I’m not the only person who takes the trouble to come and guide you, I may be the one that you are familiar with, but there are others that are nudging you and dare I use the word coercing you, many times throughout your life.  I am the most obvious one.  I choose this approach.

So from the outside of the circle, around the problem, you can decide what way to go in.  The road may be straight, or the road may be crooked.  The road might even lead you nowhere; back to my original statement of the blind alley and your choice.  I feel your spiritual development, or better still your spiritual awareness, is instinctively whether this is right for you or not.  You will instinctively feel less and less turmoil, because you will understand why that person is being negative, or why that circumstance is as it is. You will perceive things more clearer; a bit like the young sapling and bending in the wind.  Let the negative thoughts flow around you rather than take them on board.

Remember the forest after the storm, the tree that lies on its side has shallow roots and the tree that still stands is flexible.  You must be flexible my friends, you must be able to adapt; you must be able to grow.

The tree that does not grow is one that dies; it is obvious; anything that has no growth in it has reached the end of its life cycle.  For yourselves, your life cycle is endless.  You have much to learn, you also have much to give out.

We are pleased by the efforts that you are making towards this end.  The road will not be a smooth one; it will be paved with cobble stones.  Cobble stones have two particular characteristics, or might I say three.  One they are hard wearing, two they are uncomfortable to walk upon, and three they are slippery.  All these things will come to yourselves, the road will be hard, there will be many occasions when you perhaps wish you were not on this road, but the road, even though you may feel it is slippery, is the correct road.  It is not for me to say it is correct, it is for yourselves.  Your level of awareness tells you so.  You should not be isolationists, there is far too much of this gone on in the past,  What you call spiritualism, not a word we are keen on, it should not be a secret society, you must have open doors and open minds.  Do not seek to demonstrate how superior you are over others, welcome them with open arms and open hearts.

Think back five to ten years, what a change, it is very apparent to us.  Is it not right that this change cannot be offered to others?  You can offer it for others to choose, they may not be ready, so don’t force them.  Welcome them back when they are ready, that person may have been down a blind alley, going through turmoil.  Show them through example how things can be, you can be of service; service to God is what you are here for.  I leave you with this thought friends and give you my blessings and those of the creator.


21/04/93 – Peter


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