” You will be in-tune, in-tune with your spirituality, in-tune with what is around you, …….

” You will be in-tune, in-tune with your spirituality, in-tune with what is around you, …….2013-02-18 19.27.39

Cups and saucers, plates, knives and forks; these are all tools that man has developed to fulfil a certain need, a certain requirement.  They are so common place that man has forgotten that they were a tool and has forgotten the trouble he initially had coming to grips with them.  Consider watching a young child; the trouble that they have mastering the knife and the fork, and the mess they make trying to eat the food.  The more proficient they become, it is more automatic, more natural, it becomes easy for them to use these implements.
I offer this to you as an example of your using tools naturally.  You could consider a smile or a helping hand as a tool.  For does a tool not serve a purpose?  Does a smile not signify friendship, or a lack of animosity?  Does not a proffered hand signify that you are trying to help?  The example of the child having to struggle to use his knives and forks is the same, initially that was a large hurdle to overcome.  The more use the child made of the cutlery, the easier it became, and this is how it would be with you.  The more ready you are to offer a smile, the more ready you are to offer assistance, the more natural you will find it.
As in all things we try to put forward to you it is simple, there is no need to dress it up.  Man makes much of philosophy, books written on the subject would stretch to the moon.  But of what use are all these books?  What will they teach you?  What can they teach you of your spiritual self that you do not already know?
Man is a child of God, part of the creation.  We have said before that all things are part of creation, that nothing would exist were it not meant to exist.
I give you the example of a piano out of tune.  This is how man has become, the notes sound discordant.  But with some effort and some tuning, the notes would fall right upon the ear once more.  What man has first to do, is to truly listen to that piano and understand and realise that it is out of tune.  Before he can do this he can do no more.
To pursue that example, man is born with an in-tune piano, through neglect, through choosing the wrong pathway, perhaps through choosing the materialistic pathway rather than the natural spiritual pathway, the strings have gone slack and the notes are wrong.  There is no piano tuner you can call to remedy your own problems, you must rely on yourself.  You must have the want within you to begin with.  You must realise that there is something missing, something that you have mislaid perhaps.
We will give you what ever help we can, we cannot do it all for you, and what would be the purpose and benefit to you if we did?  We have said before; what purpose is the lesson if we provide the answers?  Do not put too much pressure upon yourselves friends, it is not a competition, there is no prize for those who have their piano in-tune first.  Once you have recognised the fact that remedial action is necessary, then it will come to pass.
Pursuing the example to its limits, think of the pleasure that you can receive through listening to an in-tune instrument as against one that sounds wrong, it can only be fractionally off perhaps, but instinctively you know it to be wrong.  That is how it will become with yourselves.  You will be in-tune, in-tune with your spirituality, in-tune with what is around you, and become more aware.  I’m not dangling these temptations in front of you like a carrot, that is not our way.  I am merely saying to you what there is on offer.
As always friends I give you my blessings.  Remember also that you are not alone, remember always that you only need to seek and find the quietness within you.  You may ask a question then, a question that was perhaps troubling you.  Do not expect the answers to be shouted in your ear, but realisation will come.  God bless you all.
 12/01/94 – Peter

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