Understanding is to understand that there is nothing to understand

Understanding is to understand that there is nothing to understand2013-02-18 19.27.39

You talk of understanding, with understanding comes responsibilities.  But first what is it you wish to understand?  Do you wish to understand the laws of the Universe?  Or do you wish to understand yourselves?  The understanding is not that different.  You are not that different from the universe.

The creative force that inspires the universe inspires yourselves, the joy and sadness that created the universe, created yourselves.  The understanding you seek, the knowledge, expansion of the gifts of spirit, are easy to obtain.  They are yours for the asking.  So you may ask, why have you not received them?  What is it that you have not done?  All these gifts are there, the understanding will come.

Your outward appearance must reflect your inner appearance, and your inner appearance must be calm.  You cannot sue for peace when there is a battle raging from within.  You must first of all overcome that battle.  The outer self must be the mirror image of the inner self.  Calmness and harmony is everything.  There is no more that you can strive to obtain.

“Serenity”; what a wonderful word; “serenity”.  Picture the field; picture the lovely white flowers in that field, the natural flowers, the sun shining down, the calmness.  With no plant vying against its neighbour.  They are all in harmony, they are all in balance.  The rose is not at odds with the poppy.  The rose understands what it is.  They are all living together, there is no friction, they share the same ground.  They are warmed by the same sun.  But one is not striving for dominance over the others.  It is a harmonious blend.  It is as your emotions should become, a harmonious blend.  It is not practical to do away with anger, you are what you are.  You must be in harmony, the anger should be balanced by the peace.  Reason, which follows understanding, will dictate the way.

Once you have achieved this state, all else will follow.  It is like the pebble rolling down the mountain.  Once it received its initial push, it rolled faster and faster.  This is how it will be with yourselves.  You have received the initial push and you are now gathering momentum.

Do not set your expectations so high that you will be constantly disappointed.  Indeed strive for nothing, other than that contentment.  All else is as nothing, all else is transient.  It is only that inner contentment, that harmony that has any meaning.  Much of the ills of today are brought about by “out-of-balance” forces.  The scales are weighed too heavily on one side.  You cannot hope to correct all the ills of the world, but you can correct your own in balances.

When anger and frustration race upon you, fend them off, know them for what they are.  Know they are detrimental to your harmony, know that anger is only directed at yourself.  The hatred that you may feel for another, is directed at yourself.  This is very obvious, how do you feel after a confrontation with another?  Do you feel peaceful?  Do you feel content?  No you don’t, you feel tense, you feel under pressure, and you are out of balance.

So what has this to do with understanding?  First you have to decide what you want to understand, and then you have to create foundations.  The foundations are simple; the foundations are peace, and harmony.  Not only will this help your spiritual unfoldment, it will be beneficial for your material body.  Your digestive system will function better, your sleep state will be more natural and more fulfilling.  You will feel revitalised.  Practice sitting comfortably, practice slow steady breathing.  It is a prize well worth the effort.

The prize was always yours; it’s just you have forgotten it.  We offer you nothing that was not already yours.

I wish you peace and harmony, I wish you contentment and I wish you the joy that comes with the understanding that there is nothing to understand.

23/08/93 – Peter

2013-02-18 19.27.39

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