“You are Here on this Earth for a Reason”

“You are Here on this Earth for a Reason”  2013-02-18 19.27.39

I am pleased you wish me to come to you this evening.  It is gratifying to see the effort put in by yourselves.  This bodes well for your future development.

The path that you have set yourselves upon is not the easiest of paths.  There have been many options that you may have taken, or could have taken, before today.  You chose not to do so, you have chosen to be here this evening.  This in itself is something you must consider.  You have chosen to be here this evening.  There are many other activities that you could have done, but you have chosen to come out on a cold evening to meet in this manner.

All things are worth considering.  All things are worthy of question.

You are all individuals in your own right, you must accept what you are capable of accepting.  If I was to say, that two and two equals five, you would ignore it.  If I was to say, two and two equals four, you can accept it.  Accept nothing that doesn’t sit right with you.

You talk of development.  To develop anything presupposes there is something there of worth to begin with.  This is patently the case.  The development will not come from listening to whatever I have to say to you.  It will come thorough yourselves.  It will come from your own understanding.  All we ever seek to do is to offer guidance, to show you a signpost.  Whether you choose to walk along the road, or stay where you are is entirely up to you.  You have free will in this manner.  But consider the glorious rewards, should you persevere.  Consider the beauty that is waiting for you.  We do not wish you to be “other worldly”.  You are here on this earth for a reason.  It is no good asking me what the reason is.  I am not an oracle.  I have said before, that even if I were to know the reason, I would not say it, because the object of your being here would be defeated.

Understanding will come across you gradually.  It will be like the cloud, the dark heavy cloud, moving across the sun.  You could consider that all your life you have lived under this cloud, but one day the cloud is blown away from the sun, and the sun’s rays shine through, warming you and comforting you.  You will wonder how you have managed to live without it, and you will not miss the dark days under the cloud.

Were the road in front of you to be easy, it would be worthless.  You have lessons to learn, but first you have to recognise what a lesson is.  All things are not lessons.  We would not tax your mind so much that we would want you to consider every obstacle that you come up upon as a lesson.  You would spend your whole lives in confusion.

Consider the stream, the stream runs along, there is a rock in front of it, the stream does not seek to climb over the rock, it does not seek to move the rock it passes round it, it separates and passes round it, and joins together again.  That is how you must be with obstacles.  Don’t let them stop you; don’t let them ruffle your composure.  Think of them as rocks, think of them as things you can pass.

What a sweet thought that is, it is there, it is there for you as a right.  The most valuable lessons that you can learn are those that you had not realised were a lesson.  That must sound confusing, it is not meant to be so.  You will find that you will instinctively know what course of action to take.  That will show you that you have learnt the lesson.  There will be a right course of action for you; any other course of action would sit wrong upon you.  Where at one time you would have got annoyed and cross with someone, and allowed this to show, you will sit right with you.  Where once before you may have said a harsh word, the harsh word now would be the wrong action for you to take; you would not even consider it.  That is a lesson you have learnt.

Do not be meek and mild, if that is not your true nature.  Be strong, kind and loving.  If you were to lay out all the attributes that mankind can posses, starting with A; A for anger, B for bad temper, C for Carelessness, perhaps lay them all out in front of you.  They are in a shop, you go into the shop and they are there on the counter, which ones would you want to pick up?  Would you not look along for S for smiles or H for happiness?  Spend your money wisely.

I pray that you will consider this, and I pray that you will continue in such a manner.  It demonstrates to us that you take your evolvement seriously.  It demonstrates to us that you are not flippant, and that you are caring.

There will come a time when it will not be necessary for me to talk to you in this manner.  The answers, the guidance that you seek will be made available to you instinctively.  With this my friends, my true friends, I give you my blessings.


24/11/93 – Peter 

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