What is it that I can tell you that you do not already know?

What is it that I can tell you that you do not already know?2013-02-18 19.27.39

What is it that I can tell you that you do not already know?  What is it that I can tell you that you have chosen to ignore?  What is it that you seek from those in spirit?  What guidance is it that you require?  The answers will not come forth from the spirit world friends.  The answers must come from inside.

Do not be embarrassed about silence.  For how can we ever speak to you when you are shouting and your mind is in turmoil?  You have to create and maintain the conditions.  We have said before that we will offer guidance when it is required.  Sometimes, perhaps too many times, you want the easy way out, you want the guidance when it was not needed, and you wanted the effort to come from us rather than yourselves.  Then, when we do speak, you do not listen.

Consider the man running out into his garden as it is starting to rain and he covers his vegetables, preventing the rain from landing.  He is trying to defeat the work of nature.  So it can be with yourselves.

I do not speak in riddles; it is for you to interpret what we say.  You have talked of the warm and pleasant feelings that you feel while gathered in this manner.  Relaxation, the healing, the quietness, why restrict them to just this time when you are together?  Why not take it with you?  It is your decision.  It is your hand that turns up the radio of our mind to full volume.  It is you that create the obstacles, not us.

We will teach you what we can.  We will teach you what we feel you can accept.  Acceptance is down to yourselves.  What is it that you seek?  Each of us are different, we come from different backgrounds, different lives, different hopes. Perhaps life has been harder to some of us than to others.  They are circumstances we must deal with.  Try not to let these things wear you down.

There is, if you can find it, a positive element in most things.  Perhaps you have gone out for the day for a picnic and it has rained, but from your shelter you have seen a lovely rainbow, perhaps only for a few minutes.  It should be the rainbow that you take with you as a memory, rather than the long rainy hours.

It is for me an undisguised pleasure to address you.  Indeed there are many here this evening who are drawn to your meeting.  Indeed there has been a “bit of a crush”.  It is with a feeling of exuberance that you are attended.  Savour the quiet times, enjoy them when you can.  Life is hectic; life will rush by carrying you with it.  Seize onto the quiet times and be still.

We have given the example before of the tape machine.  You can press the tape recorder and it will play, and images will fill your minds as they fill your rooms.  These images can be positive or negative, helpful or disruptive.  You always have the choice as to whether to run the tape.  What we are saying is, be in control of your own destinies.  Do not let your wayward minds run away with you.

Can I leave you with an image?  The image of a hill, there are trees at the base of the hill and the hill is covered in grass.  On the top of that hill is a golden cross giving forth much light.  When you are troubled, when your mind races along, take yourselves on a trip to the hill.  Just think on it for a minute or two, it will have a calming effect.  The hill is a place of peace, the woods are a place of sanctuary and the cross will give you healing.  All this is possible friends only if you allow it.

I would like to shake you warmly by the hand.  I’d like to greet you personally.  Instead friends can I offer you my blessings.  It is perhaps superfluous, but I would ask that God be with each one of you.  But more importantly I would ask that you recognise that he is.



03/12/93 – Peter

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